Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year

The End of this Year just might be the end of me.  I am literally working on two computers with a keyboards and a mouse for each computer.  If I want to work on the accounting program or use my work email I have to use one computer.  If I want to do anything else I am to use the other computer. Try keeping up with all of that fun with your head feels like mush.  Another fun little glitch is that the computer with the accounting information and email information I use the majority of the time will not allow me to use my printer.  I have thankfully found a way around the dilemma by emailing it to another lady in my department and having her print it off.  It slows my work flow down and I'm sure has to annoy her.  I ended up just waiting until she left to get my accounts payables printed.  Don't get me wrong she was supper nice about printing the items for me.  I just know how it is when you are in the middle of billing and get interrupted.

Year end is the busies time of year for me.  I have gotten as much as I can do complete as of right now.  Well, that is until my boss gets with me tomorrow.  I feel bad for him because I am sick and I don't want to pass this crud on to anyone else.  The upside is the musinex and Dayquil helps.  I just have to take it every 4 hours and I feel like I can live for a while longer.  Today has been the best day so far.  The only crummy thing is that it's gotten in my chest.  I'm torn as to weather I should get antibiotics or not.  I hope Dad is able to kick this mess.  Blake has been on antibiotics since last Friday and still isn't 100%.  Of course he let it go for 3 weeks and was working out and staying up late and getting up early for class.  Dad has slept a ton.  He got on his antibiotics on Monday I think.  That is when we knew he needed them.  Poor guy.

Sorry there just isn't much going on right now besides being sick and work.

I hope you are having a better week then our family is.

I hope you have a fantastoc Friday and an even better weekend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little recap of our Christmas

Blake brought us all a very special Christmas gift this year.  The gift of the flu or a cold or something.  Even poor dad got it.  Thank God dad's Dr. gave a RX for antibiotics for him.  He seems to finally be resting.  Friday Morning instead of doing errands I took Blake in to get on antibiotics as well.  Michael and I are still fighting whatever it is that Blake brought home.

We had a great time Christmas Eve.  Christmas was fantastic.  The boys surprised me with a Kindle Fire and a another digital frame.  Blake was really wanting a Seether shirt and I told him they only accepted pay pal payments and I didn't have an account.  When he opened his shirt he sucked in air surprised and said you sneaky sneaky woman. Not I love it or anything like that. ha ha  That kid cracks me up. We all received gifts we love that we were not expecting.  As a matter of fact we lost one of dad's gifts and then Michael found 4 more gifts we got him and dad's last gift.  We knew something was off but couldn't put our finger on it.  Heck I still have fathers day cards, yes cards, I can't find.  That is why I put Blake in charge of hiding the gifts.

It was just the four of us and the pup's at Christmas.  My sister and maybe her family will be coming up this coming weekend to celebrate Christmas with Dad and our family. 

I know I'm missing a ton but, I can't think right now. I hope all of you got exactly what you wanted and were able to give the perfect gift.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Begins a few days early

I'm so excited I get today through Monday off.  I need to run to the store and get some stuff to work on my craft projects.  I will try to take pictures of the sock monkey as I go along.  I will also be sure to refer back to the site I got the idea from in the first place.  I'm excited and nervous about the projects.  Excited because I think it will be fun to get into crafts again  but nervous they will not turn out at all like I hope they would.

Michael has to work today so it will just be Blake, dad and I.  Maybe I can talk them into playing some games.  My dad has got to get bored out of his mind sitting in the same spot day in and day out staring at the TV.  I know there are many times I walk by and he will have the TV on and the sound off. He doesn't have the want to's very often.  It takes so much to breath now that it is hard to get the energy to do much else. 

I've always loved to make my dad laugh.  When we were younger my sister and I would know we got him good when he laughed so hard he lost his breath. I know that's mean but if you have ever heard my dad laugh you would understand. My mom said that she would laugh just hearing him laugh.  She could be in another room and he would start laughing and she said the harder he laughed the harder she laughed.  It's contagious.  Now making him laugh just seems mean.  Sadly he LOVES to laugh and joke around and have a good time.  I just have to figure out how to do it in small doses.

 Dad can be very silly at times.  This is one of my favorite pictures.

Dad always loved  to play around with the kids. 
Dad would play and mom would nurture.

I would love to spend some one on one time with Blake.  Since he has been home I haven't really gotten to spend quality time with him.  So far during the week I've been falling asleep early.  I'm sure he is wondering why I did start doing that until he moved out of the house. When he was growing up I didn't sleep very much.  Most nights I was lucky if I was asleep by 3 AM.  You can't even think about sneaking out with a parent that is a night owl like that.

I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas this year.  Please remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three days until Christmas!!!

On my word, all week long I have thought it was later in the week then it actually was.   Do you know how depressing it is when you realise you have more days to work then you were thinking?  Honestly, I love my job. I'm just looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with my guys.

Saturday will be a lot of fun.  It's our annual shopping trip for our Christmas Eve gifts and Eating at Outback Steakhouse. I love their steak and green beans.  The last couple of years I have not been able to participate. In 2009 I literally couldn't walk. I had surgery on the 15th and the 30th of December to install the stimulator to help block pain.  Last Christmas my back was out because I had to keep taking dad 3 hours away to the ER just in case he needed to be readmitted to the hospital.  We were at the ER until 6 AM he was admitted for a few hours and released then had to be taken back a few days later and was put in a rehab nursing home for a few weeks. Trying to sleep in hospital chairs did a number on my back. I did make myself get out to CVS and pick up a couple of gifts for the guys.  They were surprised.  I'm going to ask dad if he wants to go out with us on Christmas Eve.  I have a feeling the answer will be no.  I just want him to know he is welcome.

I'm also looking forward to the guys opening their Christmas gifts. I know Blake and Michael are going to love their gifts.  I still feel I need to find something else for dad but, I just don't know what. Maybe I will get him some new slippers.  We have a couple of things for his stocking.  I need to pick up a couple more items for that. 

I really want to find some kind of furniture that will go next to dad's chair so he can get a little more organized. I have the perfect idea but have not found what I'm looking for.  I also need to make sure it's the right price. So this might have to wait a little bit.  If I find it I will take a picture of it.  As I've mentioned before, his area is a mess and after a year I've had enough. I know he can't help it.  That is why I haven't said anything. But, if I find this drawer/shelf unit I'm looking for then he will be happy and we will be happy.

I hope you have been able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Neck Night at Carl Albert State College Basketball Game

It was hick night for the Viking fans a few weeks ago. Boy did these kids go all out!  Connor Gilstrap is on the baseball team with Blake and allow me to post his pictures. Thank you Connor! The guys on the baseball team are crazy as you can see. Blake is on the left hand side standing next to the kid in the green t-shirt and blue hat that is on backwards and a kid in a tan unbuttoned shirt with no sleeves and a tan cap.  Fourth over from the guy with the bright orange vest on.

Picture by: Connor Gilstrap

Picture by: Connor Gilstrap

When I looked at these photo's I laughed to myself and went on.  When I spoke to Blake about it he said, I thought you could put them up on your blog.  I thought that was sweet.  Looks like he is enjoying his time at Chuck State. That's what the kids call it.  I have no idea why.

I thought we could use some levity after yesterdays heart breaking news about our friends home.  I hope this at least brought a smile to your face.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Shock

I just found out some horrible news.  A family friends home burned down this weekend.  Thank God they were all able to get out safely.  If I'm in this much shock I can't imagine what they are going through.  I tried to call Sherri to see what we could do to help but she wasn't available.  So I called Stan.  He said the fire was so bad that they are even going to have to rip out the slab. An investigator will be looking into the situation.  I wish you guys could meet this family.  They are wonderful. They would give the shirt off of their backs to help anyone who needs it.  I actually worked for them for about 5 years before I started working at the firm I'm working at now.

Their youngest daughter Kassidy was 5 months old when we met.  Blake and Justin were in first grade playing on the KYA Angels baseball team. Blake and Justin are just 14 days apart.  Blake's birthday is December 2nd and Justin's is December 16th. As a matter of fact this family is the reason we decided to move Blake from his public high school to the private school he graduated from.  Justin is the oldest of 4 kids. There is Justin, Shay, Kassidy and Josh.

What makes this fire even worse it was Justin's 20th birthday this weekend, Sherri's(the mom) birthday is Dec. 25th and it's Shay's Sr. this year. They lost everything.  All of the birthday gifts, Christmas gifts.  You name it.  Stan did say they were able to save some clothes.  But, I wonder if they will have that fire smell to them.  Gilda (Sherri's mom) said they were able to save some pictures.  I told them I will get all of the pictures I could find of their family to them.  I don't know what else to do at this point. I offered to bring them food but Stan said that quite a few people are already bringing them food.  Right now they are not able to to much.  They will have to wait to it to be demolished so they can start to rebuild again.  I think this house is maybe 5 years old.  It just breaks my heart. I am so thankful they all got out safe and sound.

Fortunately Stan's parents and Sherri's parents are within the same neighborhood.  Thank God for family.

I hope you have a nice Tuesday.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Wrapping up 2011 Christmas gift purchases over the weekend

Friday, I left work a little after 5PM hoping to get to spend sometime with Blake. We watched the shows we had recorded and just hung out.  I ended up falling asleep by 10PM.

Saturday I woke up early made dad some breakfast and took care of a few things he needed me to do.  After that, I went to my room to hang out with my husband and fell asleep.  Michael and Blake left to get a few presents for me. When they got back  Blake and I watched Paul.  It's a funny movie.  Defiantly not one for the kids until they are older.  While Blake and I watched that Michael and dad took a nap.  After the movie Blake went to hang out with some buddies.  While he was out Michael and I went out to get a quick bite to eat and wrap up buying Blake's gifts as well as picking up my sister's family their gifts.  We also got dad's gifts completel.  Well,  unless I come up with a really good idea. I'm very thankful to have that task complete.

I am making a couple of craft things but, not sure how they will turn out.  If they turn out well I will post a picture of the final product.  I might even do another one and take pictures for each step.  I'm nervous about making them but, I miss doing crafts.  I thought this might ease me back into crafting.

Sunday,  I woke up at 3 AM and was up until after 6 AM.  I finally got back to sleep and woke up by 9:30.  I didn't want to get up.  Dad didn't want breakfast.  He loves to nibble.  If it's junk food he's on it. Michael went and got us all bar-b-q for lunch.  It hit the spot.  As of now the boys are taking a nap.   I'm sure that will change if they get hungry.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that all of your Christmas gifts are purchased and wrapped so you can just relax before Christmas gets here.

Merry Christmas,

Friday, December 16, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things..........

I was reading a blog I recently found written by Carolynne who's blog is called Just Like Magic.  Today she wrote a post about her favorite things and it inspired me to do the same.  Carolynne got the idea from Kristie who writes A Fine Reflection.  I have not read Kristie's blog but plan to do so sometime soon.

What better time then now to stop and think about my favorite thing than Christmas.

These are a few of my favorite things...........

1) When my son comes home from school for a visit.
2) Summer breaks when Blake is home for the summer.
3) When my husband makes me laugh.
4) Spending time with my family and friends.
5) Watching my husband and son open the gifts I give them.
6) Our Christmas eve tradition of going to the mall for each others gift we open that night then going to Outback Steak House.  Just a fun afternoon and night with me and my guys.
7) Carmel - by it's self, on popcorn, in candy, on ice cream.  Love the stuff!
8) Eating American Dream ice cream from Ben and Jerry's
9) Loving on my puppy (OK she's almost 11yo but she is still our baby)
10) I love watching movies esp. with my guys.
11) I love music. 
12) Going to concerts
13) Going to comedy shows
14) Photography.
15) Scrapbooking
16) Crafts / Sewing
17) The white chocolate Christmas tree shaped little Debbie snack cakes that are only out this time of year.
18) Reading
19) Watching Blake play sports
20) Going to see professional sporting events (TX Rangers, Mavericks, Cowboys, Stars)

I know there are other things but this is all I can come up with at this time.  As long as I'm with my husband and son I'm happy. I love them both dearly and don't know what I would do without them.

What are your favorite things?  If you do a list be sure to let me know in the comments. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a even better weekend!

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas quotables from when Blake was little

As I am sitting her thinking about Christmas it takes me back over the years and the funny things Blake has said at Christmas.

When Blake was little EVERY gift was wrapped. From the smallest hot wheel to the largest gift. Stocking stuffers and all.  When he was three we had been traveling to see family so Blake did not get his Christmas gifts until we got back home one night.  The poor little guy wasn't feeling well and as he was unwrapping all of those gifts he looks up and asks "can I stop opening gifts now."  He was just about finished so he powers through.  One of the gifts he received was a puzzle of all of the states.  We  asked him where Santa lived.  Blake stops and points at the puzzle and says "waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy up in Dallas!"  He has been teased about this since then.

Another year when Blake was around six my husband insisted that Blake get the school house rock series on VHS.  I didn't think it would be a good idea but I went along with it.  Blake opens up the gift and looks at it and asked "what is it?" Michael explains it to him.  Blake turns his head to the side and says "I hate it!"  I still laugh about it to this day.  As a matter of fact the last time he was in town I kept saying it to him.  "I hate it!"  Lucky for him he got some supper cool spider mand and batman stuff on top of the "hated" gift.

I'm sure I'm missing others but those are the ones that always come to mind each year.  I miss having him so little.  When you have a small child you get the chance to relive childhood again. They look at the world with innocence and wonderment.  It's a wonderful combination.

I hope you are able to find some wonderment this Christmas.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas gift crazies

I am trying to figure out what Christmas gifts I need to get for my sister and her family.  I have a couple of ideas of what I'm going to do for my niece, my sister and my great nephew Brody. It is my two older nephews and my brother in law that pose the issue.  I was looking at hunting and fishing things and that would most likely be the safest way to go with all three of them.

Do you have family members that you just have no idea what they would enjoy for Christmas? 

I hate giving gift that people are not going to enjoy.  It's a waste of money and time as far as I am concerned.  When I give a gift I want the person to be as excited about receiving it as I am about giving it.

My husband has started a list of things he would like to have.  Not necessarily all of the items are for Christmas but just gift ideas in general.  My son has made a Christmas wish list.  At first it was small but he has called and e-mailed adding to the list as he comes up with ideas.  They don't give me the opportunity to do this.  To be honest I have no idea what I would really want.  I'm always pleasantly surprised with what I receive from them so I'm not complaining.  Well, most of the time.

One year they went to I don't know how many stores and were so supper excited about this one particular gift.  With the way they were acting they built it up in my mind as this gift that I was just dieing to have and I didn't know it.  I opened it up and it was a quesadilla maker. Not exactly the gift of my dreams. My face showed my shock and disappointment.  I felt bad because they were so excited and went to so much trouble making sure I got this awesome gift.  The thing is I LOVE quesadillas. That is what I get every time we go to a Mexican restaurant. That is why they thought I would be so ecstatic about it.  As a matter of fact Michael has been the one to make the quasadillas all but a couple of times.  His always turns out better than mine.  I guess it's just an added perk to the gift.

Here's to hoping that you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list and receiving something you didn't even know you wanted.

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interesting begining to the week

I had a nice little surprise when I walk in my office this morning.  Someone left a miniature nativity scene on my desk to put next to our miniature Christmas tree.  It is adorable.  It is a nice little reminder of the reason for the season.

Friday I ended up leaving work a few minutes early because my computer had a virus and our IT person was already gone for the day.  I tried to run a few scans to at least begin the process of  ridding my system of the virus. When I got to work on Monday I had forgotten my little problem until I tried to sign in. So the first part of Monday was me sitting around as my computer was worked on. It had some major viruses on there.  I don't know how it happened.  We have a firewall in place as well as virus protection. My computer wasn't in working order until almost 1PM. Apparently there are still some issues but I need to get some work done and she needed to as well.  There is nothing like playing catch up to make the day speed by.

Once I leave work tonight, I need to go to the grocery store and get my dad a few things.  Necessities like Coke, ruffles and a few other little odds and ends he has run out of.

On a brighter note.  Blake comes home at the end of the week.  I'm not sure if he will come home on Thursday or Friday.  I sure am looking forward to seeing him.  I miss my baby boy something awful.

They had a red neck night at Carl Albert for the Viking basketball fans. Boy did those kids dressed the part for the game.  Blake had a couple of pictures on his facebook wall but, he isn't the one who took the pictures.  I didn't want to take the chance of a copy right issue so I decided against posting the photos until I have approval.  The basketball team was up with something like 3 or 5 seconds left in the game.  The opposing team drives the ball down, shoots and misses. One of Murray boys rebounds the ball and shoots it from behind and sinks the shot!  It was an incredible shot.  Sadly the Vikings lost the game. You can check it out here it's on Youtube under RhettAcker15.  If you or your husband likes basketball then you will LOVE this shot.  Heck even if you don't like the game it's one heck of a shot!  If you do watch it, I thought I should let you know that when the video begins it is turned the wrong way.  They do correct the problem.  You will get to see some of the kids dressed up in the video.  I have emailed the young man that took the pictures. If I get permission I will post the photo's another time. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday and Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party update and Chicken and Dumplings

Friday night was our company Christmas party.  We had a ball.  As a matter of fact I think it was the most fun parties we have had in a while.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Each couple brings a gift and then we draw numbers and you can pick a gift or steal a gift someone else opened.  This year people were stealing up a storm.  To me this makes the game more fun.  Apparently everyone else thinks so as well.  If someone didn't steal a gift then they would get booed. All in good fun of course. 

Another tradition at the Christmas party is for the new employees or temps to sing a song.  Heather is our only "new" person this year.  She refused to sing.  We even chanted her name.  No go.  Honestly her husband is one of the owners and he has been with the company for years so she isn't really new.  But we had a good time picking on her a bit.  Thankfully she took it all in good fun.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty relaxing.  Saturday I made chicken and dumplings.  They were so good.  The chicken was so tender it just about melted in your mouth.  The dumplings ummmm. This is one of the best times it's ever turned out. It was kinds sorta home made. Well as home made as I get anymore. ha ha

If for some reason you would like to give it a try you will need:

1 large cooking pot (I thought it was a bit to much chicken.  but I prefer the dumplings)
3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 cans of biscuits
4 chicken bullion cubes
garlic powder
1/4 cup margarine

I took a large pot and filled it with water.  I filled the pot just over half full.  I turned the burned on medium heat.  I washed off the chicken and cut it up in cubes and placed it in the water as I went.  After I finished putting the chicken in the pot, I put in a palm full of salt, a palm full of pepper and a palm full of garlic powder.  I added four cubes of chicken bullion cubes and stirred it all together.  I placed the lid on the pot and left it to cook for about half an hour.  I then cut each biscuit into four pieces and placed them in the pot. (you can use kitchen scissors to speed this up a bit)   As I cut up the biscuits I would stir the pot to make sure they get cooked.  After all four cans of biscuits were in the pot I stirred it all together then added the butter. I let it cook for about 5 to 10 minutes on low heat.   Enjoy!

Sorry,  I didn't think about taking pictures as I went.  I never end up seasoning the dumplings the same way.  The dumplings turned out so good I wanted to remember how to make it the same way.   I also thought it would be something perfect for you to make in this cold weather.  If you do make it, please let me know how it turned out for you and if you and your family enjoyed it.

The only other exciting thing that happened is my baby girl Maverick got her hair cut and her nail painted blue.  She looks like a puppy again.  She is so lovey dovey when she gets back from getting her hair cut.  It makes me feel bad because it's like she didn't think she would see us again.

Over all it was a great weekend.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Did you do anything exciting?  Are you about ready for Christmas?  I can't believe we only have two weeks until Christmas is here.  I need to get my dad, Blake and some little something for my sister's family.

Happy Monday everyone.  Or at least I sure hope it is.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Has political correctness gone too far?

I've been quite surprised that I have not heard more Christmas songs this year.  I actually have to seek out a channel I know that plays Christmas songs this time of year.  In years past you would turn on the radio and would be hard pressed NOT to find a Christmas song.  I'm surprised to say I really miss not hearing them.  Christmas songs always puts me in the spirit of Christmas. How can you not smile during those songs?  I know, I know, some of them are sad.  Like the Christmas shoe song.  But over all they are cheerful.

Everything has gotten so politically correct now days that it's frowned upon to say Merry Christmas. I don't get that. It seems the large majority of Americans celebrate Christmas in some form or fashion.  Weather they are cChristian or not. I have always and will always say Merry Christmas.  I promise I would not be offended if someone said Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or anything other holiday related thing.  Why should I be?  If it brings them joy how is it hurting me?

I agree with some political correctness.  But, I really believe it has gone so far overboard that it's ridiculous! It kills me that a few loud mouths have ruined it for the rest of us.  But then again, I've always heard the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Obviously that is true in this case.

I don't understand how praying in school or at a sporting event hurts anyone.  When I was in school you did not have to participate in the prayer if you did not want to.  You could excuse yourself and step outside of the class room into the hall.  Or stand there and not pray.  Look at our schools now that they have taken prayer out of schools.  They have also taken discipline out of school.  How are they supposed to maintain control if they have no recourse?  Of course this is easy for me to say now that my son is no longer in school.  I think I would have flipped out if anyone laid a hand on him with a paddle.

What are your view points?  Have they gone to far with political correctness?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.  Merry Christmas!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disappointment VS. Anger

I think a child takes you being disappointed in them harder then if you get mad and yell and scream at them.  Growing up I tried my best not to disappoint my parents.  If  my parents got mad and yelled it was not as big of a deal to me. Even as an adult I don't like to disappoint people.

The ironic thing is the last couple of times Blake has done something wrong and we didn't know about it we would tell him how proud we are of him and tell him the reasons.  Then we would find out what happened and he would hang his head in shame and tell us how bad he felt because we trusted him.

We have been fortunate because Blake hasn't been one of those kids that got in trouble very often. He typically had his head screwed on right.  In my opinion if he didn't mess up he wouldn't be normal.  We all mess up.  I don't care how old or young you are.  We make mistakes and hopefully we learn from them.  If you don't learn from your mistakes you will keep repeating them. THANK GOD Blake is one of those people that normally will listen and take heed of what was said.  I said normally.  He is human and young. 

I think the best thing we can do as parents no matter what age is to listen to what they have to say.  TRY to stay calm.  Explain why you are upset.  If they mess up and get a ticket or get in an accident  or whatever make them pay for it.  It makes more of an impression then if a parent bails them out of trouble all of the time. Find out if they they learned anything from the mistake they made.  They need to learn to take responsibility for their actions.  The younger they learn this the better off they will be. Above all make sure they know that you still love them and they yes you are disappointed in them but trust them.  Granted sometimes the trust has to be rebuilt overtime.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Computer Gremlins

Somehow my laptop has gotten a gremlin.  I am able to turn it on.  Sometimes it comes up with you didn't shut your computer down properly blah blah blah.  Other times it does it's normal boot up and allows me to log in but once I get into the main system I try to click on any icon and it locks up.

I have an Acer Aspire3810T.  Does anyone else have this laptop?  If so do you have the same issues?

I honestly can't complain.  I got the laptop for free. I won it a few years ago from Want Not.  It has been perfect for me because it is so light weight.  When my back is out I can just prop that little thing up and still surf the Internet.

We have our old computer and another laptop that Blake used for his first year in college.   It's still brand new because he only used it for a computer class he was taking.  He uses hi Mac laptop he got from a family Friend for graduation. 

I've been using the other laptop but it's big and bulky.  I love the huge monitor but, I miss my light weight laptop.  I should honestly be smacked.  We are blessed to basically have 2 laptops and a computer in our home.  Not to mention 3 laptops and a computer when Blake is home.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm very thankful and KNOW we have been blessed beyond measure. I'm just spoiled to the Acer.  It doesn't hurt me when I use it.

On a positive note, Blake will be coming home this weekend.  I'm not sure if we will see him Friday night or Saturday because of my company Christmas party.  He will be home for a month!  Oh, I'm sure he will find something to do with friends. But, I also know he will spend time with us. I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with my boy. (Bummer just found out he will not be in until the 16th)

I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday. We are almost there, so hang in there.


PS:  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Katie and Cullen for featuring our little bit of Christmas on wither Youtube channel on Monday.  If you like Youtube and enjoy fun, outgoing, kind people you will really enjoy their youtube site .  You can click on any of the highlighted areas in this section and it will take you to their channel.  Thanks again Katie and Cullen!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busy Bee

Oh my word.  I don't know what it is this time of year but, it always seems to get crazy busy.  The upside it sure makes the day go by in a snap.  The down side is sometimes you look up see the time is gone and don't have a clue what you did with it. Fortunately, we still have plenty of December left to get everything finished for year end projects.  It's just working in everyday work with year end projects that gets interesting.

This Friday is our companies annual Christmas party.  We have had it at Bella Italia in Fort Worth since the firm began.  One of the owners is a huge wine buff and loves to give all of us the opportunity to try really expensive wines.  He gets upset when we end up liking the cheap stuff better.  It's kind of a game now.  I always try a new wine each year.  Before the glass is finished I end up drinking Coke a Cola. I prefer Dr. Pepper but, they do not carry it so I make due.  The reason Summit takes us here every year is because they do not serve the normal fare.  Before we get started they have a snack buffet and large verity of wine.  Once everyone is there we move in to the dinning room.  Appetiser are served.  One year it was rabbit. We have a choice of two main courses. I always get the buffalo.  It is delicious.  I don't recall what the other choice is. There is always a desert after.  I normally pass this up. Last years was some kind of cream cheese with a raspberry topping.  I guess all of it is to fancy for my small town girl taste.  But, it's always nice they let us experience something we wouldn't normally get to do.  The fun part is the gift exchange.  Each couple brings a $15 gift.  We put them all in the middle and then draw numbers 1 - how many couples are there.  It gets interesting. But a lot of fun in the end.  I still have not gotten my gift. I really need to get on the ball. 

Does the company you work for throw a company party?  Do you exchange gifts?  What has been the best gift you have ever received or given?

I'm just thankful my back is cooperating so far this week. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Monday, December 5, 2011

It stinks getting old!

Well it turns out that it's a good thing Blake wasn't around for his birthday weekend.  All last week my back was bothering me. I didn't really think much of it because I have good days and bad days.  As the week went on it only got worse.  I really need to do some shopping for my dad and had planned on going on Thursday night after work and I just wasn't up to it.  I had no choice but to go on Friday night because he was completely out of Coke's. So we go to Wal-Mart super center and get everything dad needs. Michael had a cart and got our stuff. By the time we got home I was down for the count. I was defiantly thankful for my walker/wheel chair contraption.  Saturday I was stuck in bed trying to find a comfortable position.  Sunday was much of the same.  I did get up and make dad something to eat and felt much better.

Sorry this isn't much of a post.

I will throw in few pictures just for fun.

Dad with his little friend Buddy

Dad's hair has gotten so long I tease him and call him a hippie. He insisted I take a picture of him with his long hair.  Blake was going to take him to get his hair cut when he was here but the day he was able to take him dad didn't feel up to going.  So when Blake gets back in town he will take him.

Here us a closer vie to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

This is Blake the Sunday before he turned 20. You can see the stack of stuff in the corner.  Those are dad's movies.  I have got to get to my sisters and get one of the many shelves my dad has so we can get more organized.  It is driving us nuts!  You can see why. I feel bad for my husband because I can't lift things.  So he gets stuck with a lot of stuff on our projects.

Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Blake!!!

Dear Blake,

Happy 20th Birthday sweetheart!

I can't believe my little premie was born at 5# 3oz, 19 1/4" long. When you came home you only weighed 4# 14oz. You were so tiny that your premie clothes swallowed you.  Your sock was smaller than my thumb. It was the size of a cotton ball.   When they took your baby picture in the hospital they had to put a wash cloth under your shirt to fill it out.  We thought you were the most beautiful new born that ever lived.  Now we all look back at that picture and realize you looked like an alien.  The upside is you didn't look like an alien for long.  By the time you were three month's old you were beautiful.  When you were little I would tease you and tell you that you were to pretty to be a boy.

 Blake Born 12/2/1991
9:10 PM
Blake 3 Months old
My favorite baby picture
Who would have thought that after being so tiny you would turn out to be 5 ft. 11" and well on your way to 200 pounds?  It still amazes me that you wear a size 12 shoe.  Thank God your alien look went away and you became a very good looking young man. Not that I'm biased or anything.

I could not be more proud of the man you are becoming. You are a sweet, caring, loving, athletic, smart young man.  You make my heart melt with your sweet smile. My favorite thing in life is to just be around you.  I don't care if it's watching you play any kind of sport, going out to dinner or the movies or simply staying home and watching TV or playing a board game.  As long  as you are with me my heart is complete.

Since you have graduated high school and gone off to college I have watched you grow and mature.  Each time you come back home you are more grown up.  It's hard to think that you turn 20 today and your dad and I will not be there to celebrate it with you. I guess I will have to get used to that.  It's all part of you growing up.

Thank you for being such an increadable son.  Thank you for making being a parent so fun and easy. I am sorry we didn't give you siblings.  You would have made a fantastic big brother.

Please know you can always come to your dad and I for anything.  We love you more than life it's self and woud do anything for you.

Above all NEVER forget:

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be. " by: Robert Munsch

I hope you have the best birthday of your life so far, on this, your 20th birthday!

Love always,

Mom aka Madre

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Christmas Time

Sunday before Blake left we put up what little Christmas decorations we are going to put up this year.  Our Christmas tree is literally a Charlie Brown Christmas tree I bought Blake for either his dorm room or his first apartment.  We put out other Christmas things as well and it sort of drowns out our sad little tree.  Here is a picture of the end result.

Sad isn't it.  But, we honestly do not have any room left in our living room to put our normal Christmas tree up.  Not with dad and all of his things living in there.  And we are OK with it.  It's for a good reason.  The upside is clean up with be a breeze this year.
At work it's not much better.  I have two things up for Christmas.  One is a silk flower arrangement with two candles and the other is a Christmas tree that the guys decorated with office supplies. It might be a foot tall.  For the Christmas topper there is a cigarette.  I added a bow this year but I think it really to big.

Can you see the string of paper clips, and the sign here post it's. 
We also have a few small binder clips on there for good measure.

I have no idea how old this thing is.  I know it's at least 6 years old.

The funny thing is the lights on the ciggy tree, as we call it, stopped lighting up this year.  Well they light up on occasion. I think there is a short in the thing. I hope it doesn't burn the place down.

Maybe this will be a good year to remember what Christmas is all about. It's not about the decorations but about the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It's about love, laughter and sharing special memories with loved ones and friends.

As you go through the store picking out the perfect gift remember that sometimes the perfect gift is just visiting with the people you love. That playing games with one another instead of watching TV or playing on the computer will be a memory your family will cherish.  I know I sure do.

Wishing you love, laughter and a gift of happiness during this Christmas season!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How did this happen?

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder how did this happen? Where did this grey hair come from?  When did that wrinkle get there? I never really did until this year when I hit the big 40.  Honestly being forty doesn't really bother me. It's the actual aging process that stinks!

Once when I was little, I was staying with my great grandma Richards.  (she was my mom's, mom) I don't recall what it was we were doing but, I do recall lifting her arm up. Kind of like she was showing me her muscle.  Except, well, when you are a great grandma things are not firm.  Grandma Richards was no exception.  So I take her arm and lift it up and tap the bottom and laugh because it starts swinging back and forth. I got the biggest kick out of it and would do it over and over. She would laugh and tell me, you just wait.  It will happen to you one day too. Sadly, that day has arrived.  No, I have not had any punk kid mess with my saggy arms but, I know it will happen when I have grand kids of my own.

When you are in your twenties you don't think anything of it.  Your skin is always nice and firm.  You don't have grey hair and you just don't get what all the fuss is about.  You hit thirty and start to wonder what the heck is happening to your body.  Why is there hairs growing out of places it never did before. About the time you finally get over that, grey hair starts to show up.  Honestly, all of that is nothing that a pair of tweezers and a bottle of loving care won't take care of.  As you start to get up in your thirties you notice that things aren't in the same spot when you lay down. You try to put your arm down and you find a breast in your arm pit and your nipples are starting to face down south. Gravity is NOT kind. When you hit forty you start to notice that your skin isn't quite as firm as it once was.  You can play ham bone on your under arm, you have more grey in your hair and you have so much hair on your upper lip and chin that if you aren't careful you will have a goatee thinker than your husbands. Okay, okay, some of that was a slight exaggeration for laughs but, it's not far from the truth.

My point, if you are under the age of forty enjoy it.  Don't take your firm skin for granted.  Don't start coloring your hair for fun because before you know it you will HAVE to do it.  Kind of like when you were little and were dieing to shave your legs. As soon as you did shave then you had to shave frequently.  Then you wish you never started to shave in the first place. You only live once and this is the only body you will ever get so take care of it. 

If you are forty and none of the things I mentioned are happening to you, well, I don't like you.  Just kidding.  Consider yourself blessed and let the rest of us know how you did it in the comments.

The best advice I could ever give you is forgive quickly, love unconditionally and be the kind of friend that you would like to have.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS: Happy Birthday Whitney!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and the Weekend After

Thanksgiving was very mellow this year.  Michael picked up the meats from Dickeys BBQ the night before so we just had to warm it up.  We went the quick route on everything.  Boxed stuffing, mac and cheese  (both Kraft and Velveeta.  Blake likes the Kraft, dad likes the Velveeta) among other things.  You know all of the easy, breezy stuff.  We ate our meal by 11:45 AM because Blake was going to the Cowboy game with one of his best friends since first grade. After we ate and cleaned up our dishes we just relaxed the rest of the day. Michael watching football, Blake at the game and dad napping and watching TV.  I just relaxed in my room and watched girl stuff. 

Friday I went in to work.  I think maybe 6 people showed up.  The phones were so quiet. Everyone was out of the office by 1PM except me.  I held out until around 4:30 to leave. I made dad something to eat when I got home and then Michael, Blake and I went to dinner.  We watched a couple of shows together then Blake went over to a friends hows for a few hours.

Saturday morning I got up and watched True Grit with my dad.  It was the original film with John Wayne.  It is one of my favorite films because I remember watching it with my dad when I was little.  It was nice getting to watch it with him again.  Later that afternoon Blake and I went and finished up Christmas shopping for my husband.  I think.  It just depends on if I find anything else I don't think he could do without.

Sunday we got up and I made dad something to eat and watched a movie with him.  The boys got up and got lunch for us. We put up the little bit of Christmas decorations we are putting up this year.  We literally have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We just don't have any room left in our living room since my dad has been living in there.  Since last year we have added a hospital bed.  What little room we had is gone.  After we put up the decorations Blake hit the showers because he needed to get on the road.  Before he left we gave him his birthday presents.  My baby boy turns 20 on Friday. I'm excited for him but am sad that he is grown up at the same time. It wasn't a crazy holiday which is nice.  I'm enjoying staying at home the older I get.  I know when Blake has a family we will be rushing around to all the games like we did with Blake was little.  So I'm going to enjoy the down time that I have while I have it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was nice.  Now it's time to gear up for Christmas.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Linda!  I love you. :-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Girls Gone Child

I don't know if any of you read Girls Gone Child.  If you haven't you should.  She is an incredible writer and mother.  I started reading her when Archer her oldest was just a baby.  I can recall her being so afraid of being a mom.  Then the scare of Archer and his speech issues.  I think I have figured out why he didn't speak or didn't speak well for so long.  When you have that much genius in you at such a young age it's hard to articulate. 

I can recall when Rebbecca told us about being pregnant for the second time. Then when she found out she was having her first daughter.  Her name is Fable.  She is a cutie pie and has a fashion sense of her own.

Two months ago Rebbecca and Hal had twin girls.  The twins look nothing alike. Bo come to find out looks just like her mama did at her age.  Rev looks like her other two siblings.  The love the four of these kids have for one another is awe inspiring.  Please go read Girls Gone Child Wednesday, November 23rds post.  Archer will inspire you.  The pictures are adorable and Rebbecca explains perfectly how a big family works.

I adore their little family and I've never met them.  But, the love is palatable. Her words are perfect.  She has written one book.  It was back when Archer was a baby. She was so scared when he was little.  But now you look at her and she is a strong capable woman and mother.  She will do anything for her husband and babes.

Bec,  I wish you and your family nothing but the best. I hope the kids stay as close as they are now.  If I know Archer, he will make sure it is so.  He sure is a blessing.  The things Archer says amazes me. He is so wise for someone so young.  He as been wise since his words finally stated to come.  First through music then words. What a precious, precious boy.  The girls are lucky to have them.  The world is lucky to have him.

If you have time please take a moment to read her blog. It's not that she needs the reads, she has tons, it's just such an incredible blog I hate not to share such an wonderful family.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I am starting to get in the Thanksgiving mood. Ready or not it's here! haha

Do you remember the Youtube site I was talking about the other day that shows you how to make holiday treats?  If not  log onto Youtube and type in HeyKayli or  click on one of the words in purple.

You will need:

 1 package of Fudge Striped cookies. 

 1 package of Reese's peanut butter cups. You will need the individually wrapped candies.
I suggest putting the candy in the refrigerator or freezer to firm the candy up. 
  NOTE: You can use a candy kiss to make a witches hat for Halloween. Also from HeyKayli. 

One tube of frosting and 1 package of tips if you do not already have them.  Kayli bought regular frosting and put yellow and red dye in it and mixed it until it was orange then put it in sandwich bags cutting of a corner as a make shift pastry bag.  I was lazy and thought that this would be easier.  The tube of frosting and the can of frosting were the same price.

Setting things out so it's easier to work with.

First Step: Make a fairly large ring of frosting around the hole in the cooking.

Second Step: Place the Reece's cup on top of the cookie with the larger side touching the cookie.

Third Step: Draw a line of frosting around the Reece's cup then draw a square for the buckle.

Fourth Step: Put the pilgrim hat's on a pretty tray.  Serve and enjoy!

 I tried to give one of the pilgrim hats to Michael and Blake on Wednesday night but, Blake wanted to wait until Thanksgiving day.  He said that they looked cool.  I was kind of surprised he said that.

I might make a couple of more things that Kayli made.  If I do I will take pictures of it and let you know how it went.

I hope your Thanksgiving day turns out better then expected.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Getting Closer to Thanksgiving

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving my heart hurts more and more. I am missing my mom, brother and my grandparents as well as other family members that have passed away on my side and on Michael’s side. As you grow older life happens and things change. It would be awesome if the good things stayed the same. I guess that just isn't realistic.

I miss my granny Yoho's stuffing. That is my favorite food.  For desert it is Pecan Pie.   I miss all of our aunts, mom, granny and my sister and I getting in the kitchen and cooking.  Getting ready for the madness that was about to take place. Talking, laughing and working. We were exhausted by the day’s end but, it was so much fun just being around everyone. After we ate the girls would be in the "fancy room" and the guys would be in the den. It was a privilege for us kids to get to go in the fancy room. It was granny's formal living room and formal dining room.

When we were little my brother, sister and I would watch my uncle Danny make out with his girl friend in the fancy room. We would tease him after she left. Our Aunts and Uncles on my mom's side were more like siblings. The twins, who were the youngest of my mom's siblings, were only 8 when my brother was born and 11 when I was born.

I've been fine for years just having our little family or 3 doing our own thing on Thanksgiving Day. We would normally go down to visit both sides of the family for Thanksgiving at some point.  It just depended on everyone's schedule.   For some reason it's hitting hard this year with all the people missing in our lives. Both of Michael’s parents are gone. All of his grandparents are gone. The only grandparent we have left is my Granny Howard. She is in her 90's. With dad so sick and her not doing that great we don't get to see her. I called and asked my Uncle Leon if Granny would be able to Skype and he didn't think it would work. Granny Howard has been def since she was two. She had hearing aids for years. Then she could only hear out of her left ear. From what Uncle Leon said she is just able to read lips. This makes me sad. I wish we could go down to see everyone but, that just isn't possible with dad living with us.

I keep trying to think of all of the things I am thankful for like, dad still being alive for another holiday season, Blake being home for a week and shortly for a month, having a loving husband and wonderful home, and having a fantastic job with increasable bosses.

Maybe with us putting up the Christmas tree it will put me in a better place.  How can you listen to Christmas music and not get in the Christmas spirit?

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Be sure to let me know what you are thankful for this year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sad News

I'm completely bummed out.  I just found out after work that Dara has decided to move back home. I understand how it is moving away from all of your friends and family.  I did it at a young age but, I was married to the love of my life.  Dara's boyfriend got a job back down by where she lives so it would be silly for her to stay up here when she moved up here to be closer to him in the first place.  Oh well, so much for girls movie nights.  Her last day at her job up here is Wednesday. She will be with her mama on Thanksgiving Day.  I'm so thankful she is doing her college courses on-line so she didn't have to skip  a semester of school.

The upside is I still have my baby boy at home.  Blake goes back to Oklahoma on Sunday.  He will be gone for two weeks then he will be home for a month.  This makes me very happy.  I love having him home. When he is away a piece of me feels the like it is missing.  I guess I better get used to him being gone. I'm sure he will want a place of his own by the time he graduates from college.  Heck, by then he could be engaged or even married.  You just never know.

I am hoping we can figure out a place for our Christmas tree between now and this weekend.  We always put our Christmas tree up with Blake. I sure don't want to break that tradition before we have to.

One of the Youtubers I watch had some really cute Thanksgiving treat ideas.  If you would like some cute treats that are quick and easy you should check her out on Youtube under HeyKayli .  I'm thinking about doing the Pilgrim hat.  I think that would be the easiest one to do. If I make anything I will be sure to either video it or take pictures of each step so you can follow along.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Over the Weekend

My weekend actually started a little earlier last week.  I took Friday off because I had to take my dad to Scott and White in Temple in order for him to spend the day getting poked and prodded and waiting for Dr.'s and blood work.  We left up here around 7:30 Friday morning for his blood work appointment at 10:30.  My sister met us up at the hospital as she always does so she will be in the loop as well.  And it just nice to get to spend the day with her.  We got to the hospital about a half hour early and they got us in and out early. Dad had to fast before his blood work so he was starving.  Dad's next appointment wasn't until 1:30 so we had a lot of time to kill so we headed to the cafeteria. We talked about getting him a hair cut since he was out and about but it really hard on him to get up to move from the wheel chair to the truck. 

Our Aunt Linda came up to the hospital to visit with us.   We all laughed and picked on each other the entire time.  She is so funny and sweet and just a joy to be around. My parents gave me her middle name as my middle name. We have always been very close. We finally wrap up our lunch and visit and try to see if we can get in to the heart Dr. early.  Surprisingly we did.  He was told he has a happy heart right now.  This is great news for some one with congestive heart failure.

The pulmonary Dr. appointment wasn't until 3:30. After the heart Dr. appointment we went ahead and headed up to the pulmonary department.  We were hoping we might get in early since we have had such good luck all day.  Dad was called the get his vitals checked right after we checked him in.  Then we were taken to the room and were told we would be seen early.  What ended up was the little lady that took us back didn't really know what she was doing.  The upside is we actually got seen at 3:30.  The last time we went to see the pulmonary Dr. he was more than 45 minutes late to the appointment.  So being seen on time was  fine with us.  We didn't get home until around 6:30 ish. It was quit a long day.  Dad had something to eat on the way home and all he wanted to do was sleep as soon as we hit the door.  It really takes it out of him.  But, the good news ins there was not change in the pulmonary/lung department so that was good news.  All in all he is doing as good as he can with congestive heart failure and COPD.

By the time I got dad settled in I called Blake and he was almost home.  He had planned on surprising me at the office on Friday but when he found out we were in Temple he went on and visited some of his friends from Texas Wesleyan.  We just hung out at the house on Friday evening.

Saturday the boys went to the TCU football game.  Someone gave me a fee tickets because they couldn't make the game.  The boys said they were great seats!  Michael met a new friend.

When the boys got back from the game it was time for us to go to Hyena's comedy club.  Michael's step mom Pam her husband Frank, Michael, Blake and I went.  We had a great time.  All of the comics were funny.  Pam and Frank got put off by some of the things the comics said. I understand.  They pushed the envelope pretty far.  After the show we all went to IHop.  it was yummy.

Sunday morning we woke up and Michael and I watched Dexter. Then when we got up and I made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches.,  Michael, dad and Blake watched the game.  The Cowboys won so all is well with their world.  Dara and I were in Michael and my room and were watching Son in Law until Dara had to go do home work.  They then left to go to the record store and go pick up a few groceries and dinner.

It was a nice weekend. I love when we can just relax on Sunday and just enjoy each other.  I've become a home body in my old age.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Memories of Mom

My mom passed away on November 18, 2007.  To say we were surprised would be an understatement. Dad has been the one that has been sick since he was a new born baby.

In some ways it seems like mom just passed away in others it feels like she has been gone for a while. I still on occasion will want to pick up the phone and call her about something and then remember I can't. That was probably the hardest part after she first passed away.  We would talk quite often. Some weeks everyday.  So to go from talking to her several times a week to nothing was hard.

My mom was the person I would call if I ever needed to know where something was in the bible I was looking for.  I could tell her the gist of what the Scripture was and she would be able to find it in a flash.  I can still do that with google but, then there is no enter action or conversation about the scripture or how I even came to be looking for it.

Mom loved to go to garage sales. She could find name brand clothes with the tag still on and get them for a dollar or less. I never had the patience to go.  I would suck it up on occasion and go with her but, I don't care for shopping of any kind as a rule. Mom loved it. As many clothes as mom had she would give a way.  It was a constant cycle.  She was always giving something away.  You knew if you bought her something you would have to try and not get your feelings hurt if she gave it to someone.  If she felt they needed it more than she did or even if they admired something she would most likely give it to you.  She just had a very giving heart.

Mom had been in pain for years.  I often wondered if  she had fibromyalgia or some kind of sensitive nerves.  The poor girl was allergic to 90% of medications.  Heck, she was even allergic to band aids.

Mom was worn out before she passed.  She and dad were living behind an elderly couples home.  It was known as the cottage house.  The husband of the elderly couple was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have long to live.  His wife fell and broke her hip right after they found out.  So my mom was working around the clock. She didn't have time to make it to church while she was careing for them.  The elderly couple finally told mom she needed a break.  Mom was so excited because she was going to get to go to church.  The husband told us later she was glowing. 

Mom and dad get to the church and they have the praise and worship service, the sermon and then more music at the end.  My mom hand gone to the ground but my dad didn't really think much about it because she has prayed this way many times out of reverence to our Lord.  It was only when the service was over did he realize something was truly wrong.  They got the ambulance to the church and they were going to get her to the care flight team. But she was gone before they could get her to the helicopter.  She was taken to the place my sister was born.

When I got the call I was cleaning the Dr.'s office.  It was my weekend job.  I had a full time job during the week. I was told that she was rushed to the hospital.  They didn't tell me she had passed at that point. I get home and pack the most random stuff you could think of.  I live 3 hours away so there was a lot of time to sit and thing and wonder.  I call to check on mom and figured out she passed away. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.  I instantly got sick to my stomach and had to have my husband pull over.  The rest of that time was a blur.

I do pretty good most of the time.  But for the last several weeks I have felt like just sobbing and I couldn't figure out why.  Then it hit me.  I was missing my mom.  The upside is my dad has Dr. appointments today in Temple so we will get to be with my sister.  I will write all about the trip next week.  Until then I hope you have a nice weekend.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dara is moving in!!!!!!!!

Our niece Dara is finally going to start staying with us.  I am so excited! I've been out numbered by boys for the last 20 years.  That is all fine and good but, it sure is going to be great to be able to watch a chick flick with someone who gets it.

Dara, Justin, Colby (May of 2008)

Dara is my sisters middle child.  Justin is the oldest and Colby is the baby of the family.  Dara is also the only girl in our family. She is my little princess.  Heck, she is all of our little princess. Well, her brothers and other boy cousins probably don't think that.

Her Jr. year I went do and took pictures of her.  From the nail salon to her driving off to prom with her friends.

Look at theses nails before they were cut down.  It was crazy! We had so much fun giggling.

This is Dara and my Aunt Debby before she started on Dara's hair.

 Pop had to get a picture taken with his little angel. For sure she is his princess!

Aunt Debby so proud of the outcome.  It was beautiful!

 The girls showing off their hair with a little flair before they head out for the evening.

Just before they left it started sprinkling so be bagged their hair
in hopes it would last until they got to their prom.

Here is Dara and I on her graduation day.

Here is Brody and Dara at one of our cousin's baby shower. 
Brody had just turned 1 on Sept. 4th.  Look how little he is. Aww

I'm not sure how long Dara will be living with us.  But as far and we are concerned she can stay for as long as she would like. I'm ready to do a happy dance thinking about having another girl in the house.

Shannon, Dara and Jackie
Dara will be staying in Blake's room when he is at school.  Blake has cable TV in his room so at least it will not go to waste when she is staying there.  When Blake comes in this weekend she will sleep in the office.  It has Blake's old day bed and trundle.  It will be nice for them to get to hang out.  They don't normally get to do that much with us so far away from everyone.

I know I've said it quite a bit but, I have a wonderful husband.  You know it's true when we have two of my extended family members living with us and he doesn't mind. I'm truly blessed beyond measure and I know it.  Thank you honey. I love you!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!