Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fantastic Monday Night

Last night I left work at 7:00 PM, what seems to be the norm for me.  When I got home my husband son were not there. I was a little surprised so I called and found out that they were at Best Buy.  My son had umpired yet another baseball tournament and had some money to spend. He has been wanting the Xbox One since it has come out so he finally broke down and purchased one.  Of course he likes to save money like his father and I so he took back the Xbox that he had and traded it in with the controllers and whatever else they would take back I am sure. To save more money he chose not to get the connect. His reasoning is he would never use it so why spend the money.  The only down fall is they didn't have it in stock.  They placed the order and found out it will not come in until next Monday. Of course he was bummed.

The funny thing is, I had planned on buying him one for Christmas.  When he got home I told him that.  He didn't believe me at first because I told him a very long time ago I wasn't buying another console for him again. But, I like to surprise him now and then. Especially since it's his first year at UNT and he was asked to join the Nation Honor's Society.  He didn't want to spend the money because he was concerned about being able to keep his grades up to be able to stay in the program.  Crazy kid. I mean crazy man. It doesn't mean I can't be proud of him for the work he has done this school year.

They guys finally get home and my husband changes and heads out to walk.  (So proud of him!) After Michael went on his walk, Blake and I sat on the couch talking. As our conversation wound down, I noticed Blake going through the movies we have recorded on our DVR.  He kept asking me if I had watched this movie or that and it finally dawned on me that he actually wanted to watch a movie with me.  The only stipulation was it had to be one he wanted to watch also. I was NOT going to complain about that!  We cooked together... sort of.  If you call cooking baking salmon patties in a toaster over cooking.  Then eating a salad with it.  Anyway, we ate as we watched the movie Two Guns together. BTW it was a fantastic film.  You know it will be a good film with  Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg in it. It was a great night. When the movie ended, Blake went on his way to his room because it was late.

I walked across the house to his room and told him thank you for the dinner and movie and told him my normal sweet dreams, I love you, goodnight.  I wanted him to know I really appreciated the time we spent together.  I know it wasn't a huge thing but, it was a sweet thing to do and it made this mama a happy girl.

Sorry, I have not written about the Wildflower concerts.  I will.  I have to get the pics off of my phone. Looking forward to writing the post.

Have a great day!