Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blake made it through his first year of college. He chose to be red shirted his first year in baseball. He got to play a few games on the JV team but only had about 12 at bats. His batting average was around 500-600. Blake spoke to his coach and found out he wouldn't be playing anymore then when he was red shirted so he has been looking at other college. He has 3 colleges talking to him that I'm aware of. He is going to go see a coach in OK this Tuesday with his dad. The stinky part is he will be at least 3 hours away from home and we don't know anyone in OK.

My dad has been living with us for a year as of July 4th. He was in and out of the hospital at the end of November and December and ended up going to a nursing home for rehab for his breathing and strength. We got him back in January. His last Dr visit went great. However he seems to be having a few problems right now. I got him antibiotics but his vision got really blurry and it has scared him. So I have taken him of that pill and hoping this will clear up the vision problem. He has been talking about going back into the nursing home because I think he is starting to worry about being alone during the day. We have another Dr. Appt. on Aug. 17th and we will see what the Dr.'s think at that time. If his vision clears up I think he will be staying at our house for a while longer.

I will try to keep you posted on what is going on.

Have a nice week.