Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little recap of our Christmas

Blake brought us all a very special Christmas gift this year.  The gift of the flu or a cold or something.  Even poor dad got it.  Thank God dad's Dr. gave a RX for antibiotics for him.  He seems to finally be resting.  Friday Morning instead of doing errands I took Blake in to get on antibiotics as well.  Michael and I are still fighting whatever it is that Blake brought home.

We had a great time Christmas Eve.  Christmas was fantastic.  The boys surprised me with a Kindle Fire and a another digital frame.  Blake was really wanting a Seether shirt and I told him they only accepted pay pal payments and I didn't have an account.  When he opened his shirt he sucked in air surprised and said you sneaky sneaky woman. Not I love it or anything like that. ha ha  That kid cracks me up. We all received gifts we love that we were not expecting.  As a matter of fact we lost one of dad's gifts and then Michael found 4 more gifts we got him and dad's last gift.  We knew something was off but couldn't put our finger on it.  Heck I still have fathers day cards, yes cards, I can't find.  That is why I put Blake in charge of hiding the gifts.

It was just the four of us and the pup's at Christmas.  My sister and maybe her family will be coming up this coming weekend to celebrate Christmas with Dad and our family. 

I know I'm missing a ton but, I can't think right now. I hope all of you got exactly what you wanted and were able to give the perfect gift.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Nolita said...

I got a Christmas Cold too... ;.( Hope we all feel better soon...