Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and the Weekend After

Thanksgiving was very mellow this year.  Michael picked up the meats from Dickeys BBQ the night before so we just had to warm it up.  We went the quick route on everything.  Boxed stuffing, mac and cheese  (both Kraft and Velveeta.  Blake likes the Kraft, dad likes the Velveeta) among other things.  You know all of the easy, breezy stuff.  We ate our meal by 11:45 AM because Blake was going to the Cowboy game with one of his best friends since first grade. After we ate and cleaned up our dishes we just relaxed the rest of the day. Michael watching football, Blake at the game and dad napping and watching TV.  I just relaxed in my room and watched girl stuff. 

Friday I went in to work.  I think maybe 6 people showed up.  The phones were so quiet. Everyone was out of the office by 1PM except me.  I held out until around 4:30 to leave. I made dad something to eat when I got home and then Michael, Blake and I went to dinner.  We watched a couple of shows together then Blake went over to a friends hows for a few hours.

Saturday morning I got up and watched True Grit with my dad.  It was the original film with John Wayne.  It is one of my favorite films because I remember watching it with my dad when I was little.  It was nice getting to watch it with him again.  Later that afternoon Blake and I went and finished up Christmas shopping for my husband.  I think.  It just depends on if I find anything else I don't think he could do without.

Sunday we got up and I made dad something to eat and watched a movie with him.  The boys got up and got lunch for us. We put up the little bit of Christmas decorations we are putting up this year.  We literally have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We just don't have any room left in our living room since my dad has been living in there.  Since last year we have added a hospital bed.  What little room we had is gone.  After we put up the decorations Blake hit the showers because he needed to get on the road.  Before he left we gave him his birthday presents.  My baby boy turns 20 on Friday. I'm excited for him but am sad that he is grown up at the same time. It wasn't a crazy holiday which is nice.  I'm enjoying staying at home the older I get.  I know when Blake has a family we will be rushing around to all the games like we did with Blake was little.  So I'm going to enjoy the down time that I have while I have it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was nice.  Now it's time to gear up for Christmas.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Linda!  I love you. :-)

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