Friday, August 28, 2015

NOW IS YOUR TIME! Philippians 4:13

Clayton Jennings is one blessed speaker.  I hope you enjoy the attached video he created.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Balancing, Who need's it?

I am sure at some point I have mentioned that I have 5 herniated discs.  Three in my lower back and two plus bone spurring in my neck.  I went and got a CT for my neck all the way down my back and have not gotten a reading from my Dr. yet so as far as I know that is all.  When I see him again I will let you know what he has to say.  Trust me,  what I have is enough!

The day after I posted about the women that were asked to leave The Kessler, my lower back went out.  So I was out of work stuck in bed on Thursday and Friday and through the weekend.  I woke up on Monday and I couldn't move my right arm.  I have had it before and so I knew it was a nerve that was severely pinched in my neck shoulder area. On my word did that hurt.  So I was out of work Monday and Tuesday as well.  I was finally feeling great and ready to get back to work .  I woke up at 4 AM Wednesday to go to the bathroom.  On my was back to our room I lost my balance landed on my right foot and felt and heard three crunching sounds.  I couldn't stand or put any type of pressure on my foot so I knew something was wrong.  I knew it had to be my foot or my ankle.  When I finally hobbled my way back to our room my husband had gone to the other side of the house to use that bath room. Michael couldn't hear me so I had to call him and let him know I needed to go to the ER. The good thing is I already have a wheel chair so he loaded me up in it and we zoomed to Baylor Grapevine.  It was empty.  I don't think I have ever been to an ER that was empty no matter what time it was. Sorry if there was tmi.   At least I didn't fall on my bum!

They took x-rays and I was told I had an oblique fracture of such and such bone.  i.e. a broken ankle.   So they brought me one of those boots.  I got out of having to use crutches because I also have a walker with wheels and a seat.  Yes, I am a 90 yo in a 44 yo body.  After giving us the information to go see an Orthopedic Doctor I was released.  They wanted me to go see one to determine if I would need surgery, a hard cast or leave it in a boot.

So on this past Monday we go to the OD and I am thrilled to say I do not have to have surgery or a hard cast. He said I can even sleep with out the cast as long as I put it back on if I needed to get up for any reason.  My son and husband both vetoed that because they are worried about me so I just leave it off for a while then my husband puts it back on.

Here is a picture of my feet side by side after being back at work all day yesterday.  I have thrown in a shot by it's self.  I think it is a better shot of the two.  Please forgive the toe nails.  My husband was kind enough to attempt to remove the polish.

Well I will leave you with this delightful image. haha

Hope you all have a blessed day!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dallas women removed from- Lee Ann Womack Concert at The Kessler Theater.

This incident where a couple of women were removed from the Kessler.  Please note that this incident was a while ago.  I told you I would show you the video so here it is.


I am like the guys in this video and want  to know what being white has to do with her and her friend being asked to leave.  They were removed from the concert for disrupting peoples while the concert was going on.  I have no idea if either of these women know Lee Ann Womack but, if they do I have a feeling she would have been mortified when she saw this video.  Who would want a friend to come to your concert and talk loud enough that it would drive people crazy enough to get someone to remove them or ask them to be quiet.

Let me know what your take on the situation is.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bob Schneider was awesome!

We went to An Evening with Bob Schneider at The Kessler Theater in Dallas this past Saturday night. As always Bob knocked it out of the park.  Wait a minute,  I am getting a little ahead of my self.

According to google, The Kessler Theater in Dallas is a Historic theater staging music shows, performance art and films, with a separate dining area/bar. 

When you walk into the building you check in to the right and if you would like to buy merch. it is to the left.  You take a few steps more and the bar is to the right and the bar/dining seating is to the left. They do have a more intimate seating area a little further up that had a couch, chair and love seat. And guess who was standing by that area when we got there? None other than Bob Schneider himself.  Of course we went straight over there and stood in the shortest line we have ever stood in and got to shake his hand and have a picture taken with him.

Michael, Bob and Jackie
(of course dorky me has to carry a back pillow)

My husband apologized because we only found out about him 6 months ago.  Bob graciously said better late to the party than never.  I said but, we have seen you in concert 3 times. He seemed pleasantly surprised to hear that.  We thanked him and moved on. Bob continued to do his meet and greet. 

There are two halls. One with a side were the ladies room was and another where the men's room was.  Down those halls are the doors the the bottom floor of the where the concert is.  We started a line in  front of one of the halls.  There are stairs where you can go up and sit in high back leather chairs and look over the rail down at whoever is playing.  On the bottom floor at the very front is the stage.  Then there are maybe 8 to 10 tables with 4 seats at each table.  Kind of like when you go to a comedy club. The rows of chairs start directly behind the tables. There is a little isle up the middle.  There are a few more chairs on the back wall. Then people stand again the walls on both levels.  As I said it is quite intimate.

As we waited to be seated, we noticed a sign hanging on the wall that said:

What is the concert etiquette policy? We want everyone to be relaxed and have a great experience. Our shows range from dancing and heavy metal to classical and singer songwriters, so the norms may change per show. A good rule of thumb is to go by what other concertgoers are doing. If they are clapping, singing and dancing then you should, too; but if they are sitting quietly and listening intently to every sound then you probably should too.

We got a kick out of it.

We saw a video of a couple of ladies that were at a concert and apparently wouldn't stop talking. Someone complained so the talkers were asked to leave the club.  The women still didn't stop talking and ended up being recorded.  It is on YouTube. It was also picked up on a few news sources. I will post the video the on Wednesday.

I wonder if this sign was posted before or after the women that talked to much were asked to leave.  I should have asked.  Oh well.

The only reason I brought this up is because there were some talkers at our show.  I told them to shut up a couple of times.  They were pretty messed up.  Bob even commented and told him he could handle the show on his own that he didn't need any help.  Then during a song that was kind of a biography about a friend of his that passed away they were laughing hysterically. After Bob finished the song he said I didn't know Satan and his entourage were here tonight.  I wanted to ask the staff to ask them to be quit.  Not necessarily ask them to leave but to please stop talking.  But,  I didn't want to miss any of the show so I stay seated.

I have to say that the Kessler is in the nice part of North Oak Cliff.  The staff were wonderful people and very kind. Michael had to give the guy with the dreads a hard time.  You will understand after you see the video on Wednesday.  I have heard of some great places to eat around the Kessler as well. As a matter of fact on of my coworkers lives not far from the Kessler and loves it there.

Anyway, back to Bob Schneider. He played 40 dogs (Romeo and Juliet).  The video I left for you last Friday. That is probably my very favorite song of his.  He played Honey Pot and a host of other songs. The cool thing is he sells a copy of the show right after the concert is over on these cool lego that looks like him that is also a USB drive.  We haven't purchased a show yet.  We might one day.

He has great songs.  Some are love songs, some are tacky and of course he funny songs. There is something for everyone.  

This show He played the guitar, A rhythm shaker, keyboard, and trumpet.  He had foot peddles to help him add layers so the songs always sounded great.

Sorry the quality of the pictures are so bad.  I didn't use the flash.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take pictures or not.  So this is the best I could do.

There is a few hundred seats at the Kessler so it is quite intimate and that is what made the concert so cool.  It was like we had Bob Schneider jamming session in our living room with some of our closest friends and family.  We are really looking forward to seeing him in Arlington in September. That concert will be with his whole band.  The show we saw him at Billy Bobs was with his entire band and they were fantastic.

Bob plays at the Kessler every 3 months so I know we will be heading back there soon to see him in action once again.  We either want to get a table or go up stairs to the high back chairs.  I am sure it will depend on if we have friends to go with us or if we decide to go alone.  If you sit at the tables he asks for requests. Michael is really wanting to hear him play Batman live.  That is a fun song.  You should look it and other songs up on YouTube or other places to see what you think of him.  Be sure and let me know what you think.

When the show was over and the lights came up we saw the four idiots that were talking.  They were so messed up I have no idea how they could talk.  I  hope they had a DD.  If they don't have a DD I sure hope they have someone else drive them or I hope they lived close and were able to walk home. One guy was so messed up he could hardly keep his eyes open. It was probably a good idea I didn't get them kicked out. They probably would have wanted to fight.  Of course it probably would have been comical to see that.

Even with that I still would go back to the Kessler in a heart beat.  The situation had nothing to do with the venue or the performer.  It was with the people who didn't know how to hold their liquor.

I hope you have a blessed day!


Friday, August 7, 2015

We are going to see Bob Schneider

We are going to a Bob Schneider concert tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to seeing him again. The first time I saw him was at Bill Bobs.  It was awesome.  The show was like none I have ever been to.

The second time I saw him was in Fort Worth at Bar Louise.  That wasn't the best idea.  It wasn't really the best place for a concert. We couldn't really hear or see him. I was in pain so I took some medicine and it made me very sleepy.  It's kind of funny to look back on it now.  I would fall asleep during the song and when it was over I would wake up and start to clap. Until Michael decided we better get out of there.  I wanted to be there because I really like his songs and Michael was so excited about the show that I just couldn't bring myself to tell him we couldn't go to the show.  I would do it again in a minute!

Bob Schneider - 40 Dogs (like Romeo and Juliet) OFFICIAL

This video and song above is one of my favorite's.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  The crazy thing is Bob Schneider has a variety of songs that are all different styles.  If you do not like one song just wait and the next song will be completely different.  Bob's versatility is what I like so much.  Like I said above the concerts where you can actually see and hear him are awesome.  One of his band members plays of 4 or 5  maybe more instruments.  He doesn't stand still during the entire show.  He comes out into the crowd.  He falls down gets back up plays his instrument and sings and doesn't miss a beat. I don't know how the other guys are not distracted.  I am mesmerized by him.

I will try to get some pictures at the show and let y'all know how the concert was this time.

Have a blessed weekend!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This weekend

Saturday I was useless.  I was hurting to bad to do anything so I just rested.  I read, slept and watched movies.  I was a complete and utter lazy bum!

Sunday we were on the go.  We got up and went to church.  It was the best service we have been  at Keystone Church yet!  If you click on Keystone Church it will take you to the service.

We ran home after service and changed in to shorts and t-shirts. We swung by the movie theater and Michael jumped out and bought the tickets.  It was 11:30 AM and our movie wasn't until 2 :00 PM.  So we had some time to kill.

So, we went to eat at Olive Garden.  It was supper yummy Michael got tour of Italy and I got the make your own past.  Shrimp primavera come to mama!  We had a ton of time to kill so we went to Kirkland's.  I love that store. We didn't buy anything but we sure could have.  We always find things we like there.  We still had half an hour to kill so we ran to Havertys.  We are on the look out for the perfect sectional.  We have a small house but, our living area is quite large.  It could have been two rooms.  Oh well, you live you learn.  We found some we liked but, I don't think we found THE one quite yet.  Michael is determined I need a nice comfortable recliner.  I can't sit in our living room for long because all the furniture hurts my back.

We finally made it to the movies.  We went to see Paper Towns.  John Green wrote the book.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It was right along the lines with the book from what I recall. I don't want to say much but,  we both enjoyed this film.  I think this one is for both girls and guys.  We ended up in with several young teen girls. My poor husband one the only guy there.  What a trooper.  But again, I honestly feel guys would like this movie as well.

I absolutely loved the Fault in Our Stars as I mentioned a few posts ago.  What I don't think I mentioned is that the movie wasn't as good as the book was to me.  I have to note that I do watch the movie pretty much each time I am looking for something to watch and I run across this movie.

What movie(s) do you stop and watch when you run across them?

After we went to the movies I dropped Michael off at home and went to see my other best friend.  Her mom recently passed away and she has started a garden for her.  I picked up a couple potted plants for her.  I don't care where she puts them.  She is enjoying gardening.  I used to love gardening.  I wasn't great at it.  But now my back is like, um no.  You don't get to do that.

I hope you have a blessed day!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blake moves into a Townhouse

I have know for a while that Blake would be moving out and into a townhouse with a couple of his friends.  I guess in my mind since it was his Sr. and he has been moving out to go to school it would be like any other time.  Except it wasn't this time.

Friday morning rolls around and I go into his room to give him a hug and kiss goodbye.  I stopped in my tracks. As I walked into his room my breath was taken away.  There was no bed.  His room felt so very empty.  As I am giving him a hug he knows what is coming and he is hugging me back saying don't do it, don't do it as I begin to cry and I choke out, it's too late. We finish the hug and I give him a quick kiss and I am trying to get out of the house so I can try to breath again.  My heart hurt so much.  Yeah, I now how I was saying it was a bit ridiculous when I cry.  I can't help it.  This one really hurt.  How do you move pass this gaping hole in your heart.  We got rid of his childhood bed a year or so ago.  So both rooms that he grew up feel so empty.  Off and on through the day I would start to get choked up.  I called one of my best friend as I was heading to his place after work and asked how she handled it. It felt good just to talk to my childhood friend about it.

This is a picture of his room.  As you can see quite a bit of things are still there.  But in the corner of the right side of the picture, that is where his bed sat.  It is empty now.  That is how I felt when I saw it.

It is bitter sweet.  As much as my heart aches for him because he is growing up.  I am so very proud of him and can't wait to see what he does or accomplishes next.

This is his new room.  As you start to walk into his new room you see the culprit of my heart break.

This is when you walk into his room and go all the way to the far right.  That little door that is open goes to his little bath room.  And it is little.  That black shelf to the right is his first attempt at painting.  All of the furniture is black or brown.  The coffee table/TV stand is a combination of both.

This is a shot is when I stood by the little bathroom.  Blake was trying to get that shelf to match the desk.  There are three bed rooms and 2 bathrooms on the second floor.  Blake's is tiny.  Then the other two boys will share the larger bath room.  There is a 1/2 bath down stairs as well.

I only took one other picture.  I didn't want to be too intrusive. That is so you could be introduced to the other two young men that will be living at the townhouse with him.

Blake is all the way to the left, Nick is in the middle
 and Gavin is all the way on the right.  

Each boy brought a love seat to sit on and they have a big screen TV in the living room.  Each of them have a nice TV in each of their rooms as well.

If you look to the right that is the entrance to dinning room.  The kitchen is to the right and the dinning room to the left.  The washer and dryer are in a nice size room on the right side.  It has a door so they an keep the  mess at bay.  The doors you see go to the back yard.  It is mostly a huge tree with the roots exposed and enough room for them to grill and have a few friends over.

The upside is on our way home Michael took me to the best hole in the wall Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at.  I can't wait to go eat there again.

Here is to the next adventure of being an empty nester.

Hope you all have a very blessed day!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Warm It Up! - P8 - (Sunday)

This is the Church my husband and I just started going to.  We really enjoy it.  This is actually the sermon from  Sunday, July 25, 2015.

The first part is the sermon only from the 1st service.  Then there is a break because they had a baptisim weekend going on.  The praise and worship portion of the sencond service starts up at 1:15:53.  Then it goes into the 2nd service.

I missed Sunday so I am excited to get to watch this message. 

Have a Bleassed Day!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thinking about Blake and college

Blake is moved into a townhouse this weekend.  He has two room mates and each will have their own room.  Blake got lucky and ended up with the master bedroom that has a bathroom all to his self.  I don't recall if they drew straw or what.

He has shared a room with one of his room mates for the last year and a half of school.  His room mate also lived with us this summer.  Although he  stayed with various friends on occation.  He is a supper nice young man.

His other room mate I have not met yet.  I think Michael has met him a few times and I know I have heard the boys talk about him.  All good things.  Of course if they didn't care for him he wouldn't be shareing a place with them.

I can't believe Blake only has one year of college left.  That is if all goes according to plan.  It has taken him longer than the average bear to graduate college. 

 He went to Texas Weslyan his first year of college.  The first semester he wanted to majore in Computer Science.  The second semester he changed the degree to Kinesiology.   He decided on Texas Weslyan because they signed him in baseball in the Fall of his Sr. year in High School.  

This was Blake at the start of his Sr. year in High Scool
He looks like such a baby.

After his first year he decided he would rather move to another college.  That college ended up being Carol Albert in Poteau, Oklahoma.  You pronounce the name of the town like poe toe.  It was a very tiny town.  He decided to live 5 hours a way from his mama so he could play baseball.  Oh my word did it hurt everytime we would go see him.  I guess I can admit I was a little rediculous.  I would litterally sob as if I would never see him again.  That is how I really felt.  We had never been that far away from him for that length of time in his life.  The first time we left him I cried so hard and so much I fell asleep, woke up and cried some more until we got home.  It was horable.  As rediculous as it is, I would probably be the same way.  After 2 years he received his associates degree in Kinesiology.  It took him additional year to get his Associates because the classes he took at Texas Wesleyan basically didn't transfer.  Or very few did.  Texas Weslyan was basically a waste of time and money. Great school.  It was just a waste for Blake.  Carl Albert was a junior college so he had to move on to another college.  On the upside he was ready to move back to Texas.

He has changed quite a bit 
from the Fall of 2009 to the Fall of 2011

Fortunately for me he chose to go to the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  It is only a half hour from our house.  He absolutly has loved going to this school. The only issue was when he started to go to school there he changed his degree  plan to Accounting.  He was so miserable.  I went up to him and told him I could see how miserable he was and asked if he wanted to change his degree plan again.  He said yes.  I told Blake that if he did change his degree plan that he needed to NOT think about what anyone else wanted for him.  I wanted him to really sit and think what would make him happy.  After a while he decided on Health Promotion.  There are a lot of various career paths you can take with a Health Promotion degree.  The good thing about that is it went along beautifully with his associates degree.  I think he will be very happy with his choice.  Once he starts school this fall it will be his last year of college.  His grades have been great.  He has only fail one class in college and that was Anatomy 1.  From what I understand that is a VERY hard class. Or at least from all the people I have talked to that had to take that course. Blake took Anatomy 1 and passed this summer and went ahead and took a couple of other classes he needs this summer and so far so good.

Blake is 22 in this picture.  I think it was in 2014

Blake is so very excited about his first place.  We were mean parents and made him live in the dorms until his final year of school.  I give him a hard time for growning up and moving out.  When he was little he promised me he would live with me forever.  The little brat is breaking a verbal contract. Can you believe that?

I will try to get some pictures of his new place.  If he will let me take pictures that is.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!