Monday, March 12, 2012

Michael went to the ER but is OK

This weekend was not the best we have ever had.  My neck and back were so jacked up that I slept the majority of the weekend.  I did get the two larger frames filled with pictures and have stared on the middle frame and that was about it for Saturday.

Michael has recently started working out again.  He picked up some Hydroxycut cut and started taking it Saturday.  He has been smart on the exercise part and he is just walking at this point. But on Sunday around 3 or 4 his upper belly and chest started bothering him.  He couldn't get comfortable and if you know Michael he has a high tolerance for pain. So he finally decided I can take him to the ER. I don't know if it was just a slow day or what or it was because we got there just before a shift change but, everyone was Johnny on the spot. Michael had 3 departments fighting for him. After they ruled out a heart attack they sent him to get a sonogram.  When he got back from the Sonogram they drew blood and gave him this medicine to drink that would help numb his tummy.   After he got that done they called the CT guy and they did CT on his abdomen.  Everything came out with flying colors.  The only problem is he as still in a lot of pain. While we were waiting for the release papers they gave him a shot of morphine to help him until we could get the Rx's filled.  Michael is supposed to go see a Gastro person.  The ER Dr. thinks it has something to do with his reflux.

This is how worried he gets about me.  I'm sitting in the chair beside his bed in the ER and of course those chairs are not the most comfortable chairs in the world so I get up to move around a bit and take some pain meds and he tells me I can go on home.  That he will either call me when they are ready to release him or he will take a taxi. Then he was picking on the nurse.  Telling her that he was her number one patient.  that the rest didn't matter.  She told him you are right.  I only have two patients.  I pop in and say of course he is your favorite.  All the work is done and you get to just check on him now and then. She laughed and said yes.  She likes it like that.  There had just been a shift change.  When Michael was about to be released she was giving me all of the instructions because he was on pain meds and she made a comment that obviously I would be driving because Michael wasn't in a state to be doing so.  Of course my husband has to say oh she got her licence revoked. And other stuff I don't even remember.  He had me cracking up.  He is a nut even when he isn't feeling well.

Michael was still feeling really bad this morning and tried to get up and get ready for work but almost feel because he fell asleep.  So he called in to let them know he would not be in today.  Poor guy.  He isn't sick very often but when he is it really hits him hard.

So if you guys would send your thougths and prayers toward Michael I would really appreciated it.  I don't know what I would do with out him.

Thank you.  Hope all of you have a great Monday.


Carolynne said...

Wow, Well my thoughts will be with you and Michael. I sure hope he feels better soon!!

Nolita said...

I hope they figured out the source of the pain and that Michael is recovery nicely. Pain and ailing is no bueno. And I hope your back is feeling better too... you guys are in my prayers!

Jackie Hall said...

Thank you Carolyne and Nol. :-)

Michael has missed two days of work so far. He is trying to go again today. So far no calls. :-)

As far as my back. It is doing better. Somedays are tolerable somedays not so much.

Thank you for your concern.