Friday, October 12, 2012

Going to see Blake and other stuff

I don't know what it is but, every time Friday I know we are leaving to go see our son Blake I want to revert back to the Little Rascals movie and sing, I got two pickles, I got two pickles, I got two pickles, hey, hey, hey, hey.  Except replace the I got two pickles part with I get to go see Blake.  Childish I know. But, it does tell you how excited I get to go see my son.  Yes,  I just resisted the eager to call him my baby boy.  I KNOW he will be 21 on December 2nd.  But if you could have seen him when he was new born. He was 18 days early and they were worried his lungs wouldn't be developed.  He was 5#'s 3oz's when he was born and came home at 4 #'s 14 oz's. He didn't hit 10 pounds until he was 3 months old.  Anyway, long story longer, I'm supper excited to see Blake. I think I did a birthday post when Blake turned 20 that shows some new born pictures.

On top of getting to see Blake, it's Friday, payday and it is cool outside. To top it all off I'm busy at work so this day should go by fast.

Michael and I went on a date on Tuesday night.  We went to see Taken 2 then had dinner at BJ's Bar and Grill.  Taken 2 was great!  It was action packed and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I got so caught up the S word slipped out.  As in oh S#!&! Lucky for me there were no kids in the theater and the people around that heard laughed. Dinner was wonderful.  They serve so much food that I was able to have dinner the next evening. We really like eating there because there is a wide variety of food to chose from, the deserts are killer and they have brew their own beer. So there is also a wide variety of beer and other drinks. I don't drink beer at all so I get Dr. Pepper because I'm addicted to the stuff.  Michael will get a beer on occasion.

There really hasn't been that much excitement.  Construction is finished so now we are slowly putting things back in place as well as getting rid of stuff that is no longer needed. When we are finished it will beautifully organized.  I work with one other woman and the rest are men so, I don't expect it to stay nice and neat. 

I have a million things to do so I will close for now.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Construction Work.... Good times!

We are having some construction done at the office so my hours have been nuts.  Friday I had to stay late because the flooring people were coming in again to wax the floors. They laid the flooring down about three weeks ago however, they didn't apply the wax like they were supposed to.  When they were finished it looked horrible.  There were huge gaps between the tiles and it was just an all around mess.  The head construction guy came in today and now they have to demo the entire work room and kitchen floors and start from scratch.  The upside is I get to pick a different tile because the original tile I picked ended up being way to much peach for any of our liking.

When I finally got home Friday night I packed and got ready for bed because we were supposed to get up really early to go to see one of our cousins play flag football.  Due to the rain that game got called off.  We did get to go to Derek's game but, it pored the entire time.  We were all soaked by the time the game finished.  It's a good thing we had a change of clothes because after we visited with Trish and Clint after the football game we headed on up to Durant, Oklahoma.  No, we didn't go there to gamble.  Blake was supposed to have a baseball game on Sunday.  Michael got a text message from Blake at 6:30 AM to say the game was called off. So our trip to Durant was for nothing.  On a positive note, the only room that was available had two twin beds.  We each got our own bed for the night and it was fantastic!  You know you have been married for over 20 years when you can say sleeping alone was fantastic.  I think it was because I knew it was for one night and he just a few feet over.  When he isn't home I don't sleep well at all!

It's now Monday night and I'm still stuck up at the office waiting on the construction workers to wrap up the installation of an electric screen. I had plans to go see my God daughter play volleyball tomorrow but, that plan is out the window because I will be stuck up at the office every night having to babysit the construction workers.  Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for this job.  They are a wonderful group of people to work with.  I will try and take some picks of everything and show you the finished product.

Hope you have a good evening!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Go Go's Concert

We went to The Go Go's concert on Saturday night at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas.  It didn't start until 10:30PM.  You know you are old when your husband tells you the concert starts at 10:30 PM and you go "WHAT!????"  haha

Michael has loved The Go Go's as long as I can remember.  He has been in love with Belinda Carlisle for as long as I can remember as well. So, when we heard they were going to be at Billy Bob's I said go ahead and buy the tickets.  At the time I had no idea it was going to start so late.  But, if I really think about it, the headliners don't normally start until that late anyway so I guess it's no big deal.

Saturday night we get cleaned up and head out what I new was going to be to early.  Michael it notorious for being early.  We parked over by Coopers BBQ which is directly across from Billy Bob's. Because we were so early we got to eat some BBQ.  Coopers has the best BBQ.  They also have live bands on the weekend.

After we ate we walked across the street, went to will call to get our tickets and hit up the gift shop.  We didn't buy anything but, it's always fun to walk through the gift shop to see the fun things they have.  We still had some time so we walked around looking at all of the had prints or boot prints mounted on the wall of the various groups/people that have preformed at Billy Bob's.  They had a small rodeo going on in another area.  At one point in time they had a mechanical bull.  I guess they have taken it out or I just never found it.  It was odd going into a country and western facility seeing people dressed up in 80's garb.  Some of the bartenders were dressed in 80's attire as well.  Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of people dressed in western attire. I guess I just wasn't thinking about pulling out the 80's stuff to fit in. Heck,  I couldn't fit in any of the 80's stuff I had back then if I tried!  They have a stuffed bull in a bucking pose that people climb on to get their picture taken.  Why someone with a mini skirt on would do this is beyond me but, it happened.

We finally made our way down to our seats.  We had fantastic seats. It was dead center of the stage.  We were in the "second" row.  Which sounds like you are right there but with the way they have things set up it's not quite as close as it sounds.  They have 2 6' tables in the front row space to walk then 2 6' tables for the second row. Etc.  They were still great seats.  The show started right at 10:30.  It was awesome!  A guy behind us apparently got kicked out for standing up and dancing.  Then at one point Belinda had some people from the crowd come on stage and had everyone in the crowd stand up and dance.  The majority of the folks sat back down after that but several groups stayed standing.  There is no way they could throw that many folks out.  It's almost impossible not to be dancing in your seat at the very least when The Go Go's are dancing around singing their songs and having a blast.  If they come to your town, I would strongly recommend you going if you like them.  We had a blast! That was Michael's second time to see them.  He saw them in 1985 the first time.  This was my first time seeing them.  They still look fantastic and they are in their 50's.  CRAZY!  We will for sure be going to see them again if they are in our neck of the woods.

Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Wednesday.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After we got back home from granny Howard's funeral it was time to get back to work. The boys had plans already in place to go out of town to visit some of Michael's family as well as go to an Astros game as well as several other fun stops along the way.

I had my best friend since I was 7yo, Stacy, coming in to visit.  Stacy wasn't able to be in town on Friday as originally planned so I ended up hanging out with my other best friend Amy and two of her three girls.  Jessie, the one that is the same age as Blake. Jessie is Amy's middle daughter.  Amy and I were pregnant for the Jessie and Blake when we met in May of 1991. Olivia my God daughter also came.  We had planned on  playing games but, somehow never made it to that.  We sat around talking and laughing like a bunch of school girls.  It was a lot of fun.

Stacy made it in Saturday.  We went and had a pedicure, ate at On the Boarder and then rented I don't know how many movies.  We didn't get through very many video's because we were to busy talking and laughing.  It was just the weekend I needed after losing someone I loved.  It makes you really appreciate the times you get to share with loved ones.

The boys didn't get back in town until Tuesday. Maverick hadn't be acting like herself and the day after the boys got home I notice blood on the hardwood  floors and had a bit of a melt down.  I had already lost my dad in January and my granny just over a week before.  Maverick is our baby girl and I couldn't stand the thought of losing her too.  Michael was off so he took her in to the vet.  She was one sick little girl.  Thankfully we caught whatever it was early.  We had to pick her up from one vet and take her to a different clinic that would have someone there until late at night then would be back early in the morning.  The next day we were sent home with 3 different bottle of medication as well as her having to be on RX food until the end of the year.  Maverick, I call her baby girl, is 11 1/2 yo.  She has been the best puppy we have ever had.  Heck, neither Michael nor I have ever had a dog that long.  We got her when Blake was just a little guy.  We let Blake name her.  It was either going to be Cobra or Maverick.  I'm so happy he chose Maverick.  It fits her perfectly!

The following weekend we had plans to go visit Michael's cousin Ty and his wife.  We had made arrangements with Jessie for her to watch Maverick that weekend.  The plans fell through so Maverick ended up coming with us.  It was the first time she had ever traveled with us.  Maverick did great!

We had a wonderful time visiting and of course got our days and nights mixed up.  But, that's the best part of a visit.  Not wanting to stop talking long enough to get the sleep you need to carry on the conversation the next day.

Maverick is still on RX food.  Other than that she is back to herself.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm missing you Granny Howard

Early Saturday morning on July 21, 2012 my Uncle Leon calls me to let me know my granny had pasted away.  Granny is my dad's mom.  She turned 91 on April 22, 2012.  All of my life I have thought she looked like a movie star.  Granny's daddy passed when she was 3 years old.  I just found and reread a letter when she told me about that.  This is the reason I save all of the letters and cards I receive.  So I can look back and re-read their words once they pass.  I'm so thankful granny and I wrote back and forth my entire life.  She wasn't able to speak on the phone due to her hearing aids.  So I always wrote her letters.  Granny would encourage us to write letters when we were little by writing back and having a $1 in the letter.  I'm going to do the same for my grandkids.  Of course, we might have to change it up quite a bit since it's already 45cents to mail a letter.  Maybe a quarter an email or skype view? I don't know.  I hope not to know for a while.  Blake needs to graduate first!

Granny was one of the sweetest grandmothers you could have.  She would play games with us until we didn't want to play anymore.  I can just picture her shrugging her shoulders, smiling and saying Okay, in her sweet sing song voice.  Granny would cook our favorite things and sew for us.  There was always a side salad for dinner. Not sure what made it so good other than it was made with her loving hands.

When I was little i remember her showing me how to make slippers.  She had made me a pair that I loved.  I remember them as a teal green or aqua blue with blowers pained on the top and when they heard hurricane Allen was on his way we had to get out of McAllen quick and I forgot to get the slippers I loved so dearly. Granny was always painting, sewing or doing some kind of craft.  She is the one that taught me about needle point.  I still have a little pillow case she had sewn and painted for me as a child.  I would cuddle with that thing every single night until I was married.
I wish we had lived closer to all the ones we loved before they passed away.  It's September and each time I see a picture of daddy or granny while I'm at home I cry.  At work, I think I have been crazy busy working nutty hours.  I will go into detail about that in another post.  After losing someone I love I always seem to go into myself for a while.

I wanted to post my favorite picture of her but, I am in Oklahoma with Blake right now and want to get this post out since promised it over a month ago.  The only reason I was able to finish this post is they are watching the Texas Longhorn game right now.

I plan on getting another post up letting you know what's been going on soon.  In the mean time, I will leave you with a picture of daddy and granny.

Here is a picture of Dad and Granny before my mom passed away.
You can really see how much they look alike.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Where has the time gone?

My husband keeps asking me why I have not written on my blog in a while.  Michael knows we have had so much going on in the last month  that we don't know which way is up.  At least that is how I feel. I told Michael I didn't know where to begin. I have been trying to wrap my head around all that has happened. I will write about it. Well, let me say I will write about it this week that way I put a deadline on myself and I will not keep putting it off.

Hope you have been doing well.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Surprise 50th Birthday T!!

We went to a surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday for a dear friend of ours. I didn't take my camera because I wasn't sure how large the party would be and I only knew T and her partner and B and his wife.

As soon as we got to the party we sat and visited with B and his wife.  We met P and in our conversation we found out that he worked with Michael's Aunt C.  What a small world.  He was a lot of fun to chat with.  As soon as we found out that T arrived we hid.  When she first came in she only saw a few people that were in the front part of the house.  She was completely shocked. Then as she came in further we yelled surprise!  Her mouth was literally hanging open. She is normally an up beat person but she was on cloud nine.

D, one of the hosts, made the majority of the food. He made mashed potato's that were out of this world.  He told us what all was in it but, I do not recall what he said.  He served them in these champagne glasses and added candied bacon, fresh cut chives and cheddar cheese. The candied bacon took 4 hours to make. D made little cob salads, bar b que chicken pizza,  gourmet sandwiches, 3 different deserts he hand made and put in little glasses. As well as pintafors. There was a full bar. As well as a birthday cake.  I don't recall what else was served.  There was just way to much  to choose from.

The food was great but the people were fantastic.  From the time we walked in her friends accepted us.  They were so much fun.  At one point T's partner was getting the picture montage hooked up to the TV and was having problems.  One of the ladies got up and sang and danced for us all.  Then others joined in.  We laughed from the time we got there until we left.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the man I Love

I just saw a picture of you at Marks Wedding and it took my breath away. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that I still love you as much if not more after all of these years. I know no marriage is perfect and if it was how boring would that be?

I love that you still make me laugh with your dry since of humor.  Not that it doesn't get annoying at times.  The best part is we never know when you when you are going to pop out with a gem. "Game alert, game alert.  Blake's about to win. Everyone go after him."  or "Game on ....." yeah, I won't complete that.  Let's just say it had all of us rolling with laughter.

I love how you have always taken care of our little family. You put Blake and I above everyone, even yourself. You spoil us rotten and I try to remember to tell you thank you and let you know how much I appriciate it but, it's not nearly enough for all that you do. You take care of me when I'm broken and can't walk.  Even when I'm able to walk you will not let me do anything you think will hurt me. Thank you.

Above all I love the way you love our son. You have done everything for him and with him so that he could get ahead in whatever interest he has. I love that you gave up a job you worked your tail off in so that you would be able to watch Blake grow up and be a part of it all.  Because of all you did the two of you are best friends. That melts my heart.  Thank you for loving our son and teaching him to be the man he is today.

I will always love you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Great! Rock of Ages and Fathers Day

I can't believe how much better I am feeling since they changed that one medication.  I'm actually up and going and cooking even after sitting at one of Blake's baseball games.  Before this medication there is no way that would have happend.

Saturday, I actually woke up at 8 AM.  That NEVER happens.  I have never been a morning person.  Since I have been hurting for so long I normally take that time and let my body recooperate from working all week.  Michael and I went to see Rock of Ages.  Michael really wanted to see the movie because he is a HUGE music buff. He honestly should have been a DJ. If you are a child of the 80's or love 80's music you will be hard pressed NOT to sing along.  It was a good movie over all.  It was funny and suprising at times and yes corny at times as well.  It made Michael and I want to actually go see the actual musical.  It had a few cameo appearances from some band members in the crowd.  I actually would like to see it again both on the big screen and on stage.  Of course my music guy pointed out that there actually was one song that was from the 90's. ha ha  I honestly want the CD.  Michael said we have everyone of the songs so he will make me a CD.

Sunday, Michael's Step mom Pam and her husband Frank came over for lunch. I made a salad and Texas Toast garlic bread and Michael picked up pizza, bread sticks and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Pam brought a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It is delicious and moist. (sorry to everyone who hates that word)  I made sure to have diet coke and limes on hand for Pam.  I had sweet red wine and sprite to make wine spritzers for them as well.  It was so nice visiting with them.  Andrea came over to meet Pam and Fran and have lunch.  After our visit we walked Pam and Frank to their car and we came back in.  I had just sat down and remembered I didn't send the diet coke, lime, wine and Sprite home with them so I took off running to catch them before the left.  I caught them and was able to give them their drinks.  When I got back in there was 3 stunned faces.  They said they haven't seen me move like that in years. (see, I told you I was feeling better)

After grandma Pam and grandpa Frank left we decided to try and get the Wii hooked up to our TV in the living room.  Long story short Blake and Andrea went to buy the correct cable and we were able to have fun playing Wii. For whatever reason I am  awesome on the Wii bowling.  I hit 194 the first time then 200 on the second game. If we were at a real bowling ally, I don't think I could bowl now but, when I could the highest I ever got was 112 and that was only one time.  The rest of the time it could be anywhere from 30-90 depending on the day. But it was always a lot of fun. After the games were over we watched a double feature. Two movies Andrea had never watched. Fever Pitch and Super 8. It was late and mama was ready for bed.

Monday and Tuesday I got up went to work and then to Blake's baseball games.  I always miss the first game because it starts at 3:30 but make it to the second game.  Blake looked like his old self last night at the plate.  It fantastic to watch. I made spaghetti on Monday night then, chicken, corn, mac and cheese, and buttered noodles.  Blake said he needs his carbs.  My home ec. teacher would not be thrilled with those choices. Oh well it was yummy.  The kids actually went to a bowling alley to have some fun and I went to bed and watched Letters to God.  Great movie.  If you watch that movie it WILL make you cry in the end.

Have a fantastic week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blake came to work with me

Blake came to work with me to help me out with some heavy lifting and other odds and ends I need help with.  Since Blake has been so busy working out for a few hours 4 days a week, having double headers twice a week, umping to earn money as well as trying to work in time to spend with his girl friend and Michael and I he's been a little to busy to come to the office and help.

Fortunately Brian, my boss, was able to get me some help for the month of June.  The young ladies name is Hadley.  Hadley is a life long friend of Brian's middle step daughter.  Hadley was named after Hemingway's first wife.  Hadley has done a fantastic job. She has done everything I have asked her to do without complaint and efficiently. I don't feel she should have to do all of the heavy lifting alone. Honestly it freaks me out a bit. Lifting heavy boxes when I worked in the records department at a bank is what contributed to my back problems.

Last night the boys went to the Ranger game. They actually left the game early because the Rangers were not doing very well.  Normally we stay until the bitter end but since it was a work week and Blake wanted to take Andrea the shirt he bought her the decided to leave a bit early.

This weekend we do not have a ton planned.  I'm not sure what we will be doing tonight.  If the kids are at our place I'm sure we will end up playing games or watching movies or something wild and crazy like that. Don't be jealous of our party animal ways.

Saturday, Blake and Andrea will be heading to Oklahoma City to go see comedian Kevin Heart in concert.  They have been saying his bits for a couple of weeks now. Michael wants to go see Rock of Ages sometime Saturday. 

Sunday is Fathers Day.  We are having Michael's step mom and her husband over for lunch. Although they are not technically related to us they are still our family. We have been though a lot with Pam over the years and love her dearly.  We are very lucky that she married a man that accepts us with open arms and that we adore as much as we do Pam. They are both precious people.  We do not see them nearly enough.

I hope the Dad's out there have a Happy Fathers Day!  If your dad is still living be sure to give him some love.  This will be the first year my dad will not be living. Last year I bought him and Michael fathers day cards and I STILL can not find them. Don't think he didn't pick on me about that.   I'm hoping to stay busy enough where I don't think about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time with family

I went to see my back Dr. Friday and she added Neurontin to the other medications I take.  It supposed to help with pain.  I've tried it in the past but they had me on to high of a dosage to soon last time.  This time we are starting supper slow and moving up a little at a time. I could tell it helped within the first 24 hours. I'm at the time where I'm supposed to move up on dosage.  I'm a little gun shy because of the side effects from last time.  I'm trying to hold off until Friday and that way if I do not respond well it will not be as embarrassing.

I had a wonderful weekend.  My Aunt Linda, Uncle Dan and three of their grand kids were staying at the Gaylord Texas last weekend.  I had planned on going over to visit on Friday night but didn't want to over do it and throw my back out again.  I knew I would be with all of them the majority of the day on Saturday.

So Friday night Blake made Andrea and I some burgers.  Michael is doing this juicing thing.  I'm so proud of him for sticking with it.  I honestly don't think I could hang like he has.  After we ate Michael, Blake, Andrea and I hung out at our house and played games.  Andrea had never played Skatigories or Yahtzee.  We had a great time.  I was a party pooper and went to bed by 11.

Saturday, my Aunt took the grand kids to character breakfast and on a scavenger hunt the hotel had for the kids.  She called me around noon to let me know they were at the water park.  I got ready in a flash and was with all of them a little before 1.  The kids were just getting their lunch so I got a bite to eat as well.  After everyone was full we head on over to the lazy river.  Parker wanted to pull me around.  I thought oh, what a sweet little girl.  Until the little rascal pulled me under every waterfall and fountain there was.  It sure made me get used to the cold water in a hurry.  Just hearing her cracking up made it all worth it. The water park was nice.  There was a baby area, a pool area, a water slide, a zip line, a basket ball area as well as the lazy river and a couple of places where you could just sit and enjoy being in the water. They had various contests for the kids outside of the water. The kids were there since Thursday and they seemed to still be having a blast. We were at the water park until right around 4 because the two younger kids wanted to go meet more characters and to get their picture taken with them.  I can't believe they charged all four of us to get in just so the two little kids could take a picture with 4 or 5 or the characters.  It was crazy.  After the the "meet and greet" we took Payten back up to the room to hand out with his brother and grandpa because they wanted room service and grandpa wanted to watch game 7 of the Heat and the Celtics.  So we made it a girls night. 

We got our showers and dolled up and ready to go out to eat. Parker looked just beautiful in her white flowing skirt and shirt.  She thought she was the bell of the ball.  Aunt Linda dressed up in the same style blouse and white slacks.  I ended up in all black.  We went to Zeppole. A supper nice Italian restaurant at the hotel. Parker kept us entertained all evening. The waitress told us the name of the bread.  Parker asked her to reapeat it and then said bless you. Because the name of the bread sounded like a sneeze.  It was funny. She is so full of life.  After we ate Parker decided she didn't want the desert at the restaurant and that we should order room service. It was delicious! I finally left between 9 and 9:30 Saturday  evening. The time went by in a flash. This was the first time I have ever gotten to visit with Lane. He has grown up so much.  He is almost 12 and has already gotten a deep voice. He still had a kid voice in January now he sounds like a young man.  It's times likes these that makes me wish we lived closer to family.

Sunday I didn't do anything but rest. I've become a big old chicken about over doing it.  Michael offered to go get me something to eat.  I couldn't let him do that.  To me that would just seem crule to have him only drinking healthy juices and water and picking up regular food for me.  There was plenty to eat at the house.  But that just tells you the kind of guy he is.  Willing to spoil me and not think of himself.  I'm a lucky girl!

Monday the party was over and it was time to get back to work.  I got so caugtht up in work that Andrea texted me at 6:30 PM and asked if I was going to Blakes game.  Thank God it was just down the street from my office.  Andrea was a doll and had suprised me with a Dr. Pepper from Sonic.  After the game I had planned on getting a roticery chicken, salad stuff and making mac and cheese and corn.  There was no roticery chicken out at the neighborhood Wal Mart or at Kroger so I had to swich gears a bit and pick up the salad stuff and soft taco stuff.  I felt bad to be eating that stuff in front of Michael. 

That's all I have for now.  Hope it didn't bore you to death.

Hope you had a good weekend and a better week!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Concerts, Ranger game and BBQ

Well I forgot to have Michael review this post so your stuck with my hazy memory.

We kicked off May with a bang. We went to see Blake before he headed home for the summer.  The weekend after that we went to see Trish, Clint and their boys. I think I wrote about that last. We will pick up with our trip to Austin.

We went to Austin on Friday night after work and stayed the weekend with Michael's cousin Ty and his wife Allison. We didn't get to bed until 3am on Friday well Saturday morning.

Saturday Alison made brunch and she and I ended up going to take naps while the boys visited. After I woke up from my nap Michael and I went to the Tom Petty concert.  To say it was awesome is an understatement. On Tom Petty's website he said it was the loudest he had ever heard Free Fallen Sang. They played deeper tracks and of course some hits. I could listen to Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers for hours.

The crowd was so completely diverse.  You had young kids, teens, 20 somethings up to 70+ and EVERYONE was singing and enjoying themselves. I have to be honest here and say I was totally expecting to smell pot but, I never did. 

One of the most incredible things we saw were signers at the concert. I have never gone to a concert where they had signers. There were theses two ladies signing the entire night. From the opening act until the last song played these ladies were singing and dancing and signing.  It was so cool to see that. It just made the experience that much better.

At one point during the show I HAD to step out for a moment.  Normally once I'm in my seat that's it I don't budge.  So I pop out to the ladies room and on my way back there were no lines at the t-shirt stands so I went over to buy a shirt.  Of course the only shirt I wanted was in a size SMALL.  I don't know if you have been paying attention to my pictures but, a small isn't going to cover even half my chest.  So I go to the next stand that's empty and to see what sizes they have in the same shirt.  Of course it's only in small. So I say to the guy you guys ALWAYS forget about us fat chicks. The guy didn't know where to put himself.  I started laughing and he did as well. It was funny.  I get back into the concert and of course I have missed I missed some awesome song that I don't recall the name of.  (this is where I needed Michael.  I'm sure when he reads this he will be thinking it or saying it aloud)   The entire concert seemed to have gone by in a blink of an eye. If you ever have an opportunity to go to one of their concerts GO!

After the concert we head over to Alison's brother's place.  They had cooked out and had left overs so we had a bite to eat.  We hung out there until 3 AM then we head over to Ty and Alison's place  and Alison sat up for just a bit then had to go to bed because she needed to do a presentation the next day.  Ty, Michael and I ended up staying up until 6 AM. Obviously we need to get with them more often so we can go to bed at a more reasonable hour. When we finally got up the guys went and picked up some burgers and fry's. We said our goodbye to them and started heading toward home.

I was planning on coming back to the Belton area the next weekend but knew my great nephew would not be at my sisters house that weekend.  So we called them and let them know we were going to stop by to see Brody for a minute. Shortly after we hung up the phone I get a text from my niece.  Apparently my sister tells Brody I'm coming to see him and he says "OH, PRESENTS!".  She told him no that I was only bringing hugs and kisses this time.  Brody says "okay."  So you know we had to stop and get him something.  Only this time Uncle Michael had to pick something out as well.  He loved the presents but was to shy to give hugs and kisses. I got one just before he left.  We had to get back on the road because we still had a 2:30-3 hour drive home.  I sleep.  Poor Michael had to drive.

I didn't get to go back to see my family the following weekend because my back went out. By Wednesday I was using my walker/wheel chair type thing to get around and  I ended up missing work the following Friday and Monday.  I went to bed as soon as I got home from work and just rested as much as I could. I really need to get down there and visit before the reunion in July.

The next Saturday I slept all day and was feeling pretty good.  Blake got back home the end of that week and he and his girlfriend Andrea came over after 6 pm and we ended up playing games until 3 am. Yeah, I was worthless the next day.

This past weekend was a three day weekend.  Michael, Blake, Andrea and I went to see the Texas Ranger whip the tar out of the Toronto Blue Jays. We were kind of nervous because the Blue Jays have been whipping the Rangers for a while now.  I guess the tables finally turned. It was a great game.  We got them from a family friend who has season passes.  It was in an air conditioned area, with soft leather seats.  We had a free buffet until the 4th inning and free soda's.  If you want dessert or an adult beverage you have to pay for that.  They had fire works after the game but we did not go. Since we had another concert to go to the next night, we all thought we better call it a night.
Saturday we went out to Framers Branch.  They had the Gin Blossoms and Styx's come play a concert.  It was a ton of fun.  It was one of those deals where you bring your lawn chair and find a spot and enjoy.  The tickets were only like $10 bucks each.  Blake and Andrea went with us.  It was a ton of fun.  We all went around and got the free stuff.  I gave my stuff to a lady sitting next to me who was a veteran.  She wasn't able to go around to get the stuff but wanted it.  I wasn't in any real shape to do it either but I thought that was the least I could do for someone who served our country.

Sunday I didn't do a thing.  I paid for going out to much again.  But, it was worth it.  It gets old doing nothing.  I feel for my husband. He likes to get out and go and I'm just not able to go as much as he would like.  I'm trying but then I have to rest and recoup.

Monday we had off as well and Andrea's family had us over for BBQ.  It was delicious.  Good food, good company and good conversation.

Now it's back to the real world. Hurting or not I have to go on with my life. You know what they say.  Use it or lose it.  At 41 I'm not quite ready to lose it. I know I will be in pain if I play to much but sometimes you just have to live life and take the consequences. You only live once and you only have so much time to make memories with the ones you love that will take you through the times when you are old and no longer able to do the thing you once could.

Hope you have a blessed week!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Missing you

I finally have sat down and written all that has gone on this month.  It's been painful both physically and somewhat emotionally but a full of fun activities and just what was needed to keep a lot of the missing of lost loved ones at bay.  When you lose 3 people in one month over several years you kind of hate seeing that month come around each month.  Not to mention it being mothers day and my mom's birthday.

I want Michael to read over what I wrote before I post it. He has a better memory then I do and I want his perspective on things.  It's long so I might need to break it up in two posts.  Especially if I figure out how to get the pictures that I took on my cell phone down loaded from my email.

I've missed writing.  Not that I'm good at it but, I enjoy it.  It is good to have what we have done over the years written down somewhere so when I'm old I can look back and read and remember.

I'm looking forward to summer but, not the 100+ heat. I enjoy the longer days.  I would love to get some lawn furniture and just sit in our back yard and enjoy each other with music in the background and good conversation or even a good book.  What are your plans for this summer?

There are so many things that I would like to do with our home.  It's just going to take a little at a time. I still have not gotten all the things put back in place.  I'm in limbo because I'm not sure if I want all of it out or purge things I don't just love and keep what we do love.  What do you think?  Is less really more?

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post I was supposed to write last Tues. will be written hopefully soon.

Sorry I have not written in a while.  My husband fussed at me for not letting you guys know what was going on esp. since I said I would tell you about our trip and the concert. 

My back has been out since we returned from our trip to Austin and steadily got worse until I ended up not working on Friday and Monday and had to use my walker that has wheels and a chair as a wheel chair from Wed of last week until last night.  I probably could have used it today but I did alright without it.

I just wanted to stop by and let you guys know what was going on and I will get back at it again soon.

On a good note, Michael left after work today to help Blake get packed and bring all of his stuff back home form school.  I can't wait to see by baby boy!

Hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great rest of the week.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend update to be posted on Tues.

We had an absolute ball this past weekend. I can't wait to tell all of you about it.  Right now I'm still so tired I can't think straight.  I also need to up load the few photos we took and hope and pray we got a couple of good shots.  For now, I need to get back to work and hope and pray I do not do a face plant on my desk.

Have a wonderful Monday.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strange things are happening

In the last month I have seen some rather odd stuff.  One Friday on my way home from work I took a back road that takes me into a not so great area in Fort Worth.  As I'm pulling up to a stop light a notice on the back window of some guys car in huge letters was "Dimebag Johnny".  I'm thinking he must have toked one to many to have come up with that and thought it was a good idea to put on his rear window.  Can you imagine the number of times he has been pulled over and had his car searched on probable cause?  What a goof ball.  Dimebag Johnny? I have a feeling we might be seeing him on tht show the worlds dumbest crooks one of theses days.

About a week later, I am driving to work on my normal route and I see a car covered in pennies except for silver coins spelling out the word Cowboy. First it made me a little ashamed to be a Cowboy's fan. My next thought was how much money had he glued to his car? He could have had one of those standing room only cowboy tickets for the amount he put on that car. Heck it would have been less expensive to buy a sticker.

Then this morning I'm driving into work and I'm going through a school zone so we are all going 20mph.  I am looking ahead and see one of those scooters you see on commercials "flying" across traffic to get to a convenience store. I could just imagine the sound waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You can see the guy working it for all he was worth.  He looked relieved to have crossed the street and not be splatted on the pavement like some kind of Frogger character. Some of you might be to young to get that reference.  Go google it ya whipper snapper! haha

The craziest thing I have ever witnessed was when I was around 24. I was driving home from work on 635 in Dallas. It was bumper to bumper traffic and some guy gets ticked off because he got cut off by another driver.  The guy who got cut off then cuts off the guy who cut him off in the first place.  He slams on his brakes puts his truck in park gets out and starts punching the other guy in the face. The one receiving the beat down finally got smart and started to roll up his windows.  I was directly behind them and just sat there stunned.  There was no where to go.  We were boxed in from all sides by other cars.  The guy punching finally gets back in his car and takes off.  That was not only strange but scary.

Have you witnessed anything strange, funny or scary on your drive?

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Visiting with Trish and her family

Friday night we left town to spend the night with Trish, Clint and their two boys Derek and Davis. When we got there Aunt Peggy and Uncle Vernon were there as well.  What a nice surprise. We do not get to visit with any of them enough.  We missed watching the boys play ball on Friday night.

Saturday we got up and while Davis and Michael were having breakfast Michael was giving Davis a hard time.  At one point Davis looks up at Michael and tells him "I don't know what language you are speaking." You have to know Davis.  He will keep you laughing.  Trisha is always posting things Davis says on facebook.  

We were at the baseball field by 8:30 AM to watch Derek play ball. It got a bit cold with the wind blowing like crazy.  By the time that game ended it started warming up a bit.  Right after that game we were headed to the flag football field to watch Derek play one game of flag football and Davis play two games. We had a ball watching the boys play.  It sure brought back some great memories of when Blake was that age.

I'm not sure what it is about being at ball games but, I always seem to come away with some strange sun burns.

After the games we headed back to Trish and Clint's house and hung out and visited with everyone until after 7. Trish was having some red wine and I gave it a try.  I actually liked it. I only had half a glass but, it was good. I was actually surprised.  Normally I don't care for wine.

Sunday I woke up about 3 am and couldn't sleep so I started watching a movie and fell asleep and slept and slept and slept.  When I woke up of course my back was out so I didn't get anything done.  When I woke up this morning it was feeling better. 

Better or not we are heading to Austin on Friday night because we have tickets to Tom Petty on Saturday.  We will be staying with Ty and Alison.  Ty is Trisha's brother and Peggy's son.  For some reason we always seem to visit them around the same time.  Not sure how that works out like that. But we sure enjoy seeing all of them.  We need to make it a point to see them all more often.

The weekend after that my back better be well because I head to Belton on that Friday night and Saturday I have a 1 year old birthday party to attend, a dance recital and a Mayor party to go to.  My uncle Dan is in the Killeen Mayoral election.  I hope he gets voted in office.  He is a licenced CPA as well as owns his own law office. I think Dan will be a wonderful Mayor.  I sure wish he was Keller's Mayor.

Hope you all had a good weekend and a wonderful Monday.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updating the house bit by bit

When we moved into our home back in 1995 we were in love with all of the blue carpeting we had put in.  I was 24 and had no idea what I was doing. 17 years and 4 dogs later the blue carpet was a HUGE mistake! HUGE!!  We have been longing for hardwood laminate for close to 12 years and last Friday it was finally installed.  We still have the blue carpet in the bed rooms and the original linoleum in the two bathrooms but the majority of our home is now nice and new. ahhhhhhhhhh.

For years we have been to embarrassed to have people over because the dogs have ruined the carpet.  When my dad's dog got here it just made it that much worse. It's maddening when you let the dogs out and they run around out there then come in and do their business.  I refuse to pay good money for nice area rugs until the dogs get it in their head they will go outside or be in trouble.  Any suggestions?

This is just after they installed the flooring.  I have obviously swept and mopped since.  We had to go out and buy a new micro fiber broom and micro fiber mop.  I just used hot water.  Because at the time I wasn't sure what to use to clean it.  I have since spoken to Amy and she has told me what is best to use. The funny thing is I almost picked up that exact product when I bought the broom and mop.  Oh well.

Once we get everything back in order I will put up more pictures. By the way.  See that entertainment center.  Yea, it was a you know what to move.  It just about came apart.  I didn't remember hardwood holding in the cold. But, it's now nice and cool in the kitchen and living area.

It has been funny watching the dogs slip and slide on the flooring.  I feel so bad for them when they try to jump up on things or try to get back down.  It's like watching Bambi on ice. Funny but a little sad.  I think they are finding their footing.  Maybe I can get some funny video's to show you guys.

I hope all of you had a good weekend and a great Tuesday.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing Myra

Do you ever have one of those days where you start thinking of an old friend and missing all of the fun things you did when you were young?  Well today is one of those for me.  I would love to go back for a week and visit with one of my best friends since childhood Myra. days

Myra's mom and my mom were best friends since high school. Sandy's entire family knew my mom's entire family.  I didn't get to meet Myra until we were in 6th grade.  We were instant friends. Before we moved back to Copperas Cove I would go and spend weeks at a time with Myra and her mom.  They lived right next door to Myra's grandma and grandpa. 

I got to go on a couple of family trips to Arkansas and it was a blast!  One year we saw a guy that looked exactly like the guy in the Shasta commercial.  He had the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen.  Or from what I remember anyway.  That was many years ago.  I think I was 14 at the time.

I can remember laying in front of the TV eating roman noodles. Or dancing to Hey Mickey or the sound track from Footloose.  We would go on walks with our moms.  But, before we got started we always had to stop at 7/11 to get snacks and a big gulp.  Now that I think about it, that kind of defeated the purpose.  We would tease our mom's for being nosy Nell's because as we walked by houses they would try to peak into every house.  We all had so much fun laughing and cutting up.  We would tease the moms for going so slow.  One time when we got back from our walk my mom had a snail on her leg!  Now THAT is slow.  Oh my goodness she never did live that down.

Myra was an only child. I was the youngest of 3. I only had one child.  Myra ended up with 3.  We both have boys. Myra is 11 days younger then me.  My birthday is 2/2/71, Myra's birthday is 2/13/71.  Don't think she hasn't held that over my head all of these years. ha ha

Myra lives in Kansas.  I have not really gotten to visit her in years.  It has been several years since I have gotten to see her.  When she comes to Texas she is heading to Copperas Cove.  That is three hours from where I live.  She just came for a visit and we had talked about getting together at one point.  It just never worked out.  Maybe I should plan a trip up to visit her and her boys.  The very first quilt I ever made was for her oldest son.  That's been a few years.

I used the machine to sew everything except the actual quilting part.  I hand quilted every square. I didn't do anything fancy.  I was pleased how it turned out.

I wish I had some photo's of us growing up.  They are somewhere in my closet or in Belton stuck in storage.

I guess it's time to get back to reality. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend trip

We were headed to Poteau to see Blake again.  I had no idea tornadoes were flying around until Stacy texted me to see if they were near Blake.  Fortunately he lives really far east in Oklahoma right next to Arkansas.  Unfortunately, I have family and friends that live in Norman.  My friend Nolita had her three kids in her car and their windshield was hit with a trampoline. I was trying to email Nolita on my phone but it wasn't cooperating.  I finally pulled up her blog and read that they were safe. I have not heard back from my brothers son and his ex wife to see if they are OK. We didn't really have an opportunity to watch TV so I don't know anything other than what was in Nolita's blog.

We brought Blake's girlfriend, Andrea, up to see him this trip. We were hoping we would get to see Blake on Friday night.  But, when we got into town it was 11:30 and the baseball team had a curfew of 11 on the night before a game.  We considered just stopping long enough to get a hug but, the coach had just left and he was still going around other dorms and it just wasn't worth getting into trouble over. We all had a nice time this weekend. The kids were gracious enough to hang out with the old folks and have dinner and go and see a movie with us after the games on Saturday. We went to see the Cabin in the woods.  Michael and Blake liked it. Andrea and I thought it was weird.  After the movie Michael and I were dropped off at the hotel around 12:30 so the kids could hang out for a bit.  Sunday we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart then, had lunch and started the long trip home. It is always bitter sweet seeing Blake.  It just never seems like there is enough time. I believe he will be heading back to Texas around May 18th. That day can't get here fast enough for any of us.

I took my camera on the trip but, never got it out to take pictures.  I completely forgot to bring it to the game. I wanted to take a picture of the ducks a couple of the guys have at their dorm.  They bought them and named them Bonnie and Clyde. Since I didn't take any pictures, I have nothing to show for the weekend but, a sore back and a happy/sad heart.  Happy we got to we our baby but, sad because we had to leave him behind once again.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even better Monday.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Duck Dynasty are you in?

I have to admit something that is kind of embarrassing.  I admitted it in a comment on Big Mama's blog now it's time to come clean with you. I LOVE the new reality show Duck Dynasty. There has not been an episode that my husband and I have not had a good laugh. Michael always records the show so we watch 2 episodes back to back. I told Michael last night that I think it is one of the best shows on TV right now. I don't think I've ever heard them cuss and I've never seen them take a drink of alcohol well, until last night when they were toasting the 40 years they are in business. Phil is the father and the one that started the business.  Is is the one on the far left hand side next to Kay his wife. Will the one with no sleeves is the CEO of the business and is the idea man of the company. Will, as far as I know, turned the mom and pop shop into the multi million dollar company it is today. the older guy next to Will is Uncle Si. He loves sweet tea and is a nut! The things he comes up with are hysterical. They all think he is crazy but for some reason go along with his crazy ideas and then make fun of him when they do not work. Next to Si is Jase, he is the one that builds the duck calls and comes up with new and improved sounds.  Next to him is Korie.  Korie is married to Will.  This is just a handful of the Robertson family.  Phil and Kay had four boys who all went to college. They are a very close nit family and it's nice to see.  I love at the end of every show when they sit down to eat Phil says a prayer over the meal before they all dig into the squirl brains or whatever "delicacy" Kay has created.

NOTE: The photo above is not my photo. I got this photo off of A&

Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm addicted to the Duck Dynasty.
Please tell me there is someone else out there that is as addited to this show as I am.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Books VS. Movies

I can see why the Hunger Game books are popular.  My friend let me borrow her trilogy.  I have read the first two chapters of the first book and am hooked.  It takes a minute to get acclimated with the new terminology but, it works. I am really looking forward to see how everything turns out.  Amy says that the books are an easy read.  That's perfect for settling into bed and relaxing into a good story. I am one the weird people that like to read books then go and see the movie, when possible.  It doesn't always work out.  Once I finish the books I will watch the movie and see how it compares.

Have any of you read the Hunger Games? Have you watched the Hunger Games movie?  If you have done both, what did you like better, the books or the movie?

I read the Twilight saga.  They were not the best written books in the world but, it was entertaining.  It's amazing that the original book came to her in a dream.  I read all four books then re-read the first book just before we went to see the first movie. I was disappointed.  But everyone else seemed to enjoy it.  I have not watched any of the other movies.  Amy said she will let me borrow her DVDs.  She has all of them.  I'm sure I will take her up on the offer. It is going drive me crazy until I watch all the movies.  Since it's been a while since I've read the books maybe they will get a better review.

One of my favorite movies is P.S. I love you. Michael got me that movie for Christmas the year my mom passed away. I literally watched that movie every night for over a month. I watched it so much my husband can't stand it anymore.  I have the CD from the movie and I bought the book a few months after I watched the movie.  The movie could not have been more different from the book. I still love the book and is one of the few books I have read many times.  When I read the book or watch the movie it reminds me to be kinder to my husband.  You just never know when something could happen to the one(s) you love. I'm nice until, you know, he ticks me off! ha ha  I have a feeling I would have HATED the movie had I read the book first. So I am thankful I did not.

I think I am more forgiving of a movie straying pretty far from the book if I watch the movie first then read the book.

I heard the movie of My Sisters Keeper is completely different then the book.  After the Hunger Games, I might have to find that book and see just how different they are.

Do you prefer to read the book then watch the movie OR watch the movie and then read the book?  Or do you hate reading and just watch movies or hate movies and just read?

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Before I get started I would like to ask for prayer for my best friend Stacy.  The Dr.'s found a cyst in her abdomen about the size of a grapefruit. That is all I know at this point and will keep you posted on it as I know about it.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

Michael left to go see Blake after work on Thursday.  He was one of the fortunate people who had Good Friday off.  Our company does not close for Good Friday. I didn't feel I should take Friday off because I am still negative on my PTO due to my back surgery's and from when my dad was living with us and I would need to take time off to take him to the Dr. or when he was in the hospital.  I'm blessed enough that my firm kept paying me while I was out.  They would have paid for Friday as well but, I just don't want to take advantage of their generosity. The last time I was out I still got my forty hours in.  Even though Brian said not to worry about it.  Most likely that was way to much detail. Sorry.

Thursday, on my way home from work I stopped and bought various foods so I wouldn't have to leave after I got home on Friday night.  Yes, I'm a lazy bones. After work on Friday I stopped by Family Video and picked up some movies. I made crab dip when I got home on Friday night so that it had time to get all the flavors to mix together. I also mixed up a batch of ranch dip. My other Best Friend Amy was coming over on Saturday to have a little bit of girls time and I wanted to make sure we had plenty to snack on while we watch a movie or played games.  Amy called before she came over because my God daughter Lou Lou (really it's Olivia but I've called her Lou Lou since she was born... don't ask me why) wanted to come with her to hang out. So that was an added bonus.  I whipped up a batch of chicken and dumplings for a late lunch or early dinner.  The girls finally got there and we chatted as I finished making the chicken and dumplings.  Lou Lou wanted to watch 50/50.  It is a great movie by the way. We laughed and cried through the entire movie. After we watched 50/50 we decided to play a few rounds of Rummy Cube.  If you have not played that game you need to.  It's addicting. I ended up winning the first two rounds and Lou Lou won the final round.  By then both Amy and I were hurting so we went to lay down and watch Our Idiot Brother.  They didn't get very far into the movie because it was getting late and Amy's husband was off and she wanted to spend some time with him.  It's not often he gets a weekend off so I totally understood.  We had a great time laughing and being silly.

Sunday it was storming pretty bad and that makes for great sleeping weather.  For some reason on Saturday night I had a hard time sleeping.  I felt uneasy with Michael gone. I didn't get to sleep until 4AM or after. So having the rain made is nice and relaxing.  Well, except for when the thunder boomed and Buddy would freak out and start barking.  Once he realized it wasn't coming for us he calmed down and curled up beside me and went to sleep. It was a very weird Easter.  Not seeing family until Michael got home that evening.  After he watched a couple of shows he decided to take a "quick" nap at 6PM at night. Yeah, he didn't wake up.  He was talking in his sleep again and moving all around but I couldn't understand what on earth he was saying. Hopefully he will give me something funny to write about soon.

It's nice to be able to hang out with your best friend.  I'm blessed to have two life long friends.  Amy and I have been best friends since I was 20. Stacy and I have been best friends since we were 7. It's not often a person is blessed enough to have a life long friend much less two.  Thank you both for being there for me when I needed you most.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Sorry this is so late but, I took down my original post because I found out the leader of the project was keep the majority of the donations and I don't want anyone to get ripped off.

So, remember when I told you I did a bracket for the March madness tournament with some people in my office?  Well I actually won the whole thing.  When I sent a scan of my bracket to my son and husband the heading said don't laugh.  I won a whopping $20.  As I mentioned before I didn't expect to win. I thought I had blown my entire bracket the first weekend but, apparently I didn't.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh the things Michael says. Part 1

My wonderful husband talks in his sleep. For instance Monday night I woke up and notice he had the sheet up around his shoulders and seemed like he was freezing. I looked and the cover was at the foot of the bed ready to fall on the floor. I get up and pull the covers up and cover him up. After I cover him he stirs and says "Oh, thank you babe, now I can run faster." I started laughing and then he really woke up so I told him and he he laughed.

Another time Michael was asleep and all of a sudden he kicked us leg up into to the covers. I didn't know what in the heck was going on.  When he woke up and I told him what he did his reply was "I do my own stunts."

This past weekend was the Mega Million drawing. Several of the people at Michael's office got together and bought tickets.  Today one of the girls in the office noticed Michael had a band aid about three inches from his elbow and asked what happened to his arm. Michael replied "when I found out about losing the Mega Million drawing I went to slip my wrist and missed.".

One time when Michael and I went out on a date the little waitress came up and asked us what we would like to drink and then started naming various adult beverages.  Michael looked at her and said "I'm sorry, she is an alcoholic and isn't allowed to have anything like that to drink." The poor girl didn't know where to put herself. At the end of dinner he asked for a quarter to call his wife because he needed to let her know he would be getting home late. He is a nut.

I can go on and on but will stop f.or now. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The entryway before and after

Slowly but surely our home is coming back together. For years we have been busy going from work to ball games and life.  Now that Blake is off to college and dad has passed away it has left us with time on our hands.  Time we are not used to having. It's kind of nice but strange. The up side is it has given us an opportunity to start setting goals and achieving them.

Here are a few different angels of the before shots. Let me apologies in advance for the pictures.  I couldn't get a very good angel on any of the shots due to the hall being small.

The entry way wall started out with the large middle collage and the two smaller collages on either side.  As the years have gone on more photo's have been added and removed and it turned into a huge mess.
The pictures of the after shots aren't very good either.  It's hard to get the entire wall in one shot. I even tried to get a better shot but it didn't really work.

Let me know what you think.  Do you like the H at the top or do you think I should take it down?

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working and Home

I have been working on a project at work that seems to be never ending. Finding the forms I need on the Internet has been a challenge to say the least. But, it's not the same old grind so it's kind of interesting.  It's funny how getting something accomplished can give you a since of pride. No matter how briefly that joy remains it does help you when you move on to the next task at hand.

I'm happy to say that this weekend Michael hung up the new frames we bought a while ago.  It was my fault that there was a delay. I was being lazy in choosing the photo's I wanted to put in the frames. We have a ton of pictures and I love old photo's as much a new photos.  I also want to make sure I display Michaels family as much as we display my family. I love his family.  I've basically been a part of his family since I was 15. Another thing I caught myself doing is putting loved ones that passed away in the frames. Considering both parents on either side have passed away and I have a brother that passed away not to mention grand parents.  Well you get the drift. We love and miss them all and it's a way to remember them.  I think it turned out nicely.  I will post the before and after photo's and you can tell me what you think. It was cute to watch Michael hang the frames.  He was really particular and it paid off.  He suggested we add the H that is framed above the photo's and it just sets it all off. Well, you will see what I'm talking about.

Right now I am in the process of trying to find a home for my granny Yoho's organ. You know the musical instrument not her actual organ. We just don't have the room and no one in my little family play's the organ.  I am giving my family until this Saturday to claim it but, after that it's either going to a church or to anyone willing to come get it.  If you live close and are interested in a used organ or know of someone or a church that would use it leave a comment or email me at .  Granny has been gone since May of 2007 so I'm finally ready to let go.  The organ was such a peice of who she was that it will be sad to see it go.  I am thankful that I have the memories of her playing and all of us singing around it over the years I was growing up.  Those are cherished times.

Another reason we are needing to get rid of the organ is because we are planning on having hardwood/laminate flooring put in our living, dinning and kitchen area. Around 975 square feet.  We decided not to do the bed rooms, bathrooms or the tiny hall.  I would show you the before and after photo's but, I'm to embarrasses to take pictures of our carpet in the living area.  Lets just say the dogs have had their way with it.  We are to embarrasses to invite anyone over do to the carpets.  By May we should have beautiful flooring.  Michael has a friend that sales flooring.  After talking to him we have decided to we would much rather help a friend out then just give our money to Home Depot or Lowe's or any other place like that.

Our home is starting to be what it once was and that's a good feeling. Thank you for all of your hard work honey.  It's been noticed and greatly appriciated.  I love you!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Decorations

I was watching Youtube and HeyKayli made a how to video on how to make some really cute Easter decorations. I thought some of you might like to try her idea out.  I know if I had small children I would love to try this with them.  Maybe one day I will get to try this with my grandchildren.  If you try this be sure and let me know.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is coming

Do you celebrate Easter? Two of my best friends do not celebrate Easter.  They are both Christians and celebrate Passover and the death and resurrection of Christ but, feel Easter is a pagen holiday.  They would be correct.  If you would like more information regarding the details you can go to this website: .  That isn't really what I wanted to write about.

My little family does celebrate the modern day Easter.  We believe that Jesus was born, died and rose again on the third day as it is told in the bible.  We taught Blake about Jesus but,we also allowed him to have fun with the Easter baskets, Easter egg hunt and all of the traditional Easter fun. I remember when Blake was around 16 we did a scavenger hunt for his various gifts. The ironic thing was all of the gifts ended up being pot related.  It wasn't planned that way it just ended up like that.  Meaning we bought him a Papa roach CD, Pineapple Express DVD and a few other things I can't remember.  I think we enjoyed getting the scavenger hunt together as much as Blake enjoyed finding the gifts.

This year I will not get to see Blake for Easter.  Michael has Good Friday off so he is heading up to Poteau for Blake's games.  I'm not able to take off of work right now.  I was at the store last night and found a ton of different Reece's cup treats as well as the small boxes of nerds we have been looking all over for.  I even bought an Easter gift bag and it is stuffed full of candy.  I told Michael, "If I can't be with my baby on Easter I can at least send treats to him".

I am going to leave you with some old Easter photo's of Blake.  It was around first or second grade.

Yes, we were to lazy to hide the eggs outside. Poor kid always had to look for his stuff in the house. He was still spoiled and got at least 2 Easter baskets every year.  The basket in his right hand is his and the one in his left hand is his grandma Patti's (Michael's mom) from when she was growing up.  We still have that basket and will pass it down to Blake's kids.

Do you have any plans for Easter?  If so, what are they? Do you celebrate Easter?

Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, March 26, 2012

That's the way I like it

This was a very relaxing, enjoyable weekends.  We didn't accomplish much this weekend.  Michael and I did however, spend some quality time together. We watched movies. I finished reading my 15the book of the year and started another one. About the only thing we did accomplish is going to the grocery store and I finished putting pictures in the middle frame for the entry way. I really enjoy spending time with my sweet husband. I'm a lucky girl to be saying that after as long as we have been together.

Since I don't really have a lot to say I will end with a few pictures from the weekend we spent with Blake.

I know the last picture is random but, I thought the sky looked beautiful as the storm came rolling in.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.