Monday, November 28, 2011

Girls Gone Child

I don't know if any of you read Girls Gone Child.  If you haven't you should.  She is an incredible writer and mother.  I started reading her when Archer her oldest was just a baby.  I can recall her being so afraid of being a mom.  Then the scare of Archer and his speech issues.  I think I have figured out why he didn't speak or didn't speak well for so long.  When you have that much genius in you at such a young age it's hard to articulate. 

I can recall when Rebbecca told us about being pregnant for the second time. Then when she found out she was having her first daughter.  Her name is Fable.  She is a cutie pie and has a fashion sense of her own.

Two months ago Rebbecca and Hal had twin girls.  The twins look nothing alike. Bo come to find out looks just like her mama did at her age.  Rev looks like her other two siblings.  The love the four of these kids have for one another is awe inspiring.  Please go read Girls Gone Child Wednesday, November 23rds post.  Archer will inspire you.  The pictures are adorable and Rebbecca explains perfectly how a big family works.

I adore their little family and I've never met them.  But, the love is palatable. Her words are perfect.  She has written one book.  It was back when Archer was a baby. She was so scared when he was little.  But now you look at her and she is a strong capable woman and mother.  She will do anything for her husband and babes.

Bec,  I wish you and your family nothing but the best. I hope the kids stay as close as they are now.  If I know Archer, he will make sure it is so.  He sure is a blessing.  The things Archer says amazes me. He is so wise for someone so young.  He as been wise since his words finally stated to come.  First through music then words. What a precious, precious boy.  The girls are lucky to have them.  The world is lucky to have him.

If you have time please take a moment to read her blog. It's not that she needs the reads, she has tons, it's just such an incredible blog I hate not to share such an wonderful family.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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Nolita said...

I found GGC from DOOCE a while back and read her blog for a bit and then stopped and came back a couple of months ago surprise to see her very pg! Love her kids' names and her style!