Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas quotables from when Blake was little

As I am sitting her thinking about Christmas it takes me back over the years and the funny things Blake has said at Christmas.

When Blake was little EVERY gift was wrapped. From the smallest hot wheel to the largest gift. Stocking stuffers and all.  When he was three we had been traveling to see family so Blake did not get his Christmas gifts until we got back home one night.  The poor little guy wasn't feeling well and as he was unwrapping all of those gifts he looks up and asks "can I stop opening gifts now."  He was just about finished so he powers through.  One of the gifts he received was a puzzle of all of the states.  We  asked him where Santa lived.  Blake stops and points at the puzzle and says "waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy up in Dallas!"  He has been teased about this since then.

Another year when Blake was around six my husband insisted that Blake get the school house rock series on VHS.  I didn't think it would be a good idea but I went along with it.  Blake opens up the gift and looks at it and asked "what is it?" Michael explains it to him.  Blake turns his head to the side and says "I hate it!"  I still laugh about it to this day.  As a matter of fact the last time he was in town I kept saying it to him.  "I hate it!"  Lucky for him he got some supper cool spider mand and batman stuff on top of the "hated" gift.

I'm sure I'm missing others but those are the ones that always come to mind each year.  I miss having him so little.  When you have a small child you get the chance to relive childhood again. They look at the world with innocence and wonderment.  It's a wonderful combination.

I hope you are able to find some wonderment this Christmas.


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Nolita said...

Emi didn't like the Schoolhouse Rock stuff on VHS so we donated it. Then a couple of years ago we got it on DVD and she loved it. We're keeping it no matter what and the Little Ones will learn like we did as kids. Have to keep it real, right?

My kids are painfully and refreshingly blunt about things saying whatever's on their minds. It's funny (sometimes).

This morning on the way to school, Aubri said she saw Santa in a yard and he was dead! I said "What happened?" and she said "he got a fever and then he was dead" so matter of fact. David added that he would get the fever out of him and say 'wake up'. Too funny. I'm sure I'll think of more as the day goes by...thanks for sharing...