Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the man I Love

I just saw a picture of you at Marks Wedding and it took my breath away. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that I still love you as much if not more after all of these years. I know no marriage is perfect and if it was how boring would that be?

I love that you still make me laugh with your dry since of humor.  Not that it doesn't get annoying at times.  The best part is we never know when you when you are going to pop out with a gem. "Game alert, game alert.  Blake's about to win. Everyone go after him."  or "Game on ....." yeah, I won't complete that.  Let's just say it had all of us rolling with laughter.

I love how you have always taken care of our little family. You put Blake and I above everyone, even yourself. You spoil us rotten and I try to remember to tell you thank you and let you know how much I appriciate it but, it's not nearly enough for all that you do. You take care of me when I'm broken and can't walk.  Even when I'm able to walk you will not let me do anything you think will hurt me. Thank you.

Above all I love the way you love our son. You have done everything for him and with him so that he could get ahead in whatever interest he has. I love that you gave up a job you worked your tail off in so that you would be able to watch Blake grow up and be a part of it all.  Because of all you did the two of you are best friends. That melts my heart.  Thank you for loving our son and teaching him to be the man he is today.

I will always love you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Great! Rock of Ages and Fathers Day

I can't believe how much better I am feeling since they changed that one medication.  I'm actually up and going and cooking even after sitting at one of Blake's baseball games.  Before this medication there is no way that would have happend.

Saturday, I actually woke up at 8 AM.  That NEVER happens.  I have never been a morning person.  Since I have been hurting for so long I normally take that time and let my body recooperate from working all week.  Michael and I went to see Rock of Ages.  Michael really wanted to see the movie because he is a HUGE music buff. He honestly should have been a DJ. If you are a child of the 80's or love 80's music you will be hard pressed NOT to sing along.  It was a good movie over all.  It was funny and suprising at times and yes corny at times as well.  It made Michael and I want to actually go see the actual musical.  It had a few cameo appearances from some band members in the crowd.  I actually would like to see it again both on the big screen and on stage.  Of course my music guy pointed out that there actually was one song that was from the 90's. ha ha  I honestly want the CD.  Michael said we have everyone of the songs so he will make me a CD.

Sunday, Michael's Step mom Pam and her husband Frank came over for lunch. I made a salad and Texas Toast garlic bread and Michael picked up pizza, bread sticks and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Pam brought a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It is delicious and moist. (sorry to everyone who hates that word)  I made sure to have diet coke and limes on hand for Pam.  I had sweet red wine and sprite to make wine spritzers for them as well.  It was so nice visiting with them.  Andrea came over to meet Pam and Fran and have lunch.  After our visit we walked Pam and Frank to their car and we came back in.  I had just sat down and remembered I didn't send the diet coke, lime, wine and Sprite home with them so I took off running to catch them before the left.  I caught them and was able to give them their drinks.  When I got back in there was 3 stunned faces.  They said they haven't seen me move like that in years. (see, I told you I was feeling better)

After grandma Pam and grandpa Frank left we decided to try and get the Wii hooked up to our TV in the living room.  Long story short Blake and Andrea went to buy the correct cable and we were able to have fun playing Wii. For whatever reason I am  awesome on the Wii bowling.  I hit 194 the first time then 200 on the second game. If we were at a real bowling ally, I don't think I could bowl now but, when I could the highest I ever got was 112 and that was only one time.  The rest of the time it could be anywhere from 30-90 depending on the day. But it was always a lot of fun. After the games were over we watched a double feature. Two movies Andrea had never watched. Fever Pitch and Super 8. It was late and mama was ready for bed.

Monday and Tuesday I got up went to work and then to Blake's baseball games.  I always miss the first game because it starts at 3:30 but make it to the second game.  Blake looked like his old self last night at the plate.  It fantastic to watch. I made spaghetti on Monday night then, chicken, corn, mac and cheese, and buttered noodles.  Blake said he needs his carbs.  My home ec. teacher would not be thrilled with those choices. Oh well it was yummy.  The kids actually went to a bowling alley to have some fun and I went to bed and watched Letters to God.  Great movie.  If you watch that movie it WILL make you cry in the end.

Have a fantastic week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blake came to work with me

Blake came to work with me to help me out with some heavy lifting and other odds and ends I need help with.  Since Blake has been so busy working out for a few hours 4 days a week, having double headers twice a week, umping to earn money as well as trying to work in time to spend with his girl friend and Michael and I he's been a little to busy to come to the office and help.

Fortunately Brian, my boss, was able to get me some help for the month of June.  The young ladies name is Hadley.  Hadley is a life long friend of Brian's middle step daughter.  Hadley was named after Hemingway's first wife.  Hadley has done a fantastic job. She has done everything I have asked her to do without complaint and efficiently. I don't feel she should have to do all of the heavy lifting alone. Honestly it freaks me out a bit. Lifting heavy boxes when I worked in the records department at a bank is what contributed to my back problems.

Last night the boys went to the Ranger game. They actually left the game early because the Rangers were not doing very well.  Normally we stay until the bitter end but since it was a work week and Blake wanted to take Andrea the shirt he bought her the decided to leave a bit early.

This weekend we do not have a ton planned.  I'm not sure what we will be doing tonight.  If the kids are at our place I'm sure we will end up playing games or watching movies or something wild and crazy like that. Don't be jealous of our party animal ways.

Saturday, Blake and Andrea will be heading to Oklahoma City to go see comedian Kevin Heart in concert.  They have been saying his bits for a couple of weeks now. Michael wants to go see Rock of Ages sometime Saturday. 

Sunday is Fathers Day.  We are having Michael's step mom and her husband over for lunch. Although they are not technically related to us they are still our family. We have been though a lot with Pam over the years and love her dearly.  We are very lucky that she married a man that accepts us with open arms and that we adore as much as we do Pam. They are both precious people.  We do not see them nearly enough.

I hope the Dad's out there have a Happy Fathers Day!  If your dad is still living be sure to give him some love.  This will be the first year my dad will not be living. Last year I bought him and Michael fathers day cards and I STILL can not find them. Don't think he didn't pick on me about that.   I'm hoping to stay busy enough where I don't think about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time with family

I went to see my back Dr. Friday and she added Neurontin to the other medications I take.  It supposed to help with pain.  I've tried it in the past but they had me on to high of a dosage to soon last time.  This time we are starting supper slow and moving up a little at a time. I could tell it helped within the first 24 hours. I'm at the time where I'm supposed to move up on dosage.  I'm a little gun shy because of the side effects from last time.  I'm trying to hold off until Friday and that way if I do not respond well it will not be as embarrassing.

I had a wonderful weekend.  My Aunt Linda, Uncle Dan and three of their grand kids were staying at the Gaylord Texas last weekend.  I had planned on going over to visit on Friday night but didn't want to over do it and throw my back out again.  I knew I would be with all of them the majority of the day on Saturday.

So Friday night Blake made Andrea and I some burgers.  Michael is doing this juicing thing.  I'm so proud of him for sticking with it.  I honestly don't think I could hang like he has.  After we ate Michael, Blake, Andrea and I hung out at our house and played games.  Andrea had never played Skatigories or Yahtzee.  We had a great time.  I was a party pooper and went to bed by 11.

Saturday, my Aunt took the grand kids to character breakfast and on a scavenger hunt the hotel had for the kids.  She called me around noon to let me know they were at the water park.  I got ready in a flash and was with all of them a little before 1.  The kids were just getting their lunch so I got a bite to eat as well.  After everyone was full we head on over to the lazy river.  Parker wanted to pull me around.  I thought oh, what a sweet little girl.  Until the little rascal pulled me under every waterfall and fountain there was.  It sure made me get used to the cold water in a hurry.  Just hearing her cracking up made it all worth it. The water park was nice.  There was a baby area, a pool area, a water slide, a zip line, a basket ball area as well as the lazy river and a couple of places where you could just sit and enjoy being in the water. They had various contests for the kids outside of the water. The kids were there since Thursday and they seemed to still be having a blast. We were at the water park until right around 4 because the two younger kids wanted to go meet more characters and to get their picture taken with them.  I can't believe they charged all four of us to get in just so the two little kids could take a picture with 4 or 5 or the characters.  It was crazy.  After the the "meet and greet" we took Payten back up to the room to hand out with his brother and grandpa because they wanted room service and grandpa wanted to watch game 7 of the Heat and the Celtics.  So we made it a girls night. 

We got our showers and dolled up and ready to go out to eat. Parker looked just beautiful in her white flowing skirt and shirt.  She thought she was the bell of the ball.  Aunt Linda dressed up in the same style blouse and white slacks.  I ended up in all black.  We went to Zeppole. A supper nice Italian restaurant at the hotel. Parker kept us entertained all evening. The waitress told us the name of the bread.  Parker asked her to reapeat it and then said bless you. Because the name of the bread sounded like a sneeze.  It was funny. She is so full of life.  After we ate Parker decided she didn't want the desert at the restaurant and that we should order room service. It was delicious! I finally left between 9 and 9:30 Saturday  evening. The time went by in a flash. This was the first time I have ever gotten to visit with Lane. He has grown up so much.  He is almost 12 and has already gotten a deep voice. He still had a kid voice in January now he sounds like a young man.  It's times likes these that makes me wish we lived closer to family.

Sunday I didn't do anything but rest. I've become a big old chicken about over doing it.  Michael offered to go get me something to eat.  I couldn't let him do that.  To me that would just seem crule to have him only drinking healthy juices and water and picking up regular food for me.  There was plenty to eat at the house.  But that just tells you the kind of guy he is.  Willing to spoil me and not think of himself.  I'm a lucky girl!

Monday the party was over and it was time to get back to work.  I got so caugtht up in work that Andrea texted me at 6:30 PM and asked if I was going to Blakes game.  Thank God it was just down the street from my office.  Andrea was a doll and had suprised me with a Dr. Pepper from Sonic.  After the game I had planned on getting a roticery chicken, salad stuff and making mac and cheese and corn.  There was no roticery chicken out at the neighborhood Wal Mart or at Kroger so I had to swich gears a bit and pick up the salad stuff and soft taco stuff.  I felt bad to be eating that stuff in front of Michael. 

That's all I have for now.  Hope it didn't bore you to death.

Hope you had a good weekend and a better week!