Monday, November 21, 2011

Over the Weekend

My weekend actually started a little earlier last week.  I took Friday off because I had to take my dad to Scott and White in Temple in order for him to spend the day getting poked and prodded and waiting for Dr.'s and blood work.  We left up here around 7:30 Friday morning for his blood work appointment at 10:30.  My sister met us up at the hospital as she always does so she will be in the loop as well.  And it just nice to get to spend the day with her.  We got to the hospital about a half hour early and they got us in and out early. Dad had to fast before his blood work so he was starving.  Dad's next appointment wasn't until 1:30 so we had a lot of time to kill so we headed to the cafeteria. We talked about getting him a hair cut since he was out and about but it really hard on him to get up to move from the wheel chair to the truck. 

Our Aunt Linda came up to the hospital to visit with us.   We all laughed and picked on each other the entire time.  She is so funny and sweet and just a joy to be around. My parents gave me her middle name as my middle name. We have always been very close. We finally wrap up our lunch and visit and try to see if we can get in to the heart Dr. early.  Surprisingly we did.  He was told he has a happy heart right now.  This is great news for some one with congestive heart failure.

The pulmonary Dr. appointment wasn't until 3:30. After the heart Dr. appointment we went ahead and headed up to the pulmonary department.  We were hoping we might get in early since we have had such good luck all day.  Dad was called the get his vitals checked right after we checked him in.  Then we were taken to the room and were told we would be seen early.  What ended up was the little lady that took us back didn't really know what she was doing.  The upside is we actually got seen at 3:30.  The last time we went to see the pulmonary Dr. he was more than 45 minutes late to the appointment.  So being seen on time was  fine with us.  We didn't get home until around 6:30 ish. It was quit a long day.  Dad had something to eat on the way home and all he wanted to do was sleep as soon as we hit the door.  It really takes it out of him.  But, the good news ins there was not change in the pulmonary/lung department so that was good news.  All in all he is doing as good as he can with congestive heart failure and COPD.

By the time I got dad settled in I called Blake and he was almost home.  He had planned on surprising me at the office on Friday but when he found out we were in Temple he went on and visited some of his friends from Texas Wesleyan.  We just hung out at the house on Friday evening.

Saturday the boys went to the TCU football game.  Someone gave me a fee tickets because they couldn't make the game.  The boys said they were great seats!  Michael met a new friend.

When the boys got back from the game it was time for us to go to Hyena's comedy club.  Michael's step mom Pam her husband Frank, Michael, Blake and I went.  We had a great time.  All of the comics were funny.  Pam and Frank got put off by some of the things the comics said. I understand.  They pushed the envelope pretty far.  After the show we all went to IHop.  it was yummy.

Sunday morning we woke up and Michael and I watched Dexter. Then when we got up and I made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches.,  Michael, dad and Blake watched the game.  The Cowboys won so all is well with their world.  Dara and I were in Michael and my room and were watching Son in Law until Dara had to go do home work.  They then left to go to the record store and go pick up a few groceries and dinner.

It was a nice weekend. I love when we can just relax on Sunday and just enjoy each other.  I've become a home body in my old age.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday.


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Nolita said...

Yes, love the relaxing weekends, especially Sundays the best. I miss Dexter! We don't have Showtime so we have to wait until it comes out on Netflix or DVD. ;.(
Happy Monday!