Friday, October 12, 2012

Going to see Blake and other stuff

I don't know what it is but, every time Friday I know we are leaving to go see our son Blake I want to revert back to the Little Rascals movie and sing, I got two pickles, I got two pickles, I got two pickles, hey, hey, hey, hey.  Except replace the I got two pickles part with I get to go see Blake.  Childish I know. But, it does tell you how excited I get to go see my son.  Yes,  I just resisted the eager to call him my baby boy.  I KNOW he will be 21 on December 2nd.  But if you could have seen him when he was new born. He was 18 days early and they were worried his lungs wouldn't be developed.  He was 5#'s 3oz's when he was born and came home at 4 #'s 14 oz's. He didn't hit 10 pounds until he was 3 months old.  Anyway, long story longer, I'm supper excited to see Blake. I think I did a birthday post when Blake turned 20 that shows some new born pictures.

On top of getting to see Blake, it's Friday, payday and it is cool outside. To top it all off I'm busy at work so this day should go by fast.

Michael and I went on a date on Tuesday night.  We went to see Taken 2 then had dinner at BJ's Bar and Grill.  Taken 2 was great!  It was action packed and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I got so caught up the S word slipped out.  As in oh S#!&! Lucky for me there were no kids in the theater and the people around that heard laughed. Dinner was wonderful.  They serve so much food that I was able to have dinner the next evening. We really like eating there because there is a wide variety of food to chose from, the deserts are killer and they have brew their own beer. So there is also a wide variety of beer and other drinks. I don't drink beer at all so I get Dr. Pepper because I'm addicted to the stuff.  Michael will get a beer on occasion.

There really hasn't been that much excitement.  Construction is finished so now we are slowly putting things back in place as well as getting rid of stuff that is no longer needed. When we are finished it will beautifully organized.  I work with one other woman and the rest are men so, I don't expect it to stay nice and neat. 

I have a million things to do so I will close for now.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Construction Work.... Good times!

We are having some construction done at the office so my hours have been nuts.  Friday I had to stay late because the flooring people were coming in again to wax the floors. They laid the flooring down about three weeks ago however, they didn't apply the wax like they were supposed to.  When they were finished it looked horrible.  There were huge gaps between the tiles and it was just an all around mess.  The head construction guy came in today and now they have to demo the entire work room and kitchen floors and start from scratch.  The upside is I get to pick a different tile because the original tile I picked ended up being way to much peach for any of our liking.

When I finally got home Friday night I packed and got ready for bed because we were supposed to get up really early to go to see one of our cousins play flag football.  Due to the rain that game got called off.  We did get to go to Derek's game but, it pored the entire time.  We were all soaked by the time the game finished.  It's a good thing we had a change of clothes because after we visited with Trish and Clint after the football game we headed on up to Durant, Oklahoma.  No, we didn't go there to gamble.  Blake was supposed to have a baseball game on Sunday.  Michael got a text message from Blake at 6:30 AM to say the game was called off. So our trip to Durant was for nothing.  On a positive note, the only room that was available had two twin beds.  We each got our own bed for the night and it was fantastic!  You know you have been married for over 20 years when you can say sleeping alone was fantastic.  I think it was because I knew it was for one night and he just a few feet over.  When he isn't home I don't sleep well at all!

It's now Monday night and I'm still stuck up at the office waiting on the construction workers to wrap up the installation of an electric screen. I had plans to go see my God daughter play volleyball tomorrow but, that plan is out the window because I will be stuck up at the office every night having to babysit the construction workers.  Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for this job.  They are a wonderful group of people to work with.  I will try and take some picks of everything and show you the finished product.

Hope you have a good evening!