Friday, December 9, 2011

Has political correctness gone too far?

I've been quite surprised that I have not heard more Christmas songs this year.  I actually have to seek out a channel I know that plays Christmas songs this time of year.  In years past you would turn on the radio and would be hard pressed NOT to find a Christmas song.  I'm surprised to say I really miss not hearing them.  Christmas songs always puts me in the spirit of Christmas. How can you not smile during those songs?  I know, I know, some of them are sad.  Like the Christmas shoe song.  But over all they are cheerful.

Everything has gotten so politically correct now days that it's frowned upon to say Merry Christmas. I don't get that. It seems the large majority of Americans celebrate Christmas in some form or fashion.  Weather they are cChristian or not. I have always and will always say Merry Christmas.  I promise I would not be offended if someone said Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or anything other holiday related thing.  Why should I be?  If it brings them joy how is it hurting me?

I agree with some political correctness.  But, I really believe it has gone so far overboard that it's ridiculous! It kills me that a few loud mouths have ruined it for the rest of us.  But then again, I've always heard the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Obviously that is true in this case.

I don't understand how praying in school or at a sporting event hurts anyone.  When I was in school you did not have to participate in the prayer if you did not want to.  You could excuse yourself and step outside of the class room into the hall.  Or stand there and not pray.  Look at our schools now that they have taken prayer out of schools.  They have also taken discipline out of school.  How are they supposed to maintain control if they have no recourse?  Of course this is easy for me to say now that my son is no longer in school.  I think I would have flipped out if anyone laid a hand on him with a paddle.

What are your view points?  Have they gone to far with political correctness?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.  Merry Christmas!!!


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Carolynne said...

Oh I agree. These kind of things get carried away and go too far. Then they get ruined for everyone. I remember when I was in elementary school and there would be a special school assembly. The whole school would pile into the gym and we would spend an hour singing carols and listening to Christmas stories. It's sad that this is no longer the case.

I, too, will always say Merry Christmas. I celebrate it and so I say it. Just like you, I would never be offended if anyone said Happy Hanukkah, etc to me. No problem. It's all in good spirits.