Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Go Go's Concert

We went to The Go Go's concert on Saturday night at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas.  It didn't start until 10:30PM.  You know you are old when your husband tells you the concert starts at 10:30 PM and you go "WHAT!????"  haha

Michael has loved The Go Go's as long as I can remember.  He has been in love with Belinda Carlisle for as long as I can remember as well. So, when we heard they were going to be at Billy Bob's I said go ahead and buy the tickets.  At the time I had no idea it was going to start so late.  But, if I really think about it, the headliners don't normally start until that late anyway so I guess it's no big deal.

Saturday night we get cleaned up and head out what I new was going to be to early.  Michael it notorious for being early.  We parked over by Coopers BBQ which is directly across from Billy Bob's. Because we were so early we got to eat some BBQ.  Coopers has the best BBQ.  They also have live bands on the weekend.

After we ate we walked across the street, went to will call to get our tickets and hit up the gift shop.  We didn't buy anything but, it's always fun to walk through the gift shop to see the fun things they have.  We still had some time so we walked around looking at all of the had prints or boot prints mounted on the wall of the various groups/people that have preformed at Billy Bob's.  They had a small rodeo going on in another area.  At one point in time they had a mechanical bull.  I guess they have taken it out or I just never found it.  It was odd going into a country and western facility seeing people dressed up in 80's garb.  Some of the bartenders were dressed in 80's attire as well.  Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of people dressed in western attire. I guess I just wasn't thinking about pulling out the 80's stuff to fit in. Heck,  I couldn't fit in any of the 80's stuff I had back then if I tried!  They have a stuffed bull in a bucking pose that people climb on to get their picture taken.  Why someone with a mini skirt on would do this is beyond me but, it happened.

We finally made our way down to our seats.  We had fantastic seats. It was dead center of the stage.  We were in the "second" row.  Which sounds like you are right there but with the way they have things set up it's not quite as close as it sounds.  They have 2 6' tables in the front row space to walk then 2 6' tables for the second row. Etc.  They were still great seats.  The show started right at 10:30.  It was awesome!  A guy behind us apparently got kicked out for standing up and dancing.  Then at one point Belinda had some people from the crowd come on stage and had everyone in the crowd stand up and dance.  The majority of the folks sat back down after that but several groups stayed standing.  There is no way they could throw that many folks out.  It's almost impossible not to be dancing in your seat at the very least when The Go Go's are dancing around singing their songs and having a blast.  If they come to your town, I would strongly recommend you going if you like them.  We had a blast! That was Michael's second time to see them.  He saw them in 1985 the first time.  This was my first time seeing them.  They still look fantastic and they are in their 50's.  CRAZY!  We will for sure be going to see them again if they are in our neck of the woods.

Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Wednesday.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After we got back home from granny Howard's funeral it was time to get back to work. The boys had plans already in place to go out of town to visit some of Michael's family as well as go to an Astros game as well as several other fun stops along the way.

I had my best friend since I was 7yo, Stacy, coming in to visit.  Stacy wasn't able to be in town on Friday as originally planned so I ended up hanging out with my other best friend Amy and two of her three girls.  Jessie, the one that is the same age as Blake. Jessie is Amy's middle daughter.  Amy and I were pregnant for the Jessie and Blake when we met in May of 1991. Olivia my God daughter also came.  We had planned on  playing games but, somehow never made it to that.  We sat around talking and laughing like a bunch of school girls.  It was a lot of fun.

Stacy made it in Saturday.  We went and had a pedicure, ate at On the Boarder and then rented I don't know how many movies.  We didn't get through very many video's because we were to busy talking and laughing.  It was just the weekend I needed after losing someone I loved.  It makes you really appreciate the times you get to share with loved ones.

The boys didn't get back in town until Tuesday. Maverick hadn't be acting like herself and the day after the boys got home I notice blood on the hardwood  floors and had a bit of a melt down.  I had already lost my dad in January and my granny just over a week before.  Maverick is our baby girl and I couldn't stand the thought of losing her too.  Michael was off so he took her in to the vet.  She was one sick little girl.  Thankfully we caught whatever it was early.  We had to pick her up from one vet and take her to a different clinic that would have someone there until late at night then would be back early in the morning.  The next day we were sent home with 3 different bottle of medication as well as her having to be on RX food until the end of the year.  Maverick, I call her baby girl, is 11 1/2 yo.  She has been the best puppy we have ever had.  Heck, neither Michael nor I have ever had a dog that long.  We got her when Blake was just a little guy.  We let Blake name her.  It was either going to be Cobra or Maverick.  I'm so happy he chose Maverick.  It fits her perfectly!

The following weekend we had plans to go visit Michael's cousin Ty and his wife.  We had made arrangements with Jessie for her to watch Maverick that weekend.  The plans fell through so Maverick ended up coming with us.  It was the first time she had ever traveled with us.  Maverick did great!

We had a wonderful time visiting and of course got our days and nights mixed up.  But, that's the best part of a visit.  Not wanting to stop talking long enough to get the sleep you need to carry on the conversation the next day.

Maverick is still on RX food.  Other than that she is back to herself.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm missing you Granny Howard

Early Saturday morning on July 21, 2012 my Uncle Leon calls me to let me know my granny had pasted away.  Granny is my dad's mom.  She turned 91 on April 22, 2012.  All of my life I have thought she looked like a movie star.  Granny's daddy passed when she was 3 years old.  I just found and reread a letter when she told me about that.  This is the reason I save all of the letters and cards I receive.  So I can look back and re-read their words once they pass.  I'm so thankful granny and I wrote back and forth my entire life.  She wasn't able to speak on the phone due to her hearing aids.  So I always wrote her letters.  Granny would encourage us to write letters when we were little by writing back and having a $1 in the letter.  I'm going to do the same for my grandkids.  Of course, we might have to change it up quite a bit since it's already 45cents to mail a letter.  Maybe a quarter an email or skype view? I don't know.  I hope not to know for a while.  Blake needs to graduate first!

Granny was one of the sweetest grandmothers you could have.  She would play games with us until we didn't want to play anymore.  I can just picture her shrugging her shoulders, smiling and saying Okay, in her sweet sing song voice.  Granny would cook our favorite things and sew for us.  There was always a side salad for dinner. Not sure what made it so good other than it was made with her loving hands.

When I was little i remember her showing me how to make slippers.  She had made me a pair that I loved.  I remember them as a teal green or aqua blue with blowers pained on the top and when they heard hurricane Allen was on his way we had to get out of McAllen quick and I forgot to get the slippers I loved so dearly. Granny was always painting, sewing or doing some kind of craft.  She is the one that taught me about needle point.  I still have a little pillow case she had sewn and painted for me as a child.  I would cuddle with that thing every single night until I was married.
I wish we had lived closer to all the ones we loved before they passed away.  It's September and each time I see a picture of daddy or granny while I'm at home I cry.  At work, I think I have been crazy busy working nutty hours.  I will go into detail about that in another post.  After losing someone I love I always seem to go into myself for a while.

I wanted to post my favorite picture of her but, I am in Oklahoma with Blake right now and want to get this post out since promised it over a month ago.  The only reason I was able to finish this post is they are watching the Texas Longhorn game right now.

I plan on getting another post up letting you know what's been going on soon.  In the mean time, I will leave you with a picture of daddy and granny.

Here is a picture of Dad and Granny before my mom passed away.
You can really see how much they look alike.

Have a blessed day!