Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fantastic Monday Night

Last night I left work at 7:00 PM, what seems to be the norm for me.  When I got home my husband son were not there. I was a little surprised so I called and found out that they were at Best Buy.  My son had umpired yet another baseball tournament and had some money to spend. He has been wanting the Xbox One since it has come out so he finally broke down and purchased one.  Of course he likes to save money like his father and I so he took back the Xbox that he had and traded it in with the controllers and whatever else they would take back I am sure. To save more money he chose not to get the connect. His reasoning is he would never use it so why spend the money.  The only down fall is they didn't have it in stock.  They placed the order and found out it will not come in until next Monday. Of course he was bummed.

The funny thing is, I had planned on buying him one for Christmas.  When he got home I told him that.  He didn't believe me at first because I told him a very long time ago I wasn't buying another console for him again. But, I like to surprise him now and then. Especially since it's his first year at UNT and he was asked to join the Nation Honor's Society.  He didn't want to spend the money because he was concerned about being able to keep his grades up to be able to stay in the program.  Crazy kid. I mean crazy man. It doesn't mean I can't be proud of him for the work he has done this school year.

They guys finally get home and my husband changes and heads out to walk.  (So proud of him!) After Michael went on his walk, Blake and I sat on the couch talking. As our conversation wound down, I noticed Blake going through the movies we have recorded on our DVR.  He kept asking me if I had watched this movie or that and it finally dawned on me that he actually wanted to watch a movie with me.  The only stipulation was it had to be one he wanted to watch also. I was NOT going to complain about that!  We cooked together... sort of.  If you call cooking baking salmon patties in a toaster over cooking.  Then eating a salad with it.  Anyway, we ate as we watched the movie Two Guns together. BTW it was a fantastic film.  You know it will be a good film with  Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg in it. It was a great night. When the movie ended, Blake went on his way to his room because it was late.

I walked across the house to his room and told him thank you for the dinner and movie and told him my normal sweet dreams, I love you, goodnight.  I wanted him to know I really appreciated the time we spent together.  I know it wasn't a huge thing but, it was a sweet thing to do and it made this mama a happy girl.

Sorry, I have not written about the Wildflower concerts.  I will.  I have to get the pics off of my phone. Looking forward to writing the post.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tagged to answer a few questions about myself.

I was Tagged!! 

By: Nolita Morgan from  M*O*G*A*N*I*C


1. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what instrument?

I played the clarinet when I was in Junior High.  I wanted to play the flute but because my sister played
a clarinet  I learned how to play that first so it messed up my lips for learning to play the flute.
Or that is what they said. 

I told Nolita recently that I would like to learn how to play my son's electric guitar so that my grandchildren
will say my Nana plays the Electric Guitar! hahaha   I think would also be something that would connect
 my son and I.  He can play the acoustic and I can play the electric.  Maybe he can teach me both.

2. What is the last thing you cooked that you loved?


These are the last two thing that I did that turned out pretty cool.  The owls cookie were delicious! 
I prefer chewy cookies but my Aunt was helping and she thought they needed to be cooked longer
due to how big they are.  She was concerned they would fall apart.
They were so yummy I want to make them again.
Go to Pinterest.com and  type in peanut butter owl cookies several links come up.

Surprisingly the watermelon owl was easy to make. There were so many to choose from.
This is the one my aunt really wanted me to make for her daughter.

Go to Pinterst.com and type in watermelon owls and you will get a multitude of choices.

I love Pinterest!

3. What is your favorite (alcoholic or no) beverage and why?

I would rather drink Dr. Pepper than anything else hands down!  Especially now with all the medication
I take for my back and neck.

If I do drink I prefer to have a fuzzy navel.  It is Peach Shnapps with Sunny Delight. I only like it with Sunny D!

4. Is there anything new you plan to do or tackle this summer?

I am try to make myself walk so I can start to build up muscles again. I just started back.  I took my dog and
my walker. From the time she was a puppy she would walk maybe a block and then climb up on my like so I
could holder her.  She is a princess after all.  However, she gave me a big surprise and walked the 30 minutes
with me.

Here is to hoping to build up my leg muscles so that my right leg doesn't feel like it's going to break at any

OK Time to Jump into Melissa's Questions!!! :-)

Melissa with http://www.yourstrulymelissa.com/ Tagged Nolita Morgan from
M*O*G*A*N*I*C http://nolitamorgan.blogspot.com .

Since this has been so much fun I thought I would join in and do her questions as well.
Hope that is alright with Melissa and Nolita.

1. What has been your most favorite vacation to date? 

We went to Disney in Orlando and had the time of our lives!!  Blake was 8 and the perfect age.  We hit every 
Disney park, MGM, Universal and the Gator park and we went to spring training game.

Last Summer was the first time since then we have gotten to do anything due to my son being in select baseball 
since he was 9.  We went to see a couple of my husbands cousins, went to the Astro's game and stayed 
across the street from the stadium.  That was a blast because one of my cousins and her husband met
us up there. Then we drove to Luckenbach, Texas just to say we have been,  There was a rooster and some
chickens on the stage we sat on that didn't take to kindly to it.  It was quite funny! haha.  Then we spent our
last few days at a spa.  It was wonderful.  I didn't want all the expensive massages and all of that just let be go
around and around and around the lazy river and I was in heaven!   

2. Do you prefer big city life, suburban life, or a life in the country? 

I love the quite to the country life.  If my back wasn't so messed up I would love to live in the country. Or at least
have a country home. (not that we can afford that)  I want to move back to Central Texas or it's known as the 
Heart of Texas.  The Temple, Belton, Austin are.  But my guys are in heaven here in the Keller are because we 
can go to Pro or minor league baseball games, pro basketball games, pro football games, pro hockey games 
and if they wanted pro soccer games.  Not to mention all the music and other fun activities.  So I don't wee us l
iving anything but the suburban life and I'm ok with that.  As long as I have my husband and son. I am a happy girl.

3. What is your favorite type/genre of food? 

Mexican or Italian.  Probably Mexican for the queso alone.

4. How would you typically dress yourself for a weekend night out? 

Well, it depends on what we are doing.  If we are going to the movies, shorts and a top or t-shirt. Comedy club, 
concert Jeans or this tan scort that looks like a skirt all the way around but are shorts.and a nice top with cute 
pair of shoes. if it was summer.  Winter jeans a cute top and either boots or shoes.

5. Do you like to wear accessories? If yes, what are your go-to accessories? 

Yes,  I wear my original wedding band and a nice diamond ring my husband bought me for our 15th 
wedding anniversary. on the left I wear this silver ring that all the  Aunts , and my sister and I in place of my mom 
wear as an agreement to keep the family together. and then I also wear my James Avery ring and charm bracelet if it won't snag on my shirt.  I either wear my diamond stud ear rings or I wear a matching necklace and earrings to 

6. How do you typically fix your hair? (Blow dry and straighten/curl? Air dry? Wash and go?) 

Don't laugh to hard.  I am starting to go through a 1950's to 1960's hair phase. So I use sponge rollers and these 
cool metal 1950's rollers that were my granny Howard's.  I have a post coming up about it with a massive mess up 
that is hilarious!  This weekend was a good one.  I will post that as well. One lady was in awe and asking me how 
long it took ect. and said it looked like a pinup girl.  That made me feel great!  That it was worth the work. Now if I 
only had the pin up girls body! haha  Oh, well. I am having fun and that is what matters.

My hair has gotten past the bottom of my bra.  I still have bangs.  So I am now growing them out for the first 
time in my life. Come look at these awesome wrinkles world! haha

If I don't have time to do anything it's a wash and go.  My hair is so straight when my hair dries I was asked what
hair straightener do I use.  I laughed and said God.

7. What make up do you wear on a daily basis? Do you have a preferred brand of cosmetics? 

I have always used Cover Girl. I bought some Elizabeth Arden base and powder and got some samples last 
summer and I still have some of each.  It lasted way longer then I expected.  I do have to say that I have used 
iquid base some in the winter because the base was way to dark.  Now I am mixing the liquid with the foundation 
and blending it to make it the right shade for now.  I have used the trial blush just about everyday.  The lipstick
is till going strong.  However I do use other items besides just that brand.

8. What is your preferred workout? (Gym? Outdoor running? Yoga? Group classes? None? Etc...?)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA work out?  oh, that is a good one. Sorry,  I haven't found anything that doesn't through
my neck and back out. (3 herniated disc's on the lower back and two herniated disc's in the neck with bone 
spurs.  Well that was the last time we did scans.  That has been a few years now)  I so want to go walking 
with my husband.  I am so very proud of him.  He is eating so very healthy and working out and walking.

Wait,  I just remembered I found a website that had me just pulling my head back and my shoulders back not 
where the blades touched but where it all lined up properly.  It was a God send.  I need to try those exercises 
and get back to you on this question.  I really want to try them.  I am just afraid because the slightest thing can 
have me bed ridden and that isn't fun at all!

9. Where is your favorite place to shop online? 

Amazon.com  You can find just about anything you want.  Since I a prime customer I can even get discounts 
which is even better!

10. Do you enjoy entertaining guests in your home or would you prefer to be a guest and leave
 the hostessing to someone else? 

We have never really had the time to even give that an option. While Blake was growing up he had sporting 
events every weekend. In the summer it was baseball tournaments.  The times we entertain we end up going 
out to dinner because we are normally on the go. We do not have any family members that live very close.  Most 
are 3 hours or more away.  The one that is only about an hour away is going through the sports phase of life but
with two boys.  We try to go see them play on occasion.  It is always fun.

11. What quality do you really value in your significant other?

I am the luckiest women in the world!  He spoils me rotten.  But above and beyond what he does for me. My very favorite quality is the love and relationship he has for our son. Our little family always comes first.  He feels 
guilty if he needs anything for himself.  That is the part that upsets me.  But also makes me love him because he 
can be so selfless.

NOTE:  Be sure to comment if you participate so we can share answers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hope to have the concert info. up soon. Back went out.

Sorry!  My back decided to go out on me on Saturday night. I have pictures from my phone from the weekend and I will get my husband to help me recall the details.  It was a great weekend over all. I just was completely out of it on Sunday and on Monday.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Heading to the Wildflower! Music & Arts Festival

As soon as I get off of work Friday we will be Heading to the Wildflower! Music & Arts Festival 2014 in Richardson. We have gone to this festival one other time but, it was a while ago.  This year there are tons of fantastic acts from the greatest generation ever.  The 80's!  Throw in a few hair bands and we would be on cloud nine.

There are a number of different stages through out the weekend. If you would like to see the full lineup of when and where the action is happening I have provided a link below.


Michael is getting off of work at 1:00 PM.  He has asked me to try to be ready to leave by 2:30 PM.  I am going to try to leave my office at 2:00 PM so I can just run by our house and pick him up for the journey to Richardson hopefully no later than 2:30 PM.  We are really trying to miss the Friday rush hour traffic. When you are in a big city on a Friday night trying to get any place is like herding a bunch of kittens. Every one wanting to go in their own direction regardless of where your neighbor is trying to go. Hopefully this will give us time to get to the hotel get setup and have a bite to eat before we head on over to the festival.

Friday night we will be at the Legacy Texas Bank Stage kicking it off at 6:30 PM we will be rocking out to Infinite Journey, the music of Journey.  If it was the same group as the last festival they were really good.  Then at 8:15 PM the real Loverboy band will be out on the stage showing us what they still have it.  I have never been to a Loverboy concert before.  Looking forward to seeing how much they have changed over the years. Rounding out the night at 10:00 PM with Kool & the Gang.

Saturday night I know we will be watching Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Cheap Trick.  Not sure what else we will be doing.  I leave that up to our entertainment director aka. Michael.

Sunday we will most likely sleep in if we can.  Jack Ingram plays at 4:45 PM and Lonestar plays at 6:45 PM.  I am not sure when Michael will want to head back home  We live around 39 miles from Richardson.  According to map quest it will take just under an hour to get home.

I hope to have pictures of the weekend and my opinion not only on the music but the art as well.  Michael is also looking forward to the tents with free stuff.  Because we NEED another pen or water bottle of small plastic cup that just takes up room in the cupboard.  Maybe I can get Michael to write a post of what he thought about this weekend.  If not I will try to get his opinions.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stuck in the 1950's

A few months ago I asked my aunt Donna if no one else wanted my Granny Howard's old metal rollers that I would love to have them.  The next time my little family went to see my Aunt Donna and Uncle Leon I was given the old 1950's metal hair rollers. You have no idea how much that means to me.  I adored my granny Howard. I remember her sitting in her chair every night rolling her hair while we watched an old black and white film. That is where I get my love of old movies.

Since receiving the rollers I have been in this mode of rolling my hair with sponge rollers and grannies metal rollers.  I think the last time I posted a picture of myself I had a bob hair cut.  I now have hair just past the bottom part of my bra if it isn't curled.  Then I have another layer about 4 inches above that.  The shortest part I have are my bangs.

With the length of hair I have it kind of looks silly with my bangs so short. So, after talking to a couple of people I trust, I decided to start growing my bangs out about a month ago . I have had bangs since I was in the womb!  I wait until I am 43 years old, with lines on my forehead before I decide to expose it to the world. You are welcome.  It really makes since with the hair styles I really want to start trying.

As I stated , I love old movies. Particularly the 1950's song and dance numbers and the love stories. You know the kind.  They have Gene Kelly, Barbara Grace Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day. I could go on and on.  I love the dresses and pant sets, hair styles and makeup styles back then. I have come across I don't know how many channels on YouTube with various 1950's hair styles.  I am in heaven right now.  I have tried a few hair styles. Some that worked out nicely and some that did not. I will share that with you soon.

Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface was the one that got me even more hooked than I already was.  I LOVE this hair style.  I sort of got my bangs to do one victory roll this morning.  But I didn't have time to really play and work on the victory rolls enough for me to do them on a weekday.  When I finally get my hair to do this I will be posting a picture!  She also dose tutorials for vintage makeup.

What do you think of the 1950's styles?  I am not saying I want the women to go back to the 50's.  Just bring the styles back a little bit. If you know of any site I should check out let me know.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was very nice.  The boys (my husband and son) were going to take me to see the movie God's Not Dead.  That is all I really wanted for Mothers Day but, I woke up with my back out.  So, my sweet husband went to Cotton Patch and picked up some yummy food.  They gave me cards with coupons in them.  My husband's card was a funny one with a coupon to get a mani, pedi whenever I would like. Michael and I are also going to a Wildflower Art and Music Festival next weekend.  Blake's card was way to mushie. In all of Blake's 22 years of life he has never once picked out a card like that.  It has always been a funny cards. For instance, I have received the card where it says something about getting mom tattooed on himself with a heart around it.  You open it up and the tattoo is on his behind! I have received that jewel twice!  So, I called them on the carpet about it. They tried to deny it but I told them I accidentally saw Michael bring the cards in. They still tried to say that they talked on the phone about it. HAHA NO WAY!!  Actually it's kind of funny with the issues of communication Blake and I have been having.

Over and above the dinner, cards and gifts my favorite part of the day is when I had a talk with Blake.  I asked him to be please be patient with me as I am learning to navigate this new way of parenting. He understood and has agreed to cut me some slack.  And I agreed to try not to overstep my boundaries.  I also agreed to not like or comment on any social media.  I understand. I know that is one of the main things that kids complain about.  The conversation made me feel so much better and we all had a lovely day together. I finally had to tap out and go to my room and lay down to get my back and neck to stop hurting.  I got to enjoy TCM. I love old movies! My guys were happy because they got to enjoy some of the shows they like that I don't.

All in all, it was a great weekend! I Hope those of you that are mothers had a Happy Mothers Day and the one's that are not had a wonderful weekend.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Slowly making progress AND Unexpected Party!

I finally got smart and prayed about my situation with Blake.  I was so proud of myself when I found out he was going on a date.  and I didn't "grill" him for details about her or what they were going to do.  I actually told him you will tell me when you are ready. You have no idea how hard that was for me. He then gave me a little bit of information freely.

Maybe the key is to not push but to just sit back and let him know I am here for him if he needs or wants to talk about anything.  I feel so much better. I am not saying everything is perfect and this is the end of the communication barrier. I am just saying there was a little bit of success and that is all it takes to make this mama happy.

My best friends both have girls. One I have know since I was 7.  She has 2 girls and a boy.  The other I met when I was 20.  She has 3 girls.  They are told everything. That's just it.  Girls have a tenancy to want to chat about everything and guys tend to keep it bottled up.

Complete topic change!

It is Saturday night and Blake is long gone on his date.  My husband and I were talking and music started playing softly out of no where. It was so strange.  It was like the laptop just started playing music on it's own. Little by little it has gotten louder.  It is Spanish music. It is across the road in another town and we can hear the words to every song clearly with two TV's on. Well, I guess that isn't exactly true.  I don't speak Spanish.  I wish that I did.  Anyway,  the music started around 8 PM it is after.  Michael and I thought about going over and asking for food since we sere kind of part of the party anyway. Michael wanted to sit out in our back yard and ask to make one song request. One, 

Bowling For Soup's song No Hablo Inglés

I laugh at Michael because I know he is full of one liners and full of something else as well. After we finished talking and having a laugh about the party I watched a movie that finished around 10:30 PM and the party was still going strong. We are not sure what kind of celebration it is.  It could be so many thing.  Is it a mothers day celebration, a college graduations party, or could it be The Quinceañera or a wedding reception. We are marveling at how the neighbors next to them can deal with the noise.  The only thing I can think of is they were either invited or notified of what would to be going on this weekend. As I was wondering what the law was on playing music so loudly I noticed the music getting softer and softer. It is just before 11PM and the music has stopped.  I guess the party is over.  I can finally go to sleep!!

NOTE:  I was corrected when he got home. He was hanging out with with this young lady not dating her. No, I didn't quiz him.  But I did tell him "Next time you go on a date you need to wear a shirt with a collar on it."  That is when I got corrected. Thankfully it wasn't a landmine on our game of  Mind Sweep.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Finding ways to communicate

Now that my son is out of sports so am I! haha  I loved watching him play.  Did I get tired of it at times? You bet I did!  I think the very fist post on this site was how sick of basketball I was.  As Cher would say " If I could turn back time."

The only time I would not be at one of his games or tournaments for any of the sport he played is if I could not walk or someone passed away in our family. I honestly did try to enjoy every moment of him growing up.  Now I am trying to learn how to enjoy him being an adult.

I am trying to find a common ground.  So far our common ground is YouTube.  Yes, I said YouTube. I have been watching YouTube almost since it started. I have found myself watching so many family vlogs.  I think it is because it takes me back to when my son was little. All of the first are so fun to watch.  Each stage of life is fun.  Some are more difficult than others. I know it wasn't all sunshine and roses.  Although I do find myself remember thing that way.  I watch all kind of channels. We have a number of channels we each watch and will talk about that.  My husband is lost when we do this. He normally thinks it is one of our friends. We just tell him YouTube and he tunes us out.

Other than talking about things going on in our extended family I am out.  I have nothing I can think of to say.  I feel like it is awkward silence instead of that comfortable silence you.

If I am to be completely honest.  I have goggled how to deal with your adult pushing you away or drifting away or any other phrase I thought would get me an answer.

Maybe I need to get back into sports.  It isn't like I hate it. I do prefer going to the games then watching it on TV.  My husband would be thrilled if I started watching sports with him again.  Or at least be in the room with him reading a book or something.  If I did start watching sports again, I know I would be able to contribute to the conversation.

The reason I am panicking now is because he is back from college.  He is going to University of North Texas, so it's not like he was very far away.  We saw him a lot more this year then the two years he was going to Carl Albert. He was 5 hours away when he went to Carl Albert. He is only 30 to 45 minutes away from us now.

He started playing the electric guitar the second year he was going to Carl Albert and had been wanting an acoustic guitar since he got the electric.  We got him the acoustic guitar for Christmas.  He was so excited. I was joking around and told him I need to learn to play the electric guitar so that when he has kids they can say that their grandma is cool and plays electric guitar.  He seemed excited about that around Christmas time.  Maybe I will do that.  It can't hurt to try.  Even if I stink at it.  He can laugh at me.

I think it is time for me to get a hobby.  I want to learn to make scarves and doilies. To get back into crafting.  The only problem is my back. I need to find a comfy chair so I can be in the living room more and do projects in so I don't hurt myself.

Do any of you have suggestions on ways to connect?

Have a great Day!


Friday, May 9, 2014


I feel so lost right now. Drifting in a sea of emotions. Hurting, proud, sad well probably just about every emotion.  I don't know if you or anyone has felt like this as your child grows up.  It feel's almost like a funeral. You have lost your child.  He or She has become an adult and you don't know where the sweet little thing that would crawl up in your lap and let you love on them, rock them, read book after book and play on the floor with them. How do you miss them going from an infant as they grow into a baby. You are so busy caring for them and being excited for all of the first that are happening that they are a toddler. First those sweet little legs are wobbly like Bambi on ice. They grow stronger and toddle around then stronger and are running so fast you missed them becoming kids. You think how did this happen so fast.  Little did you know that fast doesn't truly start until they start school and after school activities. You snap your fingers and they have graduated High School and are in college.  This is where my delima begins.

I have to say up front that I know I am luck that our entire family was very close up until recently.  Or that is the way I feel.  My guys don't seem to see it or feel this way.

My son is 22 and is an adult and is actually finally trying to push away and be the adult I know he already is. He is honestly trying to be as kind and gentle as he knows how to be but it hurts to know I am being cut out of a part of his life.  I know he will always be apart of my life but, this is a new chapter. A painful chapter where tears are shed and hearts ache.  I guess it's kind of like labor but you don't want to punch your husband in his naughty bits for putting this creature inside of you. (ha ha I never felt that way. It was just a funny thought in my head so I had to write it down.) This labor is a different kind of pain.

Where does a mother go on from here? I have been trying to give him the space I know he needs however, I keep crossing this invisible line. I am nostalgic when he is around. Apparently that is a trigger point. I don't know which way to go with him. It is like having pages added to a favorite book you could quote from start to finish. Or if you are a guy, it's like the prequels to Star Wars.  Something is NOT right.  I need to go back to the drawing board and rewrite or relearn in this case how to relate to this amazing young man.

My husband and son are still best friends.  They talk about all the guy stuff.  Sports, music, movies ect.  They don't ever seem to run out of topics. This makes me very happy.  And also a little hurt. I know it's petty but,  I want that relationship with my son. My husband tries to be reassuring.  I know my son loves me. I don't question that.

It is up to me to find the solution.  I am his mom and I love him with my whole being.  I would do anything for him.  Even let him go for a time.

I wish each of you are able to find that connection with each of your children no matter what the age. They are worth it and so are you.

Happy Mothers Day!


Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Something to bring a smile to your face

This is how "Go Christian" wakes up in the morning to Bruno Mars!!

Walter Piper on YouTube is the person who published this video.  It is so stinking cute I had to share it!