Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dara is moving in!!!!!!!!

Our niece Dara is finally going to start staying with us.  I am so excited! I've been out numbered by boys for the last 20 years.  That is all fine and good but, it sure is going to be great to be able to watch a chick flick with someone who gets it.

Dara, Justin, Colby (May of 2008)

Dara is my sisters middle child.  Justin is the oldest and Colby is the baby of the family.  Dara is also the only girl in our family. She is my little princess.  Heck, she is all of our little princess. Well, her brothers and other boy cousins probably don't think that.

Her Jr. year I went do and took pictures of her.  From the nail salon to her driving off to prom with her friends.

Look at theses nails before they were cut down.  It was crazy! We had so much fun giggling.

This is Dara and my Aunt Debby before she started on Dara's hair.

 Pop had to get a picture taken with his little angel. For sure she is his princess!

Aunt Debby so proud of the outcome.  It was beautiful!

 The girls showing off their hair with a little flair before they head out for the evening.

Just before they left it started sprinkling so be bagged their hair
in hopes it would last until they got to their prom.

Here is Dara and I on her graduation day.

Here is Brody and Dara at one of our cousin's baby shower. 
Brody had just turned 1 on Sept. 4th.  Look how little he is. Aww

I'm not sure how long Dara will be living with us.  But as far and we are concerned she can stay for as long as she would like. I'm ready to do a happy dance thinking about having another girl in the house.

Shannon, Dara and Jackie
Dara will be staying in Blake's room when he is at school.  Blake has cable TV in his room so at least it will not go to waste when she is staying there.  When Blake comes in this weekend she will sleep in the office.  It has Blake's old day bed and trundle.  It will be nice for them to get to hang out.  They don't normally get to do that much with us so far away from everyone.

I know I've said it quite a bit but, I have a wonderful husband.  You know it's true when we have two of my extended family members living with us and he doesn't mind. I'm truly blessed beyond measure and I know it.  Thank you honey. I love you!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


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Nolita said...

Jackie, you do have a great guy be on board with extended family living with you. I am blessed to have a great guy too. It will be nice for you to have another female in the house, maybe balance things out with your hubby and dad also in the house. I was the baby who broke the male trend in my house and I was a little spoiled in my early childhood (so was my sister when she came along 2 years later). Enjoy this time!