Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Decorations

I was watching Youtube and HeyKayli made a how to video on how to make some really cute Easter decorations. I thought some of you might like to try her idea out.  I know if I had small children I would love to try this with them.  Maybe one day I will get to try this with my grandchildren.  If you try this be sure and let me know.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is coming

Do you celebrate Easter? Two of my best friends do not celebrate Easter.  They are both Christians and celebrate Passover and the death and resurrection of Christ but, feel Easter is a pagen holiday.  They would be correct.  If you would like more information regarding the details you can go to this website: .  That isn't really what I wanted to write about.

My little family does celebrate the modern day Easter.  We believe that Jesus was born, died and rose again on the third day as it is told in the bible.  We taught Blake about Jesus but,we also allowed him to have fun with the Easter baskets, Easter egg hunt and all of the traditional Easter fun. I remember when Blake was around 16 we did a scavenger hunt for his various gifts. The ironic thing was all of the gifts ended up being pot related.  It wasn't planned that way it just ended up like that.  Meaning we bought him a Papa roach CD, Pineapple Express DVD and a few other things I can't remember.  I think we enjoyed getting the scavenger hunt together as much as Blake enjoyed finding the gifts.

This year I will not get to see Blake for Easter.  Michael has Good Friday off so he is heading up to Poteau for Blake's games.  I'm not able to take off of work right now.  I was at the store last night and found a ton of different Reece's cup treats as well as the small boxes of nerds we have been looking all over for.  I even bought an Easter gift bag and it is stuffed full of candy.  I told Michael, "If I can't be with my baby on Easter I can at least send treats to him".

I am going to leave you with some old Easter photo's of Blake.  It was around first or second grade.

Yes, we were to lazy to hide the eggs outside. Poor kid always had to look for his stuff in the house. He was still spoiled and got at least 2 Easter baskets every year.  The basket in his right hand is his and the one in his left hand is his grandma Patti's (Michael's mom) from when she was growing up.  We still have that basket and will pass it down to Blake's kids.

Do you have any plans for Easter?  If so, what are they? Do you celebrate Easter?

Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, March 26, 2012

That's the way I like it

This was a very relaxing, enjoyable weekends.  We didn't accomplish much this weekend.  Michael and I did however, spend some quality time together. We watched movies. I finished reading my 15the book of the year and started another one. About the only thing we did accomplish is going to the grocery store and I finished putting pictures in the middle frame for the entry way. I really enjoy spending time with my sweet husband. I'm a lucky girl to be saying that after as long as we have been together.

Since I don't really have a lot to say I will end with a few pictures from the weekend we spent with Blake.

I know the last picture is random but, I thought the sky looked beautiful as the storm came rolling in.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'll be missing you

As I mentioned in my last post Blake came home for a couple of days. Unfortunately for me I didn't really get to visit with him as much as I would have liked to.  I'm trying to make up for the day I missed so I have been working until 7 every night.  I guess really it's not much different then any other week but, this time I would have loved to have been able to go home at 5 and visit with my son.

On Tuesday I finally got home and made Blake his favorite meal.  It's called Wild West Casserole.  It's really an over glorified Frito pie. But my guys love it.  Poor Michael got sick after eating it.  He just can't handle anything even remotely spicy. I was hurting really bad so I took some medicine and after we ate I fell asleep in a chair. So, I didn't even really get to visit with Blake on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I worked until 7 and met the guys up at the Stix facility.  Blake was working on his batting with Shane.  He has been going to see Shane since he was 9yo.  It's crazy because Shane now has 3 kids.  A 4yo little girl and a set of twins.  One boy, one girl. He showed us some pictures last night and they are just adorable. Shane and Blake know each other so well in the batting cage, that Shane can just give Blake a look and Blake knows what Shane means. Shane can pick up on things that Blake doesn't even realize he is doing and can show him how to adjust to hit that much better.

After batting we stopped at Chicken Express which is one of the places Blake wanted to eat at before he head back to OK.  After we got home a friend of his stopped by.  They watched a movie with us and then we went on to bed to let them hang out.

I woke Blake up before I left for work so he could get up and get his tire repaired before he heads back to OK later today.  I'm not ready for him to go back but, I'm glad he is enjoying himself.  I am so thankful that the guys on the team all get along.

On a completely different note, my bracket isn't quite as bad as I thought. I still have 8 teams left in the sweet 16 of the 2012 Final Four. I'm in second place within our company right now. Here's hoping Baylor goes all the way and wins! :-)

Well I have to get back at it.  It's going to be another long day at the office. Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend update 3/20/2012

First let me just say that Michael is doing great.  He is a little gun shy on what he will eat but, that is understandable.  He has been sleeping so much better since he has been taking the medication the prescribed to him.  I hope when the meds are out that he will continue to feel well.

I didn't write a post most of the week because there just wasn't any going on.  I would get up go to work, work until 6:30 then go home and watch a few shows Michael and I like and it was time for bed. Get up the next morning and do it again. I didn't quite hit 50 hours so I'm not complaining.

Friday after work we headed to Poteau to visit Blake.  Saturday morning we got up early and went to have breakfast with Blake.  It was good seeing him.  He has lost so much weight.  All of that hard work last summer is gone. Blake said it was because they haven't been working out as much. Of course I had to tease him and ask, have you been taking drugs. It's kind of a family joke. I can't picture him taking drugs when he will not drink soda or at least not often.

After we had breakfast, Blake had to go get his uniform so Michael and I went back to the hotel room to relax before the game.  We listened to Tom Petty and each played on our own laptop. We are going to see Tom Petty in May so we are brushing up on his music. I got Michael the tickets for Valentines. He is always doing sweet thoughtful things for me I wanted to get him something he really wanted because he wouldn't buy them for himself. If Blake didn't have baseball I think I just might have been kicked to the curb.

We headed up to the baseball field to watch the games.  I got a sunburn for my efforts.  But not so bad that it's killing me.  It's uncomfortable to be sure.  After the games Blake had to go have cake and ice cream with the team.  The head coach was celebrating his 900th win and his family was there to celebrate along with the team.  He ended up getting his 900 and 901st win. Michael and I headed back to the hotel to wait for Blake to get finished with the celebration and get cleaned up.  When he finally called we took him out to dinner and then went back to the hotel room and watched some basketball.

Sunday Michael go up and did Blake laundry and let me sleep in. I had gotten up several times due to my back and was glad to be able to rest before the double header.  I spent the majority of both games in the truck.  I didn't want to aggravated my back anymore then it was.  After the games we headed to Fort Smith for dinner.  Again we came back to the hotel to watch more basketball. I know it's been a very exciting weekend!  Don't be jealous. haha

Monday wasn't very exciting.  We got up went to the game and drove back home.  But this time, I got to ride with Blake.  He is home for a few days.  Blake was so sweet and came and watched TV with me in my room.  I needed to lay down after all of those games and driving. We watched a couple of recorded shows and a movie.  After the movie he headed for bed. I am happy to have my boy home for a few days.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness 2012

Do you get into March Madness?  I wouldn't say I really get into it.  I fill out a bracket most years  and put up my $5 not expecting to win. It's more out of fun. The first year I played at the office I think I came in 3rd out of almost 20 people. I work with a bunch of men so it was funny that I did so well. This year it is down to 5 of us playing. My bracket is busted. Has been since the beginning. I am a huge Texas fan and am an idiot every year and pick them to go to the championship. I know Texas has a bunch of freshmen but, I pick them just about every year. I know it's silly and I should give up loyalty when it comes to bracket play. Maybe next year. Well, I guess I better wait to see how they develop next year to make that decision. I was even dumb and picked Baylor to win it all this year. A Texas girl all the way.
It's kind of funny to go just about anywhere and hear people moan about their bracket being busted. With the two huge upsets last night where two #2 seeds were upset with a 15 seed. Crazy! That is one of the reasons I love sports. You just never know when an upset is going to happen. All it takes is an off day on a great team or arrogance of a great team and bam a team with nothing but heart comes in and rocks their world.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not a huge college basketball fan. But, when you have guys living in your house and you work with a bunch of guys you are going to hear about sports. After a while you just kind of know what teams normally do well. That and on the bracket they give the seed number along with their season record and then you just have fun with it. Poor Blake was not a happy camper when he heard about the upsets at breakfast. I have a feeling his bracket was busted along with a lot of other folks.
What are your thoughts? Or do you just wish everyone would shut up about it? Did you fill out a bracket this year?  If so how is it going for you?
Have a great Monday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Michael went to the ER but is OK

This weekend was not the best we have ever had.  My neck and back were so jacked up that I slept the majority of the weekend.  I did get the two larger frames filled with pictures and have stared on the middle frame and that was about it for Saturday.

Michael has recently started working out again.  He picked up some Hydroxycut cut and started taking it Saturday.  He has been smart on the exercise part and he is just walking at this point. But on Sunday around 3 or 4 his upper belly and chest started bothering him.  He couldn't get comfortable and if you know Michael he has a high tolerance for pain. So he finally decided I can take him to the ER. I don't know if it was just a slow day or what or it was because we got there just before a shift change but, everyone was Johnny on the spot. Michael had 3 departments fighting for him. After they ruled out a heart attack they sent him to get a sonogram.  When he got back from the Sonogram they drew blood and gave him this medicine to drink that would help numb his tummy.   After he got that done they called the CT guy and they did CT on his abdomen.  Everything came out with flying colors.  The only problem is he as still in a lot of pain. While we were waiting for the release papers they gave him a shot of morphine to help him until we could get the Rx's filled.  Michael is supposed to go see a Gastro person.  The ER Dr. thinks it has something to do with his reflux.

This is how worried he gets about me.  I'm sitting in the chair beside his bed in the ER and of course those chairs are not the most comfortable chairs in the world so I get up to move around a bit and take some pain meds and he tells me I can go on home.  That he will either call me when they are ready to release him or he will take a taxi. Then he was picking on the nurse.  Telling her that he was her number one patient.  that the rest didn't matter.  She told him you are right.  I only have two patients.  I pop in and say of course he is your favorite.  All the work is done and you get to just check on him now and then. She laughed and said yes.  She likes it like that.  There had just been a shift change.  When Michael was about to be released she was giving me all of the instructions because he was on pain meds and she made a comment that obviously I would be driving because Michael wasn't in a state to be doing so.  Of course my husband has to say oh she got her licence revoked. And other stuff I don't even remember.  He had me cracking up.  He is a nut even when he isn't feeling well.

Michael was still feeling really bad this morning and tried to get up and get ready for work but almost feel because he fell asleep.  So he called in to let them know he would not be in today.  Poor guy.  He isn't sick very often but when he is it really hits him hard.

So if you guys would send your thougths and prayers toward Michael I would really appreciated it.  I don't know what I would do with out him.

Thank you.  Hope all of you have a great Monday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How do you deal with lossing a child?

Blake's team was supposed to have a game earlier this week.  The other team had to cancel the game.  Apparently there are a set of twins on the other team and one of them got hit in the head by a ball a few days before the game.  The twin that got hit started acting paranoid and just not acting like himself and after a few days his parents wanted to take him to see a Dr. he said OK let me go brush my teeth and hair.  He never came back down stairs.  Someone went to check on him and found he had slit his throat.  The funeral was this week.  When Blake was telling me all of this my heart just broke for this family. I know that everyone on the baseball team and who has heard this tearriable news has been effected. 

Will you take a moment and send your thoughts and prayers to the team and family that this young man left behind? I can't even imagine what they must be going through.

Thank you,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confidence - Do you have it?

What gives people the confidence to go on a singing competition like The Voice or American Idol? What give these people the courage to stand up and sing in front of people?  Some with incredibly horrible voices and some with a voice of an angel.  How can the people with horrible voices not know they have horrible voices and yet others who sing so pure not know that they truly have a gift?

I know my limitations.  I know I can't sing and even if I could I don't know if I would have the courage to get up in front of anyone and belt it out. I am a person who prefers to be working behind the scenes. I don't mind working my tale off setting up and tearing things down in order for someone else to shine.  I actually enjoy it. But not everyone was born to be behind the scenes. Some folks were born to shine. Were you born to shine?  Or are you someone who likes to help out?  I honestly want to know.

One of the things I have loved about blogging and reading blogs is the interaction between the blogger and the commenter.  How friendships develop and a bond is created and yet you don't know this person in real life (or IRL). It is amazing how you can read about a persons life or thoughts and dreams and feel a connection with them.  I enjoy blogging because you can hear my voice and my thoughts but I don't have to be in front of people.  If there is a crowd I become very withdrawn. If I'm in a small group of people I can talk with the best of them. I don't know if I could ever go to a blogger convention and make myself get out of my comfort zone long enough to meet people.  I have a feeling I would got to the meetings and head back to my room until it was time to eat or go to  the next meeting. I admire people who are so out going that they can talk with anyone and everyone no matter the size of the crowd. Are you shy in a crowd?  Or are you one of the lucky ones who can shine no matter the situation?

As a parent I feel I have pulled Blake back and regret it. What I mean is when he was in sports we taught him not to be boastful, arrigant or cocky.  Which is great to a certain point but, I have learned that the guys who have swaggar are the ones who tend to stand out more.  Blake is and was as talented as these guys but because he didn't have the swaggar he was overlooked. Trust me, we know his limitations and we communicate the things he needs to work on to him.  We don't just fill his head with you are the best of the best you dont' need to work on anything.  For starters I don't know an athlete alive that doesn't need to work on something.  I don't care if they are little league or a professional.  So how do you teach your kids modesty with a bit of swagger thrown in?

Have a great Wednesday.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

Michael wanted to get the oil changed in the van so we dropped it off on Friday night.  We didn't want to worry about getting up early on a Saturday just to drop the van off. Since we were close we went to eat at Judge Beans.  If you look at the previous post you will get to see a crummy picture of the klassy atmosphere where we ate on Friday night.  I was disappointed. The food used to be great. Our waitress was an older lady but she had only been working there two days.  Somehow I don't think she has waited tables before.  She was very sweet but messed up our order a bit.

After we got home from dinner we got busy doing some small repair work on the house.  Micheal patched up the nail holes in the entry way and then painted. While he was busy working in the entry way I was busy in the master bathroom reinstalling the soap dish.  Had I known it would be that easy I would have done it a while ago. We have no clue what we are doing when it comes to repair work on our home.  I have replaced light switches and a switch to the heater in the bathroom.  Had it not been for a really good friend showing me what to do I would have never even tried.

Saturday, I woke up a little before 7 AM.  If you know me, you know I am NOT a morning person.  I never have been and never will be.  Michael had woke up around 6:30.  (Ironic considering we went to all the trouble to take the van up to the shop last night so we didn't have to wake up early.) We ended up talking and watching TV for a bit. Michael got a call from the shop to let us know that the check engine light was on. So he okayed the repair work.  It stinks because we just had it in the shop last week to get something else repaired.  We hate putting any more money into this old van because it's 14 years old and has no air conditioning or heater and has well over 250K miles on it. We are hoping to buy a new vehicle by the end of the year and get rid of the van. But, we have to payoff Blake's Extera.

I've mentioned before how Michael has been on a reorganizing kick well, he has been working a little at a time on the garage and today he wrapped it up.  The garage looks awesome.  After he finished the garage we went to get the van.  After we dropped it off at the house we set out looking for Firehouse Subs.  I pulled it up on my phone GPS and according to the phone there was one 2.5 miles from our house.  So we set out following the directions and end up in the middle of a neighborhood.  Michael was aggravated I just laughed. It's not like we had set plans today. Then the crazy phone took us on some long way  around to the actual sub shop.  I thought Michael was going to blow a gasket.  I kept laughed at him.  Some how I don't think this made his mood any better.  We finally got there and got the yummy sandwiches.  Not sure if they worth all the driving but they were good.  On the bright side we now know exactly where it is and can get there quite a bit easier then the way Cybil took us.  Yeah, I named my phone Cybil after the adventure she took us on.  It's not the first time Cybil has steered us wrong. After we ate we head to the Neighborhood Wal Mart and got our grocery shopping out of the way. It's always such a reliefe to have that chore out of the way.

I didn't get to sleep until close 6AM on Sunday morning.  I hate when I can't get to sleep. It threw my entire Sunday off. Michael was very sweet and let me sleep in.  Once I finally woke up he got back into organizing and now our kitchen cabinets look amazing. I only went through a couple of boxes and sorted through them.  Michael came along and didn't like what I did with some of the things and did his thing with them.  This is why I let him organize things his way.  It's just easier sometimes.  We wound up our Sunday by watching the Walking Dead.

All in all it was a nice quite weekend. I enjoy the kind of weekends when we can just go with the flow. I know me and if it was like this every weekend it would drive me batty.  I know I can enjoy them because we will be heading again to see Blake play ball and this time he might get to come home with us for a few days.  We were not expecting that but are very happy to have learned of this. 

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

Have a wonderful Monday.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keeping it KLASSY in Keller

We ate at Judge Beans Friday Night. It was the first time I have eaten there in years. As we were walking out I look to my left and there on the wall was this poor little deer.

Sorry this isn't a great shot I used my cell phone.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blake Plays Ball!

Blake finally got to get into a game on Wednesday and it sounds like he did great.  Blake played the end of the first game and all of the second game.  He went 2 for 3.  Blake is batting 400 right now.  Oh, how I wish we could have been there to cheer him on. I don't know if you can tell but, I love that boy with all my heart!  I'm so happy for him about finally getting to show what he is capable of in a game situation. I hope the coaches see what they have on their hands and capitalize on his ability.  Trust me I'm not just saying that.  If he is stinking it up I'm honest about it.  We have always been honest with Blake and he prefers it like that. 

Michael and Blake got me a couple of digital frames in the last few years and we have really enjoyed them.  I love our family on both sides and love to see pictures of everyone daily.  It has worked out well.  I can take pictures until my heart is content and Michael loads them on both digital frames.  Michael is even going back and scanning old pictures and putting them in the frames.  There are pictures of Blake from when he was little bitty and it melts my heart and takes me back to that time.  Honestly it makes me want to have another child I miss it so much.  I told Michael that last night and he said "No way. I  would have to get in way better shape before we had another kid."  So it's not a no. ha ha Just kidding. As much as I would love to have the cuddles and the good times with a baby all over again it was a lot of work and dedication. As good as Blake was it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.  That and we always have heard you have one really good kid and one that's hell on wheels.  We got the really good kid first so we were to scared to try for a second.  Well, we tried, it just never happened.

What are your plans for the weekend?  We are going to stay home and work on the house some more. I took the before pics of the entry way picture wall and the frames we are putting up in it's place. I'm excited about updating our home.

TGIF! Hope y'all have an awesome weekend.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Survivor 2/29/2012

Did you watch Survivor last night? That Kat girl is not the sharpest tool in the shed. During the reward challenge it took her 7 tries to get the memory board correct.  Not that the guy did any better. Thank God the girls actually won for once and won some fishing equipment and a boat.  They actually took the boat out and caught 3 fish.

During the idol challenge the caller on the girls team did a horrible job telling the girls that were blind folded how to get where they needed to be to get the puzzle pieces. Jeff was yelling at the girls to MOVE!!! Surprisingly the girls picked up the pace during the puzzle part of the challenge and actually won the challenge.  I was shocked!  How in the world did they do it?  They were so far behind that I didn't think they had a chance to pull a win out of the bag. This will be the first time the girls have not gone to tribal council since this season started. Maybe they are finally getting their act together.

The guys first tribal council was interesting. Matt is such an arrogant jerk. Everytime he opens his mouth condescension just poors out of it. Matt thought he has this game wrapped up with a big old bow on the top. I loved that he was the first guy to get voted off. :-)  Everytime you think you have this game down you get shot down!  That is why I love this game.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what is going to happen the rest of this season.  Especially after last night's teaser.

I hope everyone had a great leap day and an even better Thursday.