Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year

The End of this Year just might be the end of me.  I am literally working on two computers with a keyboards and a mouse for each computer.  If I want to work on the accounting program or use my work email I have to use one computer.  If I want to do anything else I am to use the other computer. Try keeping up with all of that fun with your head feels like mush.  Another fun little glitch is that the computer with the accounting information and email information I use the majority of the time will not allow me to use my printer.  I have thankfully found a way around the dilemma by emailing it to another lady in my department and having her print it off.  It slows my work flow down and I'm sure has to annoy her.  I ended up just waiting until she left to get my accounts payables printed.  Don't get me wrong she was supper nice about printing the items for me.  I just know how it is when you are in the middle of billing and get interrupted.

Year end is the busies time of year for me.  I have gotten as much as I can do complete as of right now.  Well, that is until my boss gets with me tomorrow.  I feel bad for him because I am sick and I don't want to pass this crud on to anyone else.  The upside is the musinex and Dayquil helps.  I just have to take it every 4 hours and I feel like I can live for a while longer.  Today has been the best day so far.  The only crummy thing is that it's gotten in my chest.  I'm torn as to weather I should get antibiotics or not.  I hope Dad is able to kick this mess.  Blake has been on antibiotics since last Friday and still isn't 100%.  Of course he let it go for 3 weeks and was working out and staying up late and getting up early for class.  Dad has slept a ton.  He got on his antibiotics on Monday I think.  That is when we knew he needed them.  Poor guy.

Sorry there just isn't much going on right now besides being sick and work.

I hope you are having a better week then our family is.

I hope you have a fantastoc Friday and an even better weekend.

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Nolita said...

Add some Emergen-C into the mix to help your own immune system kick this stuff. Chase it with more fluids and also get outside for deep breaths to clear out your lungs. Hope you feel better soon, lady! We want you healthy and happy in the new year!