Friday, September 9, 2011


This mama is loving Skype.  I love that I can still see Blake even if he is hours away from me.  I saw that he was on facebook tagging himself in some baseball pictures I had missed so I took a shot and called him. Michael, my husband was in the room so we all had a great conversation.  For some reason my video camera wasn't connecting but his was and that was good enough.  That boy is the light of our lives!

Here is a picture of our family after the game.  It was a long day so we are all sweaty!

Jackie, Blake, Michael

This is the young man that stole our hearts almost 20 years ago. If I new we would have another one just like him I think I might be tempted to go through all of this again.  I feel bad that I wasn't ever able to give him a brother or a sister.  Especially after my mom passed away and I leaned so much on my sister.  Maybe he will marry in to a big family who knows.

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