Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lost and Found

Have you ever just driven down a road just to see where it will go?  I have and I love it.

I normally feel very comforatable doing this because I have navigation on my cell phone.  If I get worried or can't figure out how to get home I just grab my phone.  Plug in my home address and sit back and follow the directions. 

On my way home I was taking a back road and missed my turn because I was day dreaming.  I didn't think much of it because I love the adventure of taking a new road. I turned up the radio and just enjoyed the ride.  I figured I'd be able to make a left turn at some point and wind my way back to where I was heading. This time however the road kept going without the option of a left turn. I got a bit nervous. I thought I'll just grab my cell phone. But today, I accidently left my cell phone at the office.   I figured oh well, I'm in a good part of town and this is actually a really nice ride home. I found ballparks I didn't even know about.  Along with some businesses I had no idea where there.

The good news is I finally found the left turn I was looking for and ended up finding a really cool way to get home.  If there is ever an accident on the main road I drive on I now know a new way to get home. It took about 15 minutes longer but there was no traffic which is a luxcurie in the Fort Worth area.

There have been times where I have found a new faster way home. But many times its just tends to be way out of the way.  The cool thing about doing this is finding something you didn't know was in your area or if it ends up being a beautiful day like today was you can just enjoy your little unexpected adventure

Here is hoping you find an unexpected adventure this week that turns out as nice as mine did.

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