Friday, September 23, 2011

Explination of The Lone Star Cowboy

My Aunt and Uncle had a fish fry in honor of Jason with the fish Jason had caught.  Before his death he had told his parents he wanted to have a family fish fry. Since we were doing the fish fry in honor of Jason I thought I would write something to capture his act of heroics at the time of his passing. I wanted to do something for my Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jeannie and his brother Josh. 

Jason was a roofer and had worked his way up to management.  He was on the top of a roof of a business that had been in a fire doing a bid.  He got close to a skylight and it gave and he fell 40 feet hitting his head on an air conditioning unit on his way down.

He was rushed to the hospital but was not able to be saved.  He was able to donate his organs and in the process saved two lives that we know of.

After his passing one of his friends was saved and said it was because of Jason.
It breaks my heart that Josh was in the accident and watched my brother die and then three months later his best friend Robbie was murdered. They never did find the killer. To top it off he lost his brother Jason a few short years later. Not to mention our grandpa a few months before that. Grandpa passed January 28th and was buried on my birthday February 2nd. Jason died May 21st.

We have had several more family members pass and it just never get easier.

Sorry this weeks post were a little depressing.

Hug  your family this weekend and let them know you love them. Life is short and you never know when you will be called home.


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