Monday, September 12, 2011

Maverick our baby

Along with my dad's dog buddy we have our own dog Maverick.  You would think Maverick would be the name of a boy dog but no, ours is a girl.  Blake was 8 years old when we got Maverick from my sister and her family.  We got her one day before she turned 6 weeks old.  We allowed Blake to name her.  It was a choice between Cobra or Maverick.  I think he made the right choice.  

Maverick is a cross between a Shiatsu and a Collie. When her hair is short she looks like a puppy.  She is actually 10 years old.  She will be 11 in February.

I remember the night we got Maverick.  We picked her up at my sisters then went and spent the night with Michael's brothers place.  We stopped on the way and picked up food and the rest of the items you need to c are for a puppy.  We even picked up a laundry basket so she could sleep in it and not make a mess on the new carpet.  I don't know if she even weighed 5 pounds.  She was so was tiny.  Anyway we all get settled in.  Blake slept in the living room with the puppy and I will be darn it that little thing didn't crawl out of that basket.  The only thing we could figure out is she must have used the cut out squares as stairs.  And OF COURSE she left a mess for us.  I felt so bad.  I did get it all cleaned up.

Blake Loving on Maverick just before he and I left to take him up to Oklahoma

We all adore our baby girl.  As a matter of fact she comes to me when I caller her baby girl.  This is the third dog we have gotten for Blake or at least they were supposed to be Blake's.  Somehow they all ended up being my babies.  I tried very hard not to have the same effect on Maverick but, I think she is the worst mama's girl so far.  The boys can be calling her to come to them and she will come to me.  They don't care for this a bit.  She is a Maverick.  She tends to do what she wants when she wants to.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

Maverick has been supper clingy to me since Blake has gone. She is normally lovey but it has gone way overboard lately.  Maybe she sinces me being sad and missing Blake and she is just comforting me.  She does do that.  She always knows when I'm upset either mad or sad.  She will crawl up into my lap and comfort me.   This is why she is our baby girl.  She takes care of us even when we don't realise she is doing it. 

I hope you have an animal in your life that can love and comfort you when you need it.

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