Friday, September 16, 2011


What is it about little kids that make a person melt into puddles? Especially if that child is apart of your family. Below is a picture of my great nephew Brody.  He has us all wrapped around his little finger.

Look at that face! haha  I said Brody look at me. He saw the camera and said cheese.

Brody is daddy made over. Who is his daddy made over.  Blonde hair and blue eyes and full of life. 

That is my sister Shannon giving Brody kisses.  The guy with the cap on in the back ground is Shannons husband Darren.  That is Brody's grandpa.  Can you see the resembeliance?

This is just a really cute picture of Blake.  He was pushing Brody in a little car.

At the fourth of July party Brody was afraid at first to go into the water.  My aunt Linda and her husband Dan had this increadable cabana and pool area built so we could have family get togethers.  It is increadable. 

Brody playing in the baby section of the pool.
He found those goggels and had to wear them the entire time we were at the party.

After he finally got used to the water he allowed me to take him out into the deeper parts.  I had him kicking his little legs saying swim like a fishie by the end of the day.

The trust and love a child has for you is unconditional.  The purest form of love.

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