Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There was a Lone Star Cowboy that was sweet as he could be although he tried so hard not to let us see.  His kindness was a beacon to all of which were weak, knowing he would keep them until they no longer had a need.

The Lone Star Cowboy loved his family true and would do anything not to make them blue.  Remember the loving look in the Cowboy’s eyes, as he smiled while he looked upon each child.

For even at the end his boys knew daddy gave his precious life to save two.  No they did not know who, that part is true, but you see this is what their daddy would want them to do, be brave, strong and even proud they would be sure not to let daddy down.

Jacob, Dustin and Brandon too in the end knew what they must do.  These three boys gave up the most treasured gift of all, they gave up their one and only Pa.

Even after the Cowboy’s passing you see, he helped out another to see Jesus, can you believe?  So take note one and all, even in the end we are witnesses that are called.

Rest in Peace Jason we love you!

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