Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

What is your opionion on Halloween? My parents allowed us to trick or treat. As far as I know Michaels parents allwed it as well. My husband and I always allowed Blake to dress up and take part in trick or treating. One of us would stay and hand out treats to the other kids that came by. To be honest, I don't recall the last time Blake dressed up for halloween.  One year Blake went as the grim reaper. His dad was a funeral director at the time so we all thought it was quite funny. But not everyone gets our humor.
My sister does not celebrate halloween. To my knowledge she didn't allow her kids to celebrate it either. She feels it is a pagon holiday and is worshiping satan. I can understand and respect her feelings Her kids are all grown. I wonder what they wll do with their chldren.

We went to a Halloween party Saturday night.  The decorations were awesome!  I have never seen anyone go all out like this family did.  They had food in the shape of brains, eyes, skull with some type of spicey jelly on top that looked like blood, in a small casket they had a skeleton and they put brisket on top of it like we were eating the persons meat for dinner.  Very creative.

In front  of the house was a bone yard with tumb stones and bones and all kinds of things.  They had a thicket with babies all inside.  It reminded me of Freddy with the soul of children that is on his chest and belly.  I could go on and on but there were just so many details.  The very first contest I participated in to help the hostess out.  It was a carmel appel contest.   Whoever ate the carmel appel the fastest won.  Thank God I took small bites because it ended up being onions covered in carmel with sprinkels on it.  I got a little to the paper but I never hit actual onion.  The guy next to me was chowing down on the onion like it was an apple.  Everyone got a kick out of it.  Each of us got a prize.We ended up leaveing at 10 PM.  It was a fun night.

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