Saturday, October 29, 2011

Davis the Natural Photographer

It is almost 2 AM on Saturday morning and I am just now getting the chance to look at the pictures taken last Saturday.  To be honest I had no idea what to expect.

Six year old Davis is a wonderful young man.  He is so full of life and you never know what he is going to say next. I giggle the entire time I am with him.  While we were at Derek's game Davis got a little bored so I offered to let him take pictures with my camera.  It's a Nikon D3000.  No, it is not top of the line by any means but, it's not a particularly in expensive camera either.  Well at least not to me.  So I put the strap around his little neck and show him how to zoom in and out and what button to push to take the picture.  I really expected to get some funny shots. I figure I would end up deleteing all the pictures he took. I go through them and I am shocked at how well he did.  He had some great shots.  Out of the 50 - 60 shots he took he only took about 6 shots that were of trees or of nothing in particular.  And to be honest some of those shots could have been me showing him what button to push and showing him how hard you have to push the button.  I do believe he is a natural.  If he starts taking photographs at 6 years old can you imagine how incredible his pictures will be by the time he is 40 years old?

Davis actually blew my post.  I was hoping to be able to put several crazy shots he took for your amusement and mine and call it a day. Dang! Foiled by a six year old. 

Pictures taken by 6 yo Davis

The two below is what I was expecting for 90% of what he had taken.
It was a pleasant suprise that is wasn't. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.


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