Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happiness is......

I woke up in a really good mood again this morning.  It is amazing to me how much my back affects my mood.  I don't really notice it until I've had relief and am back at my normal pain level.

On my drive into work I had a mini concert with Blake Shelton.  Oh how I love to listen to that man sing.  I was never happier for a person then when he and Miranda Lambert got married.  He is a mess and I wish them nothing but the best.  The Junk Gypsy 's put on Blake and Miranda's wedding and out did themselves.  If you click on the Junk Gypsy's name it will take you to the blog and pictures. It was so eclectic and original and just beautiful.

What do you do in the mornings? Do you have anything that puts you in a really good mood?

Yesterday a temp agency brought me a cookie cake that I waited to put out today to share with the crew.  World Wellness came by and gave a free 10 minute massage to anyone who wanted one. As you can see I have a tough work life.  The only thing that was hard about it was getting people to sign up.  To be honest it surprised me.  This isn't just some random massage people coming in.  This place has a chiropractic facility as well as nutritionist.  They take care of the entire body. It is their choice so I will respect their decision. The lady doing the massage said my back was so tight it felt like a brick.  This is a good day so I wonder what it felt like over the last two weeks.

To get the evening off to a good start, I had another Blake Shelton concert on my way home from work. I get home and you will never guess what my husband is doing. Watching the Rangers.  Shocking I know.  It is the playoffs so I can't even pick on him about it. The game was delayed so I'm not sure what time it will  be over. When I walked in from work Michael said Detroit got to runs so I needed to go back to work.

Well I am going to get this posted before I get distracted and forget. Hope you have a fabulous Thursday.


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