Monday, October 24, 2011

First Record

Do you recall the very first record you ever bought with your own money?  I'm talking vinyl no CD or Tape.  Well alright, if your not as old as I am I'm not going to stop you from playing along.

My very first 45 was I can't drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. I was in my early teens hanging out with some friends.  I didn't have much money left in my pocket so we went into the record store.  I go through the 45's and pulled out I can't drive 55 because I thought it sounded cool.  I had never heard the song in my life nor had I heard of Sammy Hagar.  But when I got home I put the record on the record player and rocked out to it. It was so uptempo that it got you moving.  If I would have been 16 at the time that tape would have be blaring as I sped down the road.  That record was the first time I had bought an album without know who the singer was. 

The next album I bought without knowing who he was or if his singing was worth the almost $15 for the new CD I had just bought was none other than Keith Urban's 2002 Golden Road.  Oh my word was he one good looking man.  When I plugged in his CD I knew I struck gold.  No pun intended. I learned every word of every song on that CD.  He had me hook line and sinker

What was the first record, tape or CD you ever bought on your own?  Have you ever bought a single or album on blind faith?  If so was it worth it or did you regret it?

I love music.  It has lifted me up after loosing loved one.  It has brought me comfort, made me feel love, anger, happy, bubbly.  You name it and music has the ability to bring out just about any emotion you can think of.  Think of a scary movie.  Without the scary music the scene just isn't the same.

What is your favorite kind of music?  What is your favorite CD/Album? What is your favorite band/group or singer?

I hope I get some comments on this one.  I would love to checkout some new music and share it with my husband and son.

Have a great Monday.



Nolita said...

I believe my first record was from Grease back in 1977. I think I may still have it too.

Blessed With a Boy said...

I love that record. I alwasy wanted it when I was younger but never got it.

Thank you for the comment.