Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Truck Problems

What is it with finally getting caught up on some bills, getting a little ahead when BAM! something else hits you unexpectedly.  So obviously from the title of this post it was my truck that gave us the headache this time.  I had it at the shop before 7:30 AM and they had me dropped off back at my house by 8:30.  They called at noon to say it was ready.  It ended up being the altinator.  I asked for the auto place to come pick me up because I didn't have a ride and they said they would be here as soon as they could get someone shaken loose to do so.  Four hours later they still had not shown up.  My husband finally got off work and took me up to the shop to pick up my truck. So I missed another day of work.  Fortunately for me the company I work for is really great.  But still, if the would have come and picked me up when they said they would have I could have gone in for at least half the day.  Oh well, I guess it was nice to spend time with my dad.

Hope your Halloween was better than mine.

Have a great Tuesday!


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