Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flash back to little league football

This was quite a busy weekend.  When I got home from work we went grocery shopping to get that out of the way. We needed to get to bed early so we could get up and drive to McKinney to watch some of our cousins on Michael's side of the family play football. It was fun and exciting as well as tiring.

The first game we went to see was a flag football game for Trisha's youngest son Davis.

Davis plays center the majority of the time.  That is him hiking the ball.

 Davis did a wonderful job playing center.  He was cracking me up when he wasn't on the field. One time the coach was trying to get the kids together and talk to them about the next offensive play while the defense was on the field.  So Davis's grandma tells him "Davis you probably need to go on over to where your coach is talking to the other boys." Davis just sat where he was looked up and listened for a minute or two and said "nah, that has nothing to to do with me."  And he was right.  I wasn't much help.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't bear to tell he to go listen to his coaches.  Besides, he isn't the only one that didn'  listen to the coach's very well.  They were like herding a bunch of cats at times.  It was too cute to watch them all.

Davis even got the opportunity for a hand off.  Here is a picture of him getting the ball handed off to him.

He saw so close to a touch down.  We are very proud of him for working so hard.  He is just a ball to be around.

Two hours later we were at Derek's football game. Derek is Trisha's oldest son.  Derek is a center as well.  Derek is just under 60 pounds and was going up against a young man that was closed to 95 pounds. He  did a wonderful job getting the ball to the QB and doing his best to hold the guy that was at least two times his size.

Derek is # 50 on the Navy Blue team he was up against # 95 on the Cowboys  I should have

I will put a couple more photo's up tomorrow. We had a great time watching the boys.  It is always fun watching the kids play ball.  They try so hard to give it their all.  We are hoping to make it again this weekend.  Blake might be in town and is wanting to watch the boys play football.

After the game Michael and I went over to Trish and Clint's house and visited. Trisha's mom Peggy and step dad Vernon were at the game and were visiting with us as well. I will fill you in on that more tomorrow.

On our way home Michael and I grabbed something to eat. We stopped and got dad his KFC popcorn chicken he is hung up on right now and I dropped Michael off  so they could watch the Texas Rangers game.  By the way the Rangers clinch the ALW championship and are going back to the World Series. Hopefully they will win it this time around.

I went to hang out with Amy.  We didn't do a ton but it sure was fun hanging out with my friend.

Sunday was a day of rest.  And I sure did date advantage of that.  I didn't want to get up for work on Monday.  Oh well we all have to do things we don't want to do at times.

I am falling asleep as I type this as you can  probably tell.  So I will write more about it tonight.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.


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