Friday, October 7, 2011

The Sisters

My mom was the oldest of seven kids. This is the order the kids were born.  Arna, Chuck, Sandy, Linda, Debby, Danny and Dianne. 

Left to Right: Sandy, Linda, Debby and Dianne.  My mom passed away Nov. 17, 2007.

Left to Right: Dianne, Linda and Arna My mom. 
This was the last picture taken of my mom before she passed away.

The sisters have always been very close.  Not that they don't have their issues because believe me they do.  They are after all siblings.  One will call another one and before you know it they have conferenced called the others. What they talk about is beyond me but let me tell you they can chat with the best of them. 

It is now on the sisters to keep the Yoho family going. Keeping the family as close as it was when Granny and Grandpa Yoho were alive is very hard.  With all of the grand kids grown up and so many of us having our own kids it is almost impossible to get everyone together on any given day. 

Aunt Linda and her husband Dan have had a swimming pool in stalled along with a cabana, play ground, basketball court and zip line.  They also have a fruit tree orchard and a walking path that is a memorial for loved ones that have passed away.  It is gorgeous.  Every year they add a little something to it. For the last few years they have been throwing a 4th of July party as a family reunion. They always go above and beyond.  They provide the meat and the rest of the gang brings the sides and deserts as well as your own drink.  We have all really enjoyed ourselves.

When my mom passed away my aunts were there for my sister and I.  I don't know what we would have done without them.  They have also been there for my dad. We are blessed beyond measure to have the family we do.  I wish everyone of you has as wonderful of a family as we do.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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