Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm so disappointed right now.  Since the trip last weekend my back as been bothering me.  I'm still able to walk but, I have to walk slowly.  If I get froggy and move a little to fast it catches and send a spasms down my leg and up my back.  That is with the stimulator on and with me taking the medication and ice hot on.

Michael came into the room last night and said that Blake's last fall home game was this Sunday.  He wants to go back up there this weekend.  With the way my back is feeling right now there is no way I can even think about going. This disappoints me so badly.  I always want to take any chance I can to see Blake.  I can't risk not being able to walk and missing work. I'm still negative 35 hours on vacation time from when I was out at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

I have to mention I work for the most incredible people.  They kept paying me even when I was out of vacation time.  They allow me to take time off when my dad needs to be taken to the Dr. that is 3 hours away so it takes all day.  They also let me take off whenever I need to for Blake or when ever I need.  I normally try to make the time up because I don't want to take advantage of them or the company.

Even though I can't go I don't feel it's fair to make Michael stay home.  So, I'm encouraging him to go without me.  It stinks but, we want Blake to know he has our support.  Maybe we can Skype.  It's not the same and I won't get a hug from him but, it's better than nothing.

What would you do if you were fact with going to see your son and possibly not being able to walk after or staying home and possibly visiting him on Skype?

Hope you have a wonderfu Thursday.


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