Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Guys

Normally when we set out to go some place my husband has it all mapped out.  I don't really have to think about it.  He is very detail oriented like that.  Which is fine by me.  This time however, he was not as prepared as he normally is.  He had printed out the Talamena Scenic Drive map. But he did not have directions ready for where we were going to start and finish.  Fortunately we have navigation on our cell phones.  What on earth did people do without this handy little gadget? I know read a map is the obvious reply.  We are such a spoiled society.  So we figure out where we would like to start and enter where we want to go in our system and off we go.

One of my favorite things in this world is spending time with these two guys. T they are best friends and I love that.  They both treat me like a princess.  I couldn't love either of these two more than I already do. I am blessed that they are so close.  It makes me happy that our little family of three is so close.

I look at these two and my heart swells. Michael and I are very blessed to have a son like Blake.  It's not very many kids his age that are willing to hang out with his parents as much as he does.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Nolita said...

Isn't it nice to have that GPS on the phone? We never bought a GPS but we use our phones a lot when traveling.

You are blessed with your guys. Glad you had a nice weekend with both of them! Here's to more of that!