Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blake and The Talamena Senic Drive

This weekend went by entirely too fast for this mama.  We ended up not getting on the road until 5:30 PM on Friday evening.  Not exactly the ideal time to start a long road trip. It took us right at 5 1/2 hours to get to Poteau this time.  It normally takes about 4 1/2 if the traffic is cooperating. Between road construction and slow poke drivers I was going stir crazy. 

As we pull into Poteau, I call Blake to let him know to hop in his car as we are passing his college and meet us at the hotel.  The funny thing is apparently he had just sent me a text about picking him up some food right as I was calling him.  I didn't get text until after we got off the phone.  I texted him back telling him his dad hasn't eaten either and when he meets us he can have all the food he wants.  The poor kid looks like he has lost about 20 pounds.  That is frustrating because we spent a fortune this summer with a trainer trying to get him bulked up.  He just doesn't have time to eat 6 meals a day anymore.  So, we get the guys some food and take it back to the hotel room.  It is so late that Blake only stays for about an hour.

We got up the next morning and the boys made me stay at the hotel room to rest my back while they did laundry. I have such thoughtful men in my life.  I am very blessed!

The guys finally get finished with Blakes laundry and we head out to see the Talamena Scenic Drive.  It is very long trail and absolutely beautiful. We only drove about half of it.  It was so windy, cool and it had a slight over cast.  But so worth the drive.  You can also take various trails.  We got out at one place and found a spring.  It looked almost  dried up. I'm sure it's from the drought that happened this past year.  The entire area was beautiful.  With the leaves changing.  We do not get to enjoy that very much here in Texas.

After the drive we went to eat somewhere quick then went and rested at the hotel room for a bit.  Later that evening we went to see Tower Heist in Fort Smith, AR.  I kept calling the movie Towering Heights for some reason. When I was posting the movie we had gone to see on FB I put Towering Heights trying to put Tower Heist. DOH!  Anyway, the movie was great.  We were all pleasantly surprised.  With as many good actors that were in the movie you just never know.  But it worked and all of them played their role perfectly.

After the movie we are all starving.  Blake wanted to go to Outback Steak house.  It was so yummy.  I love their green beans. The steak was perfect!  Blake got the Sirloin and shrimp and Michael got the Sirloin and Ribs.  I had a slice of cheese cake.  The guys got these chocolate waffles with a scope of ice cream and chocolate syrup poured all over the waffles and ice cream.  Their desert could have been a meal in itself.  They really enjoyed it. 

On the drive back to from the movie we are on this really remote piece of the highway and Blake is telling us how he and 3 buddies from school had gone to see Paranormal Activity 3 and how freaky it was.  When they guys were on that part of the highway and someone would start to bring up the movie the others would shut him down quick. I was cracking up.  Right after Blake was telling us about this while he was still thinking of the movie and a littel freaked out and grab him and he jumps a mile.  I was cracking up.  He told me, you better be glad your my mom or you might have been punched in the nose. Which only made me laugh more. I'm such a mean mom.

We got back to the hotel room and just hung out and talked and watched TV.  Michael fell asleep around midnight and Blake left around 1AM.

Sunday we all slept in.  We had to be out of the hotel by 11 AM.  We get ready and go get Blake.  We ate at Joe's Place.  It's a whole in the wall breakfast and lunch dinner.  It is very good and the prices are great.  We have eaten there the last three Sundays we have been to see Blake. The last thing we did on the trip was go to Wal-Mart.  Sorry, no shirtless guys or hineys showing stories this time.  Which is fine by me!  We get all Blake needs and head back to his dorm.  Everything gets put up and we just visit for a little bit longer.  We finally get on the road a little before 2.  I tell Michael I'm going to sleep because I was hurting.  Boy did I sleep.  I slept all the way home. Get home get unpacked get dad something to eat and lay on the couch and visit with him a little bit.  Head on to bed and we watched one show we recorded and I was out like a light by the second show.  I don't even recall what the second show we watched was.  Before I fell asleep I did get the pictures uploaded to my laptop.  Hope you enjoy them.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Nolita said...

Gorgeous pictures, Jackie. Nice that you had a great visit with Blake even if you took pleasure in startling him. I think that's one of the perks of having children, right? ;.) I've been to Muse, OK before and it's close to Talihina which is close to Talimena. Never made the drive to see the leaves changing as many with motorcycles (!) around here do. I just wait until the leaves change here.

Of course if my boy was there, we'd be there as often as possible too. Glad you got to see him and also glad you got all that sleep. I'm a bit jealous of that actually...