Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Working Girl

I started baby sitting when I was 8 years old.  I watched my cousins while my aunt and her husband went out.  I can't imagine leaving an 8 year old alone with my baby much less have that young of a child watch a baby.  That shows the difference in this generation and the one I grew up in. I loved every minute of watching my cousinst.  All of our younger cousins were like live baby dolls for my sister and I to play with.  We adored all of them and still do.  Most of them still call us Aunt.

I have had a job since I was 17.  I worked at a day care my Sr. year.  I would go to school from 7 AM until noon then I would work from about 12:15 or 12:30 until 6 PM.  When I got off of work I would then babysit our next door neighbors 2 sons until midnight.  That made for a very long week.  I think the day care job was the one I have liked least out of the jobs I have had.  I got a job bagging groceries for a few months  before I got married that wasn't a picnic either.  Other than those two jobs I have been very blessed with the companies I have worked for.

I think the hardest part was having to have more than one job when in order to make ends meet.  Both my husband I have had two jobs.  I cleaned a Dr.'s office one day every weekend for 12 years and Michael threw a news paper 7 days a week for 7 years these jobs were on top of our regular 40 hour + job. This doesn't even cover the sporting events that were worked in through the week and the weekend for Blake.  Or the concession stands or other booths I had to volunteer to work. 

We would make Blake go with us to our second job on occasion to show him why he needed to go to college.  After Michael quit the paper he came and helped Amy and I with the office.  By then my back was getting so bad lifting anything was out of the question.  We finally quit due to my back in April of 2009. It was awesome to actually have weekends.  Yes, we still had sporting events but that was fun getting to watch Blake play whatever sport he was in and not have to stress about when I could get the office worked in.

I think the most jobs I have worked at one time was  4.  I worked my regular job, then I would work on Monday night until 11 or 12 in the back with another department processing checks, cleaned every weekend and for a while I helped my brother out as well.  Just until he hired my sister.  The upside was I didn't have to process every week.  But I did as often as I could especially around the holidays so we would have the extra money.  I honestly don't think my body could take what I put it through in my 20's. 

Thank the good Lord above that I have a wonderful job that pays me well enough where I don't have to have an additional job. 

What was your least favorite job or your favorite job?

Have a great day!



Nolita said...

I would say my current job is my favorite; I've worked here for 14.5years. I would say my least favorite was that week I worked for Target in Dallas. I also worked at Digital Equipment which was very cool, but I needed a little extra money for Christmas. I kept having to reorganize the shoe bins and that was an exercise in frustration. I don't think my boss liked that I worked at DEC also. I really liked working at DEC too, but that company went away and so did my position.

I've delivered pizzas, mowed lawns, cleaned homes and babysat and thrown papers too. I think the variety of jobs helps us know that we can take a job to feed our families and get by versus getting on welfare. I think we're passing that knowledge along to our kiddos because we don't want them to have the entitlement attitude that so many young adults have...


P.S. Have you felt any of the earthquakes in your area?

Blessed With a Boy said...


I couldn't agree more! We are passing on great work ethic to our kids. We are teaching them you do what it takes to make sure your family is cared for.

No, we haven't felt them. Did they damage anyting in your area? I think I would have freaked out a bit. I never thought earthquakes would happen in OK or TX. Is everyone still jittery or is all back to normal?

Nicki said...

Least favorite job? *Sigh* It would be easier to consider a job I actually liked.

I think I can't stand the commitment. I conquer the job and then I get bored.

One thing I like about self-employment is that it is so challenging. I have to work so hard, but it is so rewarding.