Thursday, November 3, 2011


Is it driving you crazy hearing about Kim Kardashian getting divorced?  Everywhere I turn I hear about it.  It is on the TV, radio, blogs and YouTube just to name a few.  Isn't there any real news out there? It makes me angry that people like Kim do not take the sanctity of marriage more seriously. Heck the girl has already been married and divorced one time before.  Her current husband didn't know this until they were all at a family dinner and one of the sisters made a comment about it the night before they were married. I don't normally watch their show but I was flipping through channels and happened to catch that part.  Don't you think it might be a little important to let the person you are going to marry know you have been married in the past?  Or maybe that is just me. 

I think I liked it better when we didn't know every time someone from Hollywood sneezed. Do we really need to know about all of the things going on with them?  Like for instance when Paris or was it Lindsey was going to jail and the rest of the new in the world stopped until the little darling ended up getting to serve her time at home.  I guess what they say is true about even bad publicity being good publicity.  People eat it up.

I don't think I could live in such a fake world.  How would you know who your real friends are or who was just sucking up to you because of who you are or what you have.  I have a hard enough time trusting people in my life now much less if I were in a rich perosns shoes. I'm not saying that people of wealth have it easy. Money comes with it's owen problems.  But,  I would think it would make life a little easier if you didn't have to worry about making a car payment or making sure your child could go to college.

What are your thoughts on celebrities or in the Kardashian realm reality TV stars? Do you get tired of hearing all about every move they make?  Or are you one of the people that eat it up with a spoon?

Have a great Thursday!

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