Monday, November 7, 2011

Whirl Wind

Whirl wind.  That is the only thing I can think of when Michael gets in a organizing mood. Michael has been driving me crazy.  Going through things that most likely should have been thrown out or gotten rid of years ago.  Of course I know I shouldn't be complaining.  There are a ton of women that would love for their husbands just to help.  I am thankful for all that Michael does it's just I'm not in the same frame of mind as he is right now.  If I were that would be wonderful. For both our sakes I better get in the mood to organize quick. 

Michael got his office all organized. Including the closet. He isn't much on the cleaning side so I need to go in and dust and vacuum and things like that.  He has made it much easier to do my tasks.  He has moved on to our room now.  The problem is now he is getting in my stuff and as I mentioned I'm not ready to go through it all just yet.  I know if I will just do get it done I will love it.  We are typically very organized kind of people.  But, when dad moved in things got displaced and its finally driving Michael crazy enough to do something about it.  OK I'll admit it will be nice to have my room all nice and organized as well. 

It is going to be interesting when he gets to the living room and try to go through my dad's stuff.  I think I will need to be out of the house when that happens. As I mentioned before, dad and organization do not go hand in hand.  I totally get why mom would get so frustrated.  He loves clean organized stuff but doesn't want to do it him self.  Then if you organize it and he can't find something. Well it's not a good thing.  Oh well.  It needs to be done and if Michael is willing to fight the fight well then good for him and our home.

Have a great day!

P.S.  Happy Birthday Trisha!!

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