Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh the things Michael says. Part 1

My wonderful husband talks in his sleep. For instance Monday night I woke up and notice he had the sheet up around his shoulders and seemed like he was freezing. I looked and the cover was at the foot of the bed ready to fall on the floor. I get up and pull the covers up and cover him up. After I cover him he stirs and says "Oh, thank you babe, now I can run faster." I started laughing and then he really woke up so I told him and he he laughed.

Another time Michael was asleep and all of a sudden he kicked us leg up into to the covers. I didn't know what in the heck was going on.  When he woke up and I told him what he did his reply was "I do my own stunts."

This past weekend was the Mega Million drawing. Several of the people at Michael's office got together and bought tickets.  Today one of the girls in the office noticed Michael had a band aid about three inches from his elbow and asked what happened to his arm. Michael replied "when I found out about losing the Mega Million drawing I went to slip my wrist and missed.".

One time when Michael and I went out on a date the little waitress came up and asked us what we would like to drink and then started naming various adult beverages.  Michael looked at her and said "I'm sorry, she is an alcoholic and isn't allowed to have anything like that to drink." The poor girl didn't know where to put herself. At the end of dinner he asked for a quarter to call his wife because he needed to let her know he would be getting home late. He is a nut.

I can go on and on but will stop f.or now. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


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