Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strange things are happening

In the last month I have seen some rather odd stuff.  One Friday on my way home from work I took a back road that takes me into a not so great area in Fort Worth.  As I'm pulling up to a stop light a notice on the back window of some guys car in huge letters was "Dimebag Johnny".  I'm thinking he must have toked one to many to have come up with that and thought it was a good idea to put on his rear window.  Can you imagine the number of times he has been pulled over and had his car searched on probable cause?  What a goof ball.  Dimebag Johnny? I have a feeling we might be seeing him on tht show the worlds dumbest crooks one of theses days.

About a week later, I am driving to work on my normal route and I see a car covered in pennies except for silver coins spelling out the word Cowboy. First it made me a little ashamed to be a Cowboy's fan. My next thought was how much money had he glued to his car? He could have had one of those standing room only cowboy tickets for the amount he put on that car. Heck it would have been less expensive to buy a sticker.

Then this morning I'm driving into work and I'm going through a school zone so we are all going 20mph.  I am looking ahead and see one of those scooters you see on commercials "flying" across traffic to get to a convenience store. I could just imagine the sound waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You can see the guy working it for all he was worth.  He looked relieved to have crossed the street and not be splatted on the pavement like some kind of Frogger character. Some of you might be to young to get that reference.  Go google it ya whipper snapper! haha

The craziest thing I have ever witnessed was when I was around 24. I was driving home from work on 635 in Dallas. It was bumper to bumper traffic and some guy gets ticked off because he got cut off by another driver.  The guy who got cut off then cuts off the guy who cut him off in the first place.  He slams on his brakes puts his truck in park gets out and starts punching the other guy in the face. The one receiving the beat down finally got smart and started to roll up his windows.  I was directly behind them and just sat there stunned.  There was no where to go.  We were boxed in from all sides by other cars.  The guy punching finally gets back in his car and takes off.  That was not only strange but scary.

Have you witnessed anything strange, funny or scary on your drive?

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.


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Carolynne said...

Whoa, those sure are some crazy things that you have seen. I can't imagine gluing all the money to my car. What a waste! And the guy who punched the other guy! HOLY crow!! Road rage is a terrible thing!!

I don't think I have witnessed anything really crazy. At least nothing stands out in my mind. I'll have to think and get back to you LOL.