Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updating the house bit by bit

When we moved into our home back in 1995 we were in love with all of the blue carpeting we had put in.  I was 24 and had no idea what I was doing. 17 years and 4 dogs later the blue carpet was a HUGE mistake! HUGE!!  We have been longing for hardwood laminate for close to 12 years and last Friday it was finally installed.  We still have the blue carpet in the bed rooms and the original linoleum in the two bathrooms but the majority of our home is now nice and new. ahhhhhhhhhh.

For years we have been to embarrassed to have people over because the dogs have ruined the carpet.  When my dad's dog got here it just made it that much worse. It's maddening when you let the dogs out and they run around out there then come in and do their business.  I refuse to pay good money for nice area rugs until the dogs get it in their head they will go outside or be in trouble.  Any suggestions?

This is just after they installed the flooring.  I have obviously swept and mopped since.  We had to go out and buy a new micro fiber broom and micro fiber mop.  I just used hot water.  Because at the time I wasn't sure what to use to clean it.  I have since spoken to Amy and she has told me what is best to use. The funny thing is I almost picked up that exact product when I bought the broom and mop.  Oh well.

Once we get everything back in order I will put up more pictures. By the way.  See that entertainment center.  Yea, it was a you know what to move.  It just about came apart.  I didn't remember hardwood holding in the cold. But, it's now nice and cool in the kitchen and living area.

It has been funny watching the dogs slip and slide on the flooring.  I feel so bad for them when they try to jump up on things or try to get back down.  It's like watching Bambi on ice. Funny but a little sad.  I think they are finding their footing.  Maybe I can get some funny video's to show you guys.

I hope all of you had a good weekend and a great Tuesday.



Nolita said...
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Nolita said...

Yay for hardwood floors! Sorry for the pups but they will learn...

I have cream colored carpeting throughout my house except for the back part of the house which is hardwood floors (laminate in kitchen/pantry and old wood in gathering room). I look forward to the day that I can knock down the wall between the kitchen and office and rip up that nasty high traffic carpeting (kids + dogs = ewww) and put down laminate. That will probably be a few years down the road but I can still dream from my office, right?

Carolynne said...

It always feel so nice to have a change in your own house. It's a place you can decide to do whatever you want with. And when you see the changes complete, a certain sense of accomplishment ensues!! Awesome job :) I look forward to more pictures as things come along.

Jackie Hall said...

Thank you Ladies! I am still not sure what I want to put where so I have not put much back in place. I will get pics up in a week or two.