Monday, April 30, 2012

Visiting with Trish and her family

Friday night we left town to spend the night with Trish, Clint and their two boys Derek and Davis. When we got there Aunt Peggy and Uncle Vernon were there as well.  What a nice surprise. We do not get to visit with any of them enough.  We missed watching the boys play ball on Friday night.

Saturday we got up and while Davis and Michael were having breakfast Michael was giving Davis a hard time.  At one point Davis looks up at Michael and tells him "I don't know what language you are speaking." You have to know Davis.  He will keep you laughing.  Trisha is always posting things Davis says on facebook.  

We were at the baseball field by 8:30 AM to watch Derek play ball. It got a bit cold with the wind blowing like crazy.  By the time that game ended it started warming up a bit.  Right after that game we were headed to the flag football field to watch Derek play one game of flag football and Davis play two games. We had a ball watching the boys play.  It sure brought back some great memories of when Blake was that age.

I'm not sure what it is about being at ball games but, I always seem to come away with some strange sun burns.

After the games we headed back to Trish and Clint's house and hung out and visited with everyone until after 7. Trish was having some red wine and I gave it a try.  I actually liked it. I only had half a glass but, it was good. I was actually surprised.  Normally I don't care for wine.

Sunday I woke up about 3 am and couldn't sleep so I started watching a movie and fell asleep and slept and slept and slept.  When I woke up of course my back was out so I didn't get anything done.  When I woke up this morning it was feeling better. 

Better or not we are heading to Austin on Friday night because we have tickets to Tom Petty on Saturday.  We will be staying with Ty and Alison.  Ty is Trisha's brother and Peggy's son.  For some reason we always seem to visit them around the same time.  Not sure how that works out like that. But we sure enjoy seeing all of them.  We need to make it a point to see them all more often.

The weekend after that my back better be well because I head to Belton on that Friday night and Saturday I have a 1 year old birthday party to attend, a dance recital and a Mayor party to go to.  My uncle Dan is in the Killeen Mayoral election.  I hope he gets voted in office.  He is a licenced CPA as well as owns his own law office. I think Dan will be a wonderful Mayor.  I sure wish he was Keller's Mayor.

Hope you all had a good weekend and a wonderful Monday.


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