Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Books VS. Movies

I can see why the Hunger Game books are popular.  My friend let me borrow her trilogy.  I have read the first two chapters of the first book and am hooked.  It takes a minute to get acclimated with the new terminology but, it works. I am really looking forward to see how everything turns out.  Amy says that the books are an easy read.  That's perfect for settling into bed and relaxing into a good story. I am one the weird people that like to read books then go and see the movie, when possible.  It doesn't always work out.  Once I finish the books I will watch the movie and see how it compares.

Have any of you read the Hunger Games? Have you watched the Hunger Games movie?  If you have done both, what did you like better, the books or the movie?

I read the Twilight saga.  They were not the best written books in the world but, it was entertaining.  It's amazing that the original book came to her in a dream.  I read all four books then re-read the first book just before we went to see the first movie. I was disappointed.  But everyone else seemed to enjoy it.  I have not watched any of the other movies.  Amy said she will let me borrow her DVDs.  She has all of them.  I'm sure I will take her up on the offer. It is going drive me crazy until I watch all the movies.  Since it's been a while since I've read the books maybe they will get a better review.

One of my favorite movies is P.S. I love you. Michael got me that movie for Christmas the year my mom passed away. I literally watched that movie every night for over a month. I watched it so much my husband can't stand it anymore.  I have the CD from the movie and I bought the book a few months after I watched the movie.  The movie could not have been more different from the book. I still love the book and is one of the few books I have read many times.  When I read the book or watch the movie it reminds me to be kinder to my husband.  You just never know when something could happen to the one(s) you love. I'm nice until, you know, he ticks me off! ha ha  I have a feeling I would have HATED the movie had I read the book first. So I am thankful I did not.

I think I am more forgiving of a movie straying pretty far from the book if I watch the movie first then read the book.

I heard the movie of My Sisters Keeper is completely different then the book.  After the Hunger Games, I might have to find that book and see just how different they are.

Do you prefer to read the book then watch the movie OR watch the movie and then read the book?  Or do you hate reading and just watch movies or hate movies and just read?

Have a wonderful day!

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