Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend trip

We were headed to Poteau to see Blake again.  I had no idea tornadoes were flying around until Stacy texted me to see if they were near Blake.  Fortunately he lives really far east in Oklahoma right next to Arkansas.  Unfortunately, I have family and friends that live in Norman.  My friend Nolita had her three kids in her car and their windshield was hit with a trampoline. I was trying to email Nolita on my phone but it wasn't cooperating.  I finally pulled up her blog and read that they were safe. I have not heard back from my brothers son and his ex wife to see if they are OK. We didn't really have an opportunity to watch TV so I don't know anything other than what was in Nolita's blog.

We brought Blake's girlfriend, Andrea, up to see him this trip. We were hoping we would get to see Blake on Friday night.  But, when we got into town it was 11:30 and the baseball team had a curfew of 11 on the night before a game.  We considered just stopping long enough to get a hug but, the coach had just left and he was still going around other dorms and it just wasn't worth getting into trouble over. We all had a nice time this weekend. The kids were gracious enough to hang out with the old folks and have dinner and go and see a movie with us after the games on Saturday. We went to see the Cabin in the woods.  Michael and Blake liked it. Andrea and I thought it was weird.  After the movie Michael and I were dropped off at the hotel around 12:30 so the kids could hang out for a bit.  Sunday we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart then, had lunch and started the long trip home. It is always bitter sweet seeing Blake.  It just never seems like there is enough time. I believe he will be heading back to Texas around May 18th. That day can't get here fast enough for any of us.

I took my camera on the trip but, never got it out to take pictures.  I completely forgot to bring it to the game. I wanted to take a picture of the ducks a couple of the guys have at their dorm.  They bought them and named them Bonnie and Clyde. Since I didn't take any pictures, I have nothing to show for the weekend but, a sore back and a happy/sad heart.  Happy we got to we our baby but, sad because we had to leave him behind once again.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even better Monday.


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Nolita said...

Hi Jackie. Here's a link to the video that David Payne (one of our weathermen) has: Note that there were no sirens going off at this point. We are extremely lucky that we weren't further down the road by 2 blocks where trees were uprooted and fences blown over. Glad you guys were out of harm's way...