Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Before I get started I would like to ask for prayer for my best friend Stacy.  The Dr.'s found a cyst in her abdomen about the size of a grapefruit. That is all I know at this point and will keep you posted on it as I know about it.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

Michael left to go see Blake after work on Thursday.  He was one of the fortunate people who had Good Friday off.  Our company does not close for Good Friday. I didn't feel I should take Friday off because I am still negative on my PTO due to my back surgery's and from when my dad was living with us and I would need to take time off to take him to the Dr. or when he was in the hospital.  I'm blessed enough that my firm kept paying me while I was out.  They would have paid for Friday as well but, I just don't want to take advantage of their generosity. The last time I was out I still got my forty hours in.  Even though Brian said not to worry about it.  Most likely that was way to much detail. Sorry.

Thursday, on my way home from work I stopped and bought various foods so I wouldn't have to leave after I got home on Friday night.  Yes, I'm a lazy bones. After work on Friday I stopped by Family Video and picked up some movies. I made crab dip when I got home on Friday night so that it had time to get all the flavors to mix together. I also mixed up a batch of ranch dip. My other Best Friend Amy was coming over on Saturday to have a little bit of girls time and I wanted to make sure we had plenty to snack on while we watch a movie or played games.  Amy called before she came over because my God daughter Lou Lou (really it's Olivia but I've called her Lou Lou since she was born... don't ask me why) wanted to come with her to hang out. So that was an added bonus.  I whipped up a batch of chicken and dumplings for a late lunch or early dinner.  The girls finally got there and we chatted as I finished making the chicken and dumplings.  Lou Lou wanted to watch 50/50.  It is a great movie by the way. We laughed and cried through the entire movie. After we watched 50/50 we decided to play a few rounds of Rummy Cube.  If you have not played that game you need to.  It's addicting. I ended up winning the first two rounds and Lou Lou won the final round.  By then both Amy and I were hurting so we went to lay down and watch Our Idiot Brother.  They didn't get very far into the movie because it was getting late and Amy's husband was off and she wanted to spend some time with him.  It's not often he gets a weekend off so I totally understood.  We had a great time laughing and being silly.

Sunday it was storming pretty bad and that makes for great sleeping weather.  For some reason on Saturday night I had a hard time sleeping.  I felt uneasy with Michael gone. I didn't get to sleep until 4AM or after. So having the rain made is nice and relaxing.  Well, except for when the thunder boomed and Buddy would freak out and start barking.  Once he realized it wasn't coming for us he calmed down and curled up beside me and went to sleep. It was a very weird Easter.  Not seeing family until Michael got home that evening.  After he watched a couple of shows he decided to take a "quick" nap at 6PM at night. Yeah, he didn't wake up.  He was talking in his sleep again and moving all around but I couldn't understand what on earth he was saying. Hopefully he will give me something funny to write about soon.

It's nice to be able to hang out with your best friend.  I'm blessed to have two life long friends.  Amy and I have been best friends since I was 20. Stacy and I have been best friends since we were 7. It's not often a person is blessed enough to have a life long friend much less two.  Thank you both for being there for me when I needed you most.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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