Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is coming

Do you celebrate Easter? Two of my best friends do not celebrate Easter.  They are both Christians and celebrate Passover and the death and resurrection of Christ but, feel Easter is a pagen holiday.  They would be correct.  If you would like more information regarding the details you can go to this website: .  That isn't really what I wanted to write about.

My little family does celebrate the modern day Easter.  We believe that Jesus was born, died and rose again on the third day as it is told in the bible.  We taught Blake about Jesus but,we also allowed him to have fun with the Easter baskets, Easter egg hunt and all of the traditional Easter fun. I remember when Blake was around 16 we did a scavenger hunt for his various gifts. The ironic thing was all of the gifts ended up being pot related.  It wasn't planned that way it just ended up like that.  Meaning we bought him a Papa roach CD, Pineapple Express DVD and a few other things I can't remember.  I think we enjoyed getting the scavenger hunt together as much as Blake enjoyed finding the gifts.

This year I will not get to see Blake for Easter.  Michael has Good Friday off so he is heading up to Poteau for Blake's games.  I'm not able to take off of work right now.  I was at the store last night and found a ton of different Reece's cup treats as well as the small boxes of nerds we have been looking all over for.  I even bought an Easter gift bag and it is stuffed full of candy.  I told Michael, "If I can't be with my baby on Easter I can at least send treats to him".

I am going to leave you with some old Easter photo's of Blake.  It was around first or second grade.

Yes, we were to lazy to hide the eggs outside. Poor kid always had to look for his stuff in the house. He was still spoiled and got at least 2 Easter baskets every year.  The basket in his right hand is his and the one in his left hand is his grandma Patti's (Michael's mom) from when she was growing up.  We still have that basket and will pass it down to Blake's kids.

Do you have any plans for Easter?  If so, what are they? Do you celebrate Easter?

Have a great Wednesday!


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