Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Great! Rock of Ages and Fathers Day

I can't believe how much better I am feeling since they changed that one medication.  I'm actually up and going and cooking even after sitting at one of Blake's baseball games.  Before this medication there is no way that would have happend.

Saturday, I actually woke up at 8 AM.  That NEVER happens.  I have never been a morning person.  Since I have been hurting for so long I normally take that time and let my body recooperate from working all week.  Michael and I went to see Rock of Ages.  Michael really wanted to see the movie because he is a HUGE music buff. He honestly should have been a DJ. If you are a child of the 80's or love 80's music you will be hard pressed NOT to sing along.  It was a good movie over all.  It was funny and suprising at times and yes corny at times as well.  It made Michael and I want to actually go see the actual musical.  It had a few cameo appearances from some band members in the crowd.  I actually would like to see it again both on the big screen and on stage.  Of course my music guy pointed out that there actually was one song that was from the 90's. ha ha  I honestly want the CD.  Michael said we have everyone of the songs so he will make me a CD.

Sunday, Michael's Step mom Pam and her husband Frank came over for lunch. I made a salad and Texas Toast garlic bread and Michael picked up pizza, bread sticks and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Pam brought a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It is delicious and moist. (sorry to everyone who hates that word)  I made sure to have diet coke and limes on hand for Pam.  I had sweet red wine and sprite to make wine spritzers for them as well.  It was so nice visiting with them.  Andrea came over to meet Pam and Fran and have lunch.  After our visit we walked Pam and Frank to their car and we came back in.  I had just sat down and remembered I didn't send the diet coke, lime, wine and Sprite home with them so I took off running to catch them before the left.  I caught them and was able to give them their drinks.  When I got back in there was 3 stunned faces.  They said they haven't seen me move like that in years. (see, I told you I was feeling better)

After grandma Pam and grandpa Frank left we decided to try and get the Wii hooked up to our TV in the living room.  Long story short Blake and Andrea went to buy the correct cable and we were able to have fun playing Wii. For whatever reason I am  awesome on the Wii bowling.  I hit 194 the first time then 200 on the second game. If we were at a real bowling ally, I don't think I could bowl now but, when I could the highest I ever got was 112 and that was only one time.  The rest of the time it could be anywhere from 30-90 depending on the day. But it was always a lot of fun. After the games were over we watched a double feature. Two movies Andrea had never watched. Fever Pitch and Super 8. It was late and mama was ready for bed.

Monday and Tuesday I got up went to work and then to Blake's baseball games.  I always miss the first game because it starts at 3:30 but make it to the second game.  Blake looked like his old self last night at the plate.  It fantastic to watch. I made spaghetti on Monday night then, chicken, corn, mac and cheese, and buttered noodles.  Blake said he needs his carbs.  My home ec. teacher would not be thrilled with those choices. Oh well it was yummy.  The kids actually went to a bowling alley to have some fun and I went to bed and watched Letters to God.  Great movie.  If you watch that movie it WILL make you cry in the end.

Have a fantastic week!

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Can't wait to see that movie!