Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time with family

I went to see my back Dr. Friday and she added Neurontin to the other medications I take.  It supposed to help with pain.  I've tried it in the past but they had me on to high of a dosage to soon last time.  This time we are starting supper slow and moving up a little at a time. I could tell it helped within the first 24 hours. I'm at the time where I'm supposed to move up on dosage.  I'm a little gun shy because of the side effects from last time.  I'm trying to hold off until Friday and that way if I do not respond well it will not be as embarrassing.

I had a wonderful weekend.  My Aunt Linda, Uncle Dan and three of their grand kids were staying at the Gaylord Texas last weekend.  I had planned on going over to visit on Friday night but didn't want to over do it and throw my back out again.  I knew I would be with all of them the majority of the day on Saturday.

So Friday night Blake made Andrea and I some burgers.  Michael is doing this juicing thing.  I'm so proud of him for sticking with it.  I honestly don't think I could hang like he has.  After we ate Michael, Blake, Andrea and I hung out at our house and played games.  Andrea had never played Skatigories or Yahtzee.  We had a great time.  I was a party pooper and went to bed by 11.

Saturday, my Aunt took the grand kids to character breakfast and on a scavenger hunt the hotel had for the kids.  She called me around noon to let me know they were at the water park.  I got ready in a flash and was with all of them a little before 1.  The kids were just getting their lunch so I got a bite to eat as well.  After everyone was full we head on over to the lazy river.  Parker wanted to pull me around.  I thought oh, what a sweet little girl.  Until the little rascal pulled me under every waterfall and fountain there was.  It sure made me get used to the cold water in a hurry.  Just hearing her cracking up made it all worth it. The water park was nice.  There was a baby area, a pool area, a water slide, a zip line, a basket ball area as well as the lazy river and a couple of places where you could just sit and enjoy being in the water. They had various contests for the kids outside of the water. The kids were there since Thursday and they seemed to still be having a blast. We were at the water park until right around 4 because the two younger kids wanted to go meet more characters and to get their picture taken with them.  I can't believe they charged all four of us to get in just so the two little kids could take a picture with 4 or 5 or the characters.  It was crazy.  After the the "meet and greet" we took Payten back up to the room to hand out with his brother and grandpa because they wanted room service and grandpa wanted to watch game 7 of the Heat and the Celtics.  So we made it a girls night. 

We got our showers and dolled up and ready to go out to eat. Parker looked just beautiful in her white flowing skirt and shirt.  She thought she was the bell of the ball.  Aunt Linda dressed up in the same style blouse and white slacks.  I ended up in all black.  We went to Zeppole. A supper nice Italian restaurant at the hotel. Parker kept us entertained all evening. The waitress told us the name of the bread.  Parker asked her to reapeat it and then said bless you. Because the name of the bread sounded like a sneeze.  It was funny. She is so full of life.  After we ate Parker decided she didn't want the desert at the restaurant and that we should order room service. It was delicious! I finally left between 9 and 9:30 Saturday  evening. The time went by in a flash. This was the first time I have ever gotten to visit with Lane. He has grown up so much.  He is almost 12 and has already gotten a deep voice. He still had a kid voice in January now he sounds like a young man.  It's times likes these that makes me wish we lived closer to family.

Sunday I didn't do anything but rest. I've become a big old chicken about over doing it.  Michael offered to go get me something to eat.  I couldn't let him do that.  To me that would just seem crule to have him only drinking healthy juices and water and picking up regular food for me.  There was plenty to eat at the house.  But that just tells you the kind of guy he is.  Willing to spoil me and not think of himself.  I'm a lucky girl!

Monday the party was over and it was time to get back to work.  I got so caugtht up in work that Andrea texted me at 6:30 PM and asked if I was going to Blakes game.  Thank God it was just down the street from my office.  Andrea was a doll and had suprised me with a Dr. Pepper from Sonic.  After the game I had planned on getting a roticery chicken, salad stuff and making mac and cheese and corn.  There was no roticery chicken out at the neighborhood Wal Mart or at Kroger so I had to swich gears a bit and pick up the salad stuff and soft taco stuff.  I felt bad to be eating that stuff in front of Michael. 

That's all I have for now.  Hope it didn't bore you to death.

Hope you had a good weekend and a better week!

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Nolita said...

Sounds like a great time, Jackie. Hope your back is better and healing up. Good for your hubby on the juicing!