Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I wanted to mention something regarding yesterday's post/video. For whatever reason I can't get the song out of my head but, I'm not much of a drinker.  It has taken almost 7 years of working at Summit to finally find a wine that I like.  Unfortunately for me it was at the company Christmas party and was well over one hundred dollars a bottle.  Even then I didn't have much. I had a total of one glass.   My boss is thrilled he finally found a wine that I actually like.  He is a HUGE wine connoisseur. He and Tori have been trying to teach me about smelling the wine and  sipping the wine to see if you can determine what is in it.  In order for the wine to taste properly you have to have the correct glass.  Know the optimum temperature and know if you need to set it out to breath before consuming.  Honestly I'm surprised I remember that much.  But, don't be too impressed.  I couldn't tell you what wine goes in what glass or any of the other things I mentioned.

One of the fun things the owners of the company will do for us is have wine and rib days or margarita and fajita days. Normally I get to decide when we are going to do this.  We try to time it when everyone has just come off a huge project and needs a little time to unwind.  I try to have it around 2ish.  This gives everyone plenty of time to get work finished but, have enough time before they get behind the wheel.  I always worry about everyone and offer to give people a ride home if I'm concerned.  After losing my brother to drinking and driving,  I sure enough don't want to lose anyone else.  It's just not something you get over.

WOW I didn't even end up writing about what I had planned on writing about.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

I hope your Valentine's day was as special as you are.  Even if you don't have a significant other there are people in your life that love you because you are special.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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