Monday, February 13, 2012

Visiting Uncle Danny and Aunt Lisa

Friday after work we had an exciting evening of eating at Chili's and then coming home and organizing cabinets.  WOW! What an exciting start.

Saturday was great.  Michael and I went to visit my mom's baby Brother Danny and his wife Liesa. We had a wonderful time.  Their home is absolutely beautiful.  It is decorated in all Texas country.  I wish I had pictures to show you but, I forgot to take my camera.  They have several dogs but, their was on in particular that I fell in love with.  Emma.  Oh my word she is maybe 4 pounds.  She stayed with me the entire time I was there.  She would cuddle and love on me.  She melted my heart.  Leisa was not happy because Emma would come to me when I called her but, she won't when Leisa calls her. 

We left to go to a local swap meet.  It was adorable.  Not huge but had great things.  There were several stands where they priced things to sell.  I found a booth where I got 3 items for $10.  I got 6 coasters that I can put pictures in. They each have a saying on them.  One has family, one has memories, laughs and friends.  I don't recall the other two right now.  Along with that I got a wall hanging as well as 3 frames attached to the word family.  Not a bad deal.  Then there were some places that thought their items  were gold.  They were cute but, not worth the money they were asking for.  After the swap meet they took us to their favorite local Mexican food restaurant.  It was yummy!  We were stuffed.  We ended up staying there until almost 7 PM.  Way later then expected but, we were really enjoying ourselves.

After we left Uncle Danny's house we went by the mall to find some sheets and comforter.  We found a 20 something piece set. Once we have it all setup I will take a picture and post it for you to take a look at.  We went to I don't know how many stores and I had already fallen in love with the set we ended up with.  It came with sheet but, our queen size bed also has one of those memory foam tops on it so we bought king sized sheets as well.  I am hoping one of them work because that was the whole purpose of getting new bedding.

Sunday as usual was just a relaxing day.  It ended up sleeting/snowing.  When I left for work this morning there was still a bit left on the grass.  It was raining but there wasn't any sleet mixed with it thank God!

Michael is supposed to leave tonight to go see Blake play ball tomorrow.  With the weather the way it is I don't know if he will decide to go or stay.  There was a message on our answering machine saying Blake's school was called off due to the weather.  So, I am hoping he doesn't go.  It's just not worth the risk.  The way he has to travel is kind of out in the sticks and not well traveled.  I will let you know tomorrow what he decided.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


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